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So, @arisuns (I TOLD U I WOULD POST IT XD) and I were in a comment box talking about Prince Ali (the upcoming character speculated to be the holder of the green kwami that may be a frog XD).

It spiraled from “omg what if he has a crush on Marinette” to “omg what if he falls for someone who isn’t Marinette.” I suggested Sabrina, Rose, and Alix… and we ended up brainstorming ideas about Prince Ali/Alix. (and yeah lol their shipname would be Alix? Alilix? HAHAHA XD)

  • Imagine Prince Ali arriving to school with most of the girls staring at him and sighing
  • He becomes classmates with everyone in Miss Bustier’s class
  • Chloe suddenly forgets Adrien is sitting across her
  • Hearts start surrounding Prince Ali in Chloe-vision
  • And when Prince Ali is asked to introduce himself in front of the class
  • A girl with beautiful messy cotton candy pink hair enters the room
  • With her hair under a cap
  • And before he could say anything, Miss Bustier says kindly and gently, “Alix, please remove your hat. We’re indoors, okay?”
  • Since Miss Bustier is nice, Alix decides to do so. Meanwhile, Prince Ali thanks the wonderful teacher for telling him the girl’s name
  • Cue break time, Chloe would of course introduce herself to the handsome prince while they are in the locker room. She advances… well, we all know how she advances XD
  • Adrien becomes fast friends with Prince Ali because of how they are both used to fame
  • Marinette, Alya, and Nino also become friends with
  • And while they are chatting, Alix passes by, chewing bubble gum with no fucks given about the new kid while girls from other classes are peeking from outside the locker room
  • Ali greets her grandiosely while Alix is just, “Cool. Nice to meet you, bro.”
  • And Marinette notices (because she knows how giddy people feel when they are with their crushes while they’re around)
  • And she invites Ali to hang with her and the rest of their class to hang out in the park after class
  • And Ali gets to watch Alix skate versus Kim
  • “What an exciting and refreshing girl,” he thinks (or whispers, and someone like Adrien and/or Marinette hears this)
  • After the race (guess who wins), Ali walks up to her and tells her, “I admire your gracefulness while skating, Princess.”
  • (Marinette tries to remind herself that Prince Ali came from another country and can’t be Chat Noir XD)
  • Alix suddenly turns very flustered while Kim falls on his derriere laughing
  • “H-how the hell am I a princess?”
  • “Yeah, I agree with Alix. How is she a princess?”
  • Alya to Nino: “Good thing Chloe isn’t here or more shade will be thrown around.”
  • And now Alix has to get used to having such a regal admirer who clearly “does not know what a princess is despite living as a prince his entire life”
  • Bonus if her dad and brother find out and congratulate her for having some lady charm to attract a boy being chased by lots of girls and who would possibly inherit a kingdom or country XD

(I am Kim/Alix trash but the potential of boy from royalty x tomboy “I dun care bout u” is gold XD)

Out drinking with journo friends in the Crown pub, Bloomsbury and I spotted a Fornarina heels purchase.

From F S London on Carnaby Street, a lady’s lovely husband had purchased a pair. One is going to wear them, the other paid for them. They seemed in love with each and the shoes haha.

Pity, I was in a poorly lit pub and with only a blackberry on hand.

I’ve now bought a compact camera that will follow me like a purse.