I love you. I love this cast. I love this crew. I love Riley.
I love this world we made. I love that it is now your world.

                                                                             Rowan Blanchard

ok I’m slightly annoyed because y'all be like “omg rowan doesn’t show enough support for her fans!! she’s so weird” and “omg sabby is amazing!! she shows so much support and helps everyone out!” but like rn when sabrina doesn’t seem to be promoting the campaign as much as rowan is y'all be like “omg no!! of course sabby MUST have a reason to be like this!” like I’m sick of this rowan deserves better hate me all you want

GMW Season 4 by Rini
Hi! As you might know, GMW was cancelled by Disney...so, I decided to keep the story going by...

Hi! A while ago, I said I would write season 4 of GMW and publish it and do one episode per week and stuff and a lot of you wanted me to do it! Which is great because I’m going to! The episodes will be published here. Spread the word, tell your mum, tell your friends, tell your dog! If you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, send an ask to the link or to this blog and I’ll answer as soon as possible. I’ll start publishing on April 7th, 2017. Be there! <3 


we think one of the greatest legacies in life is friendship. because sometimes life swirls you all up and knots people together for a reason. is that what you were feeling?

                           people change people. girl meets world. 2014-2017.

Netflix Customer Service Live Chat:
  • Me: I would like for Netflix to pick up a show that has been recently cancelled and I needed to ask someone how to most effectively go about doing that.
  • Gabby, Netflix Representative: Oh, you mean Girl Meets World?
  • (Edit: She then continued to tell me that they hear us, and to keep requesting on the website, it helps a lot and they are considering investing)

this is absolutely heartbreaking.