sabrina stuart

The Cyrus Longworth/John Yaeger storyline is the ONLY redeeming factor to 1970 PT. OMG, I hate that storyline. Why anyone thought it’d be a good idea to watch Quentin throw tantrums and to have he and Maggie yell at each other for 79 episodes I have no idea.

Oh wait, it was only 79 episodes long? I swear to God it was longer than that! By like, 400 episodes. Or that’s what it felt like!

So do you think Ned puts Sabrina’s make-up on for her every morning or what? If she’s practically catatonic, why bother? 

Also, ghosts have possessed David and Amy, David is missing, and the family has been driven out of Collinwood. Why should we give two shits about Ned Stuart and his sister? The family has much bigger problems at the moment. (Much bigger and much more interesting problems at that).


Meanwhile, in the Carpeted Forest, Sabrina is all HEY BB WE CAN WORK IT OUT and the werewolf is all LOL NO and Bruno is all SUDDEN KUNG-FU ACTION and the carpet’s like DUDE REALLY and the camera is like OH FUCK HOLD ON and then Bruno’s gun is like BANG and the werewolf is all FUCK THIS and Bruno’s all HEY LADY NO NEED TO THANK ME FOR SAVING YOUR LIFE and Sabrina’s all HE’S NO MONSTER GASTON YOU ARE!


I’m glad we have this opportunity to be alone.

can everyone just please stop standing very close to each other on this show so i can stop wildly shipping everyone that talks to each other or

~he doesn’t want to have to save you from your werewolf ex-boyfriend again okay