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🌧rainy day playlist (EDITED YAY) 🌧

🌧Brave - Jhene Aiko
🌧Yeah I Said It - Sir CRKS (Chopped & Screwed) (SoundCloud)
🌧Chanel - Frank Ocean
🌧You Alright Yeah - Don E & Nado (U.K.)
🌧Focus - HER
🌧If Only - Ston3z X Marnzballer (SoundCloud) (U.K.)
🌧Over - Syd ft 6lack
🌧Drugs You Should Try It - Travis Scott (SoundCloud)
🌧Ussy Ussy - MoStack (U.K.)
🌧4422 - Drake ft Sampha
🌧Cha Cha - Dram (Mosaic refix) (SoundCloud) 🌧Rollin - Calvin Harris ft Future & Khalid 🌧Body - Syd 🌧Pride - Kendrick Lamar 🌧Broken Clocks - SZA 🌧Girls - Abir 🌧Unravel Me - Sabrina Claudio 🌧Walk on By - Thundercat ft Kendrick Lamar 🌧Commè De Garçon - Frank Ocean

Part 3

Okay, let’s go on with our story

A months later somebody tries to kill Y/n so Derek, Stiles, Scott and Isak save her. But she’s not scared. She’s curious.

When she sees Derek she…

That’s why Stiles adores her (heh)

Hope you liked that little comedy thing in that imagine 😜

Twins - Stiles Stilinski AU Imagine

Requested by calypsoathene - Can I have a Stiles Stilinski one where the reader has a twin sister & the pack usually mistake her for her sister and the other way round but Stiles always knows who is who & one day the reader asks him how he knows & he answers something fluffy? :)

Word Count: 1,891

Warnings: None

Author’s note: I couldn’t help myself with the little twist at the end. I hope you like it :)

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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“Hey, I have to go to the guidance office,” Sabrina said as she hopped out of the driver’s seat and closed the door.

“What? Why?” Her twin sister, Y/N asked after she got out of the passenger seat. “Is everything okay?" 

"Yeah,” Sabrina answered as she locked the car and handed the keys over to Y/N, as it would be her turn to drive back home after school. “She wants to go over one of my college applications. I made a mistake on one of them and she’s going to help me fix it,” Sabrina explained.

“Oh, okay. I’ll see you in class then,” Y/N waved goodbye as she walked towards the courtyard to meet up with her friends. 

“See ya!” Sabrina called out before making her way towards the front office.

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The Cruise

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Summary - The beginning of my new Series! I am so excited. 

Pairing - Dash Wilder X Female Reader 

WordCount - 1,263

Written by - Tacha 

A/N - Thanks to @lunaticfringe216 for helping me come up with this idea. Also if you want to see more Dash let me know. If you want a second part to this let me know.  Also, Matt Jackson is next on the Cruise… 

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When Scott had suggested that Dash took you on a cruise. Dash was confused as to why Scott would suggest taking you on a cruise. But after trusting Scott’s opinion. Scott booked some time off and booked the cruise only telling you once everything was set in stone. 

Once you and Dash had arrived and were onboard of the cruise ship. Dash gave himself a reminder that he must thank Scott when he returned home. The idea to take himself and you on a cruise was perfect. Both of you could get away from the day to day stresses of normal day to day life. Dash could just focus on you and your relationship together with limited interruptions. 

On the second day of your cruise, Dash had gotten up a little earlier than you. Dash wanted to do something today. You and Dash had spoken about going Jet Skiing. It was something neither of you had done before. Dash was excited for today. What more could he ask for? A day with his girl and some quality time together.  

After Dash had woken you up and you had breakfast, you retreated back to your room so you could get changed.Staring at the draw you were puzzled and confused, you didn’t know which swimsuit to wear. Before the trip, you had gone shopping with Renee and Carmella. While you browsed the selection that you had brought with you, you still couldn’t decide what to wear. How difficult was it to decide on what bikini to wear?

“You know whatever you decide to wear you’re going to look stunning. If you are still stuck perhaps I could choose for you?”  Your boyfriend’s sweet southern accent broke the concentration as you tried to resolve your situation. 

“That’s a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that?” You began walking towards the bathroom that was allocated in your room. 

“Darlin’ your not exactly the best when it comes to making decisions. That’s obviously why you date me.” You laughed as you stood in the doorway. 

“There was me thinking it was because you have a certain Southern charm and a body to match.” Before Dash could say anything you dipped into the bathroom preparing yourself for the day ahead. 

You had to give Dash credit. He made a great choice when it came to your bikini. It fit perfectly and it accentuated all the correct places. You and Dash walked towards the dock that had been arranged for the day. There were people lining, canoe’s and water ski’s already in the water jumping and gliding around in the water. Slowly and surely the line begins to move as people began to get on their chosen activity when it finally reached you and Dash. 

“Jet ski’s for two please?” Dash asked the guy who was dealing with everything. He seemed to be a little flustered. 

“I’m sorry, we’ve only got one left.” The man shrugged, you were willing to try and rethink your plans for the day but Dash wasn’t going to give up so easy. 

“Well if it’s alright with you, we’ll share one.” The guy agreed as he began to make sure our life jackets were on securely before letting you both get on and sped away. Dash was behind you, his arms wrapped loosely around your waist. You had offered to let him drive, however, he was dead set. He wanted you to drive. Why? You couldn’t quite be sure. However, you weren’t about to argue. 

You drove the jet ski laughing away as you sped up feeling the waves bounce onto your skin, the wind running through your hair. Dash held your waist tighter as you slowly came to a halt looking at the scenery around you. There was nothing but ocean, no tree’s or over large buildings, there was no traffic. Just quite waters with sea life just below the surface. It was beautiful. 

“Not as beautiful as you darlin’.” You jumped to the sound of Dash’s voice. You must have forgotten that he was there. But it was worse that you had actually voiced what you were thinking out loud. 

“How can you compare me to something so beautiful and innocent?” You questioned as Dash pulled you flush against him, your back against his chest. 

“Darlin, you’re certainly not innocent. But your the most beautiful part of this earth that I could look on. 

“You know I wondered why you wanted me to drive and now I’ve figured it out.” Dash’s deep laughter rumbled through your ears as you felt his chest vibrate with the laughter.

“You know me too well. I was secretly trying to find an excuse to hold you in the middle of the day.”

“Honey you don’t need an excuse. It never normally stops you.” It was one of the things you loved about Dash, he didn’t care what people thought.

“I know but it seems like the gentlemanly thing to do. What do ya say we go back to the cabin, get dried off and head to the bar for a drink.”

“Dash we’re hardly-” Splash! Dash had pushed you into the ocean. You resurfaced looking at your boyfriend with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, that was hardly gentlemanly.” Dash who had remained on the jet ski, slipped himself into the water, wrapping his arms around you tightly

“But now you’ll want a shower…perhaps I could join you.” You rolled your eyes.

“you’re really something you know that.”

Are you were both showered and changed, you and Dash walked into the bar area. Something was different with Dash he seemed more fidgety and nervous. Completely unlike Dash. You and Dash found a quiet and remote booth. The beautiful candles that helped with the entire atmosphere.

While you examined a drinks menu, Dash observed the small things that he had begun to pick up about you. the way you would adjust your hair whenever you were examining something. The way your eyes would look at him, they twinkled in the light. You didn’t have to say anything your eyes said it all.

There was something that Dash had been meaning to ask you. It wasn’t anything major yet to Dash it was everything. He wanted to do this properly and know that when you both returned home the magic and the memories would continue when you returned home. 

“So there was something I wanted to talk to you about.” Dash cut the silence between you making you look up at him. 

“Okay…what’s up?” 

“Nothing’s wrong Darlin. I just wanted to talk to you about something.” A waiter came back with your drinks settling them down before leaving you Even to the waiter seemed to connect on the importance of the moment. Dash took a sip of his beer. 

“So what do you want to talk about then. Must be important. You’re doing that nervous twitch.” Dash had no idea about the nervous twitch you were talking about. 

“I want you us to move in together. I don’t know about you but I feel like the time’s right. We could find an apartment or a small house when we get home. It’s completely up to you. I’m not going to force you to do anything.” Getting up and draping your body over the table, you pulled Dash closer by the shirt passionately kissing him. 

“Of course I want to move in with you. We will start looking once we get home.” 

“I can’t wait Darlin.”