Sometimes in Supernatural you forget...
  • That angels and demons see each others real faces.
  • At one point Sam had short hair.
  • Sam is a reborn virgin.
  • Dean was a vampire.
  • Castiel is basically related to all the angels he kills.
  • Crowely had a son.
  • Sam magically has wifi everywhere.
  • Its a show and realize they wont have scars.
  • Dean is the best with kids.
Meanings of Names in Supernatural Part 2


Celeste Middleton (Charlie Bradbury): "heavenly" in French

Garth Fitzgerald IV: "garden keeper" and is of Scandinavian origin 

Ellen Harvelle: "bright one" of “shining one” in Greek

Jo Harvelle: "gift from God" in Hebrew

Jody Mills: "God shall give another son" and is of Hebrew origin 

Bobby Singer: "famous" and is of German origin 

Rufus Turner: "red-haired" in Latin (ironic right?)

Dean Winchester: "valley" or "divine" and is of Latin origin

John Winchester: "Yahweh is gracious" in Hebrew, (but is also a synonym for "toilet" which applies to him more)

Mary Winchester: "sea of bitterness," "rebellious," and "wished for a child" in Hebrew, or in Egyptian "beloved" and "my love" 

Sam Winchester: "name of God" or "God has heard"  in Hebrew

Coming soon: monsters, humans, and witches oh my!


I made this. It’s all Gabriel. Enjoy. =]

pandapastauniverse asked:

I see a lot of people commenting on how amazing your stories are. Now, I don't normally read Sabriel fan fics (I do love them, but I'm of a Destiel girl xD), but I'm curious about yours.... Can you send me some links to them? ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Of course, my darling!  

Never Ever is my first fanfiction and it actually is Destiel.  If you read through the series, the Sabriel starts in South of the Border, which is one of my favorites. 

Wow and Flutter is my venture into “YA” territory.  There’s no actual sex (although they get close at one point) but it’s super angsty and fun. 

Holiday Souvenirs is the opposite of Wow and Flutter, in that they have sex.  Sort of a lot.  ;o)  This was written as a birthday present for ihaveallthesefeelsokay, who I think has forgiven me for getting smut in her fluff.

Almost Lover is my exploration into the roadtrip/requited pining trope, and was a lot of fun as well.

And then there’s my One Shots, most of which are 3K or under, quick and easy reads that you can zip through.  (The ones above are all novel sized.)

From there, you can explore your way through my stuff.  It should all be tagged appropriately.  (Warning - I tend to write a lot of smut. ;o)

anonymous asked:

Headcanon for you: Gabriel likes to spend time in Sam's closet, because Sam's clothes have an awesome smell.

i. gabriel first slips in sam’s closet as if he’s committing a crime. he’s careful to do it when sam isn’t in the bunker; at first he only opens it, but sam’s scent is just so daddamnit sweet and he just can’t help himself. he slips himself into the tiny space and presses his nose to sam’s sweaters, happy.

ii. sam’s clothes start to vanish from his closet. at first it’s only a shirt; but every day, as soon as he finds things he’s lost in the previous weeks, other items disappear under his eyes. shirts, sweaters, a hat. he is a little confused.

iii. considering that he already spends a major part of his time with sam, since he’s his boyfriend, gabriel shouldn’t be embarassed of the fact he likes his scent. however, he keeps his little thefts a secret. he won’t notice, after all. or will he?

iv. sam’s suspects are confirmed when, after hiding behind his curtains, he sees gabriel walk in in his bedroom. at first he thinks he’s searching for him; then the archangel takes a quick glance at the room, checking its emptyness, and then strolls to sam’s closet. he takes out a flannel, the one sam always wears because he knows how much the archangel likes it. gabriel sniffs it, smiles like a five year old child in front of a big ice cream.
sam is a little surprised.

v. one day sam walks in to find gabriel in front of his mirror, wearing sam’s sweater. if it looked tight on sam, on gabriel the effect is completely different: the sleeves are so long that they cover his hands, the edge of the object reaches his knees.
when gabriel realizes he’s been spotted, he tries to vanish, but sam grips him tight and keeps him on the ground. he hugs him, he kiss his red cheeks, he strokes his hair.
gabriel threathens to kill him a thousand times if he tells dean. said brother is just behind the corner, filming the chick flick moment to send it to charlie.

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