sabrina the teenage witch was like my childhood

10 facts about me

I’ll do it for you @fettywad, thanks for tagging (although the app keeps crashing every time I try). 

1. While pregnant with me my mum watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch and became so enamoured with Sabrina that she named me after her. Everyone always likes to crack that joke with me, so it’s a fact I share all the time. 

2. I was born in Maryland and grew up there for my early childhood, but ended up moving to Western Australia because my mum has a low tolerance for cold and my dad worked a job that didn’t allow him to see his kids. I attribute my intolerance for the heat and love of the cold to this. 

3. I am the eldest of 3 children, being born in ‘96. My younger sister was born in ‘98, and my younger brother in ‘01. 

4. Despite being the oldest, I’m the shortest at 166 cm (5′4?).

5. I’m of Vietnamese descent, with a sliver of Chinese from my dad’s side. I can speak Vietnamese fluently, but I’m pretty much illiterate when it comes to reading and writing (I can only write simple sentences without using accents). 

6. My biggest fears actually involve losing all my teeth and hair (having my eyebrows shaved off terrifies me). 

7. My hair is currently long enough to touch my butt, although I’m thinking about getting it cut above my shoulder (despite my mum protesting it).

8. Over my life I’ve previously own around 20 fish, with the first pets I’ve ever owned being two male Siamese fighters. I’ve also owned over 20 rabbits because we let two of them breed. The bunnies collapsed our neighbours backyard because we let them burrow and tunnel to their hearts content. We ended up giving them away because they got too destructive. I’ve also owned 3 chickens, two of which were gorgeous roosters and a beautiful hen. We had to give away our roosters because their crowing disrupted the neighbourhood. Our hen passed away from heat exhaustion (I presume) while we were on holiday earlier this year (we had someone pop by to check up on her but it wasn’t enough unfortunately).

9. I currently own a dumbass grey tabby called Wendy, named after Wendy from Peter Pan. She’s almost 3 years old. My sister and I like adding nonsense to her name, so her full name is Wendy Lou Mayvis Johnson Phung. Sometimes we affectionately call her Wendel. 

10. I’m currently in my final semester of a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting. It’s technically my 4th year, having started a degree in Exercise & Health, moving to Physiology and then finally settling on Accounting in the middle of my second year. 

tootsonnewts  asked:

wear was your first ship and what fandom was it from???

oh god, i’m an old so like…. i’ve been shipping since before i knew what shipping even was?? so i’ll just list some of my childhood OTPs because i have no idea which one came first

  1. usagi and mamoru of sailor moon and tuxedo mask fame (this one was first because i shipped it when i was a wee babe in germany)
  2. sabrina and harvey from sabrina the teenage witch (the MOST otp to ever otp imo like they’re literal soulmates)
  3. zutara, obviously
  4. kim possible and ron stoppable <3 my heart
  5. corey and topanga 

so the very first, back before i even knew what shipping was, was the sailor moon one :)