sabrina the teenage witch spoilers

Bitch I have so many thoughts on this episode but the main one is WHERE THE FUCK IS SABRINA SPELLMAN?! Like I’ve been so hype awaiting her arrival. I didn’t expect anything big at all; maybe just the back of her head while juggie narrates something ominous, or a glimpse of a black cat walking by pops or something. But I got nothing. Like, didn’t they say we were for sure getting something hinting at her arrival in the finale? I’ve heard talk of scenes being cut and the ending changing during filming but I want definitive answers. I want RAS to come out and say “yes Sabrina was in the finale but we scrapped her scene to make room for a more dramatic ending” I just want to know man

Jug, Betty and Brina

I adore Sabrina Spellman. I love her in her own comics, and oh BOY do I love her in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (seriously one of the best things to come from Archie comics in a long time).

I’m sad, though (and I realize this is just a ridiculous thing to be sad about), to read how many people are excited for Sabrina to come to Riverdale so she can drive a wedge between Jughead and Betty (because they’ve become pals in the recent Jughead reboot). 

No! No no. Sadness.

The logical part of me thinks that RAS, etc. would not spend this entire season building up this love between two of the main characters only for a third character to come in and spoil it in the second season. First of all, Sabrina shouldn’t be reduced to that. If they do her dark and gritty, she could carry the whole second season just based on her magic. Secondly, that comic run from Ryan North was particularly important to the asexual community, so I can’t IMAGINE the hellfire that would come if Riverdale explored that with a romantic twist. Thirdly, HARVEY. Come on! Harvey shows up at the end of the Jughead comics, too, finally getting Sabrina’s attention.

I think, since we know “Dark Betty” is returning in Season 2, maybe Sabrina will become pals with Betty (and Jughead, of course), and I would LOVE that. But, please, leave Bughead alone. 

And, as a wise friend/blogger pointed out to me, Juggie isn’t fickle. If this were Archie, well, I’d say forget it. 

Sorry, just the overprotective Bughead shipper in me. Hee hee. I adore them too much, and all that they’ve been through together only for them to realize they love each other? Ship perfection. Don’t mess with it.

First world problem right here, kids. 

ETA: Also, Jughead and Betty are the ORIGINAL BFFs, don’t get it confused. *sassy snap*

sourrific  asked:

I just now saw that Entertainment Weekly article about possible supernatural elements in Riverdale ("Could this Riverdale fan theory about zombies come true?"). I don't know how to feel about this! I had just started to embrace the normal ridiculousness of this show, and now they might add Sabrina the teenage witch and maybe even zombies?

there was a massive spoilers post on ONTD at the beginning of the season, and many of the things on it have come true (jughead being homeless, FP being a serpent). Sabrina showing up in the finale was on that list, so it’s an idea I’ve been prepared for for a while?

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is a showrunner unlike any i’ve seen before. queerbaiting is one thing. he’s like “nah that’s too derivative for me.” but ZOMBIE-BAITING. he is all over that shit.

here’s what i can tell you:

this show is fucking ridiculous. this show gives me cheryl blossom’s everything, and snakes in boxes, and expensive pearl necklaces that some how completely break apart with nothing but a well-placed tug. the central plot boils down to a family blood feud over maple syrup. it tries to convince me that archie is a compelling human being people want to spend time with. there’s a LOT that’s hard to believe about riverdale. so what’s one more thing?

alice cooper, who disdainfully said “this is the worst kind of fake occultism” when nana rose used a crystal to read polly’s pregnant belly, was also the one who burnt sage in betty’s bedroom because cheryl had been there for like an hour and a half.

frankly at this point, if the blossoms and the coopers AREN’T rival witch covens or something like that, i’ll be astonished

  • Regina: I finally killed the Evil Queen.
  • Archie: You found a way to overcome your dark impulses? That's great. What did you do, meditation? Herbal tea?
  • Regina: No I literally killed her.
  • Regina: We used Dr. Jekyll's serum to split me in two, me and the evil queen.
  • Regina: Then I ripped her heart out and killed her.
  • Archie: Isn't that literally the Evil Queen's MO?
  • Regina:
  • Archie: I have an opening Tuesday's at 11. See you then?
  • Regina: Uh-huh.