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blackwallywest replied to your post: why is len coming back now what in the goddamn

you know they bring the rogues in the most random of times

im rlly confused i thought he died as per legends? i know eobard took 2016!len at one point but in the present… hes still dead… if he were alive hed be fucking shit up by now i just~

Okay but the new clip of Bucky and Sharon.
Bucky’s not even fighting back.
He tries to defend himself but he’s not fighting Sharon.
In Winter Soldier mode he could easily finish a ‘normal’ person without superpowers.
But even if he’s normal atm Bucky should at least try to get her off him, but he doesn’t.
Why is he not doing it?
Because he’s done with hurting people.
In the clip from a few days ago where 2 police men push him on the ground he’s also not fighting back.
Means, he does not only refuse to hurt steves friends (the scene where he tried to shot tony excluded bc i’m very sure that’s winter soldier mode) but he never wants to hurt or kill anybody ever again.
Not even the people who wanna hurt him really bad.

Bucky’s so traumatized and done he just lets himself get captured without caring about the consequences.