Well, it is where we are anyway. Maybe it’s not where you are, but guess what? That just means you get a head start on the October Challenge Prompts!

So the only question that leaves us is,

OF COURSE YOU ARE! Who’s not ready for more reasons to create things about this guy?!

Yeah, that’s what we thought. So, without further ado, here are your October prompts!

Your statement prompt will be:

Whatever kind of Halloween party he might have thought he was attending, it was about a million miles away from what he actually saw when he opened the door. 

Now, we understand that some of you might not want to write about Halloween just because it’s October. Keep in mind that the statement prompt doesn’t have to be used verbatim. It can be used as a feeling or setting for your art or fic, and the words don’t have to be used at all. If it helps to envision it like this feel free:

Whatever kind of costume party he might have thought he was attending, it was about a million miles away from what he actually saw when he opened the door.

Now, on to the dialog prompt! This one is so good. Drum roll please!

(Can’t you just hear that dramatic drum roll?? Us too.)

Ahem! Okay, the dialog prompt for the month of October will be:

“But I don’t usually have my wings on display, except when I want to appear “angelic,” so I really feel like they should count as a costume.”

Remember, this one does have to be used verbatim. That doesn’t mean Gabriel has to say it, and if you want to alter it slightly to make it fit a different character we’re okay with that. You can even split it up between characters, that’s fine, but it needs to be as close to verbatim as possible while still fitting into your fic or as a caption for your art.

Now, go forth and create all the things with this guy in mind!

And DON’T FORGET TO TAG US! (And feel free to also tag @ashiewesker @waterkiss37 and myself, @lacqueluster if you want to get our attention a little quicker. You can always shoot questions to us directly as well, since we only check the challenge blog about once a day!) Happy Gabriel creating everyone!


Touch by Moonwillow274458 

Pairing: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Length: 642

Rating: G

Warnings/Tags: Canon verse, Post-hell Sam, Touching  

Summary: Gabriel hasn’t seen Team Free Will since he was ‘killed’ by Lucifer. When they finally reunite, he notices some strange things about Sam’s behaviors..


I really enjoy fics like this, fics that prove that love is not all about sex. In fanfic especially, I feel as if the joy of simple touch is often over-looked. This fic does a great job illustrating that sometimes touch is better. Amazing job- Lauren

You know most of the times we as readers emphasize on the large and great gestures, such as smut or fluffy cuddling. So i have never seen someone pay so much attention to the smallest touches. This fic is so simple, but also so warm and fuzzy in its own way! It doesnt try to sell you big stuff, cause the cutest touch is the one you are unaware of… -Maria

I’m used to reading fics where Sam doesn’t enjoy touching after the cage, so this story is a nice alternative. It’s short; it’s sweet; and it’s the perfect fic to read to celebrate FYeahSabrielFic’s birthday. -Tyler

This story highlights the intimacy and comfort between two people that a simple touch can bring, and it’s so wonderful to see this play out with Sam and Gabriel! Gabriel’s understanding of Sam’s needs and his willingness to encourage them was really sweet! -Gisselle

nonplusagon  asked:

What's your LEAST favourite character you've ever played?

Oh gosh, hitting me with the hard ones, huh?

In general, I really like my characters. But Sabriel was hard. She was so so stubborn, such a dramatic and angry person, that it definitely was a struggle sometimes to stay in character. She stressed me out. I still love her, especially mechanically, but goodness I don’t think I’d play her again.


I don’t ship Samifer(Sabriel all the way) but I kinda love this..

Writing Challenge

So… Uhh… I have a writing challenge going on! I haven’t heard from quite a few people (or I missed the stupid tag). 

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Also, I’m extending the date to October 15th because reasons! It’s my fault cause I kinda dropped the ball on this one. 

Here’s who I HAVE heard from:
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12 Days of SPN

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So as you all know, Season 12 starts in 2 weeks. (It’s Thursday, September 29th for me). I decided to do a personal challenge!

Below is a list of 12 songs, and send me a message with the song and pairing you would like me to write for you!!! This can be an “X Reader” or a ship!! (I don’t ship Wincest or Sabriel or Sastiel. Plz don’t send those unless they are platonic.)

I will write one fic/drabble everyday starting October 1st, all the way to October 12th, which is when I will post the last fic/drabble. Then on the 13th I will make a masterlist.

Specify if you want it to be fluffy or smutty or angsty. (Or if you don’t want smut or angst in the stories)

List Below

Keep reading

Destiel/Sabriel Oneshots

read it on the AO3 at

by SuperEmoTrash

Just a book of Destiel and Sabriel oneshots. I might do some smut if it’s requested, but for now, this is just a big ole pile of fluff.

Also, pie.

Words: 643, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at