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I was tagged by some human with time on their hands @proshipperandfangirl, and I’ve got some time too while Sam’s in the shower so why not. Consider this a prayer answered. 

Rules- Answer the questions then tag 20 followers you want to know better (I’ve only ever tagged one human, hand print on his thigh is proof so instead of scaring a bunch of you for life, do this if you feel like it.) 

Nicknames~ Lots of names, been around a long time so I’ve heard a lot. Gabriel, Kuma Lisa, Puck, Gabe, Coyote, Loki, Pan, I’ve gotten Oh god a few times but It kinda killed the mood. 

Gender~ meh. *makes non committal hand gesture*

Zodiac~ People seem to think i’m a Gemini but I’m actually a Sagittarius

Height~ Ssually i’m 5'8″ but Dean likes to think he can hide the gummy sharks in the top cabinet so sometimes i’m 6′9″. 

Hogwarts house~ Slytherin 

Favorite color~ Fire engine red. Hunter green is also nice. 

Time right now~

Average hours of sleep~ depends on if i’m outta juice. 2-49 hours seems to do the trick.

Lucky number(s)~ 9

Number of blankets~ A king size moose blanket. ;) 

Favorite band~ ok, so hanging out with the Winchesters has gotten me a little on a classic rock kick, but it’s hard to beat 50′s rock, the energy is addicting. Lots of horn solos.

Dream trip~ I can go anywhere I want, any time I want… nothing compairs to when Sam is there though. I mean, you know… not like i NEED him around or anything… just, try to top seeing that smile against the sun setting on Trolltunga. *small smile* 

Wearing right now~ Boxers and a big purple t-shirt with a whippet on it. 

Age of blog~ I couldn’t tell ya. It feels like a lifetime. 

Posts~ 2,470 

What do I post about: I post snapshots of different parts of my life and Sam’s. Sometimes this dimension, sometimes other dimensions. It’s really amazing how many times a me and a Sam cross paths. ok ok ok sometimes it’s ME me and I just like to visit to see a Sam that lives a quiet happy life in a bookstore with a golden retriever not mixed up in all this good vs. evil business or as a doctor because really hello broom closet sex but for the most part it’s posts about us, and some mentions of our idiot brothers. 

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i hate this

i hate this so much

i hate all of you

  1. The Darkling (obviously)
  2. Kylo Ren
  3. the entire cast of A Darker Shade of Magic, but specifically Holland but also the Dane twins and also Lila and also Kel and also everyone. 
  4. both Vax’ildan and Vex’alia (is this cheating or) 
  5. also Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III
  6. F!Hawke 
  7. Steerpike (”emily.” listen man) 
  8. i can’t even remember the name of the evil necromancer Matthew Mercer plays in Mythica but that guy (Szorlock? i think? i can’t remember) 
  9. RAISTLIN MAJERE (”EMILY.” guys im sorry i’m this way)
  10. Sabriel


stages of finding a new fandom
  • stage one:hmm what's this? it seems cool i may check it out...
  • stage two:oo i like these person. im going to find out more about them
  • stage three:wait no. i like this person with this person. i ship it
  • stage five:brb gotta find the merch
  • stage six:wait they have fanfiction of this
  • stage seven:I NEED THEM TO FUCK
  • stage eight:what was my life before this
  • stage nine:im not obsessed i swear *every background and profile pic is related to some part of the fandom* *has pictures all over walls* *always drops references*
  • stage ten:dies everyday from feels