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Ugh, I'm having way too many trans!Gabriel feels right now and there's next to no fics on the subject :(

Oh no!  Followers, anyone know of any trans!Gabriel fics for this nonny?

Also, think about this: 

Young Gabriel growing up near the Winchesters.  He doesn’t have a mother, his father is distant, and Gabriel can’t talk to his siblings.  So he finds himself over at Sam’s house a lot, where Mary greets him with a hug and a kiss every time and asks if he wants to help her make pie.

Once she refers to him as “that sweet girl next door” but Gabriel overhears her and flinches.  Mary doesn’t say anything then, but she gets a speculative look in her eye and Gabriel notices her watching him sometimes.

One day she asks Gabriel if he could use some new clothes.  Sam’s too gangly and tall, but some of Dean’s old things will probably fit him.  Gabriel’s holding back tears as he tries on a pair of jeans that are really a little too big for his narrow frame yet, but he doesn’t care.  He tucks in the shirt Mary hands him and looks at himself in the mirror.

Mary looks over his shoulder and meets his eyes in the reflection.  “You are a very handsome young man, Gabriel,” she says quietly, and then Gabriel is crying for real and she’s holding him and stroking his hair and telling him it’s going to be okay, that she loves him and he is perfect the way he is.


I have been trying to make some designs for Sabriel’s Abhorsen armor that somehow follow the books descripions, including turban hat and all! Here’s some of the sketches involved, tho I’m still not sure how I want the final version to look like.

obs. these are resizing rly badly, so please click the pictures.

Lyrics are from American Candy by The Maine. Check it out? Reminds me of Gabe.

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Headcanon that angels are very frank about sex. So when Cas goes to Gabriel for sex advice, Gabriel breaks out illusions of himself and Sam for kamasutra show and tell (for purely informational and instructional reasons of course). Dean walks in just as Gabriel starts explaining the aspects of the 69 position, turns on his heel, and walks right back out.

“No, no, cuz, pay attention.  See, 69 is great when you’re close to the same height, like you and Dean.  For me and Sam, it’s a little more difficult because he’s so damn tall, but we make it work.”  Gabriel waggles his eyebrows in a truly diabolical manner.

The door opens but Castiel is too absorbed in the enormous 3D illustration in front of him to notice.  He can see every single one of Dean’s freckles like this, he thinks, and he tilts his head, stepping closer to get a better look, when there’s a choked-off noise from behind him, somewhere between a cat being murdered and an elephant being strangled.

Castiel spins and sees Dean in the doorway, horror on his face.  But the hunter turns and dashes out of the room because Castiel can speak.  Castiel stabs a finger at Gabriel.  “This is your fault,” he hisses before giving chase.

Gabriel just waves at him and pulls out a Snickers bar.  “Have fun stormin’ the castle!” he calls.  With a flick of his fingers, the illustration of Castiel and Dean dissolves and one of him and Sam appears instead.  Much better, Gabriel thinks.  Time to go find my own hunter.

Supernatural Familiar AU

Dean’s familiar, Cas, has the form of a big ass raven that likes to perch on his shoulder and croak out a few words now and then but mostly just watches everyone thoughtfully. Dean feeds him bits of his burgers when they go out to eat. 

Sam has two familiars. Gabriel is the peacock who has a terrible habit of try to perch on Sam’s head and then always manages to get tangled up in Sam’s hair. Also has a fondness for candy bars which he will steal from anyone within pecking distance. Sam’s other familiar is a large, overprotective golden eagle named Lucifer. Most of the times he’s very lazy and just kinda lolls around the house until someone comes over to visit in which he follows Sam closely around and sometimes gets into spats with Gabriel.

Adam has a very aloof barn owl named Michael. Most of the time Michael is off doing his own thing and only comes back to Adam for food and sleep. However, he does have a protective streak but it comes out very rarely. Adam and Sam had to start leaving their familiars at home whenever they met up because of the fights that Lucifer and Michael would get into. 

Bobby has a very bitchy, bearded vulture named Crowley who is fond of Scotch and just about nothing else. They constantly argue with each other and its not uncommon for Crowley to disappear for a few days. Normally he’ll come back with a few unbonded familiars in the forms of crows.

Azazel has two familiars as well, Ruby and Meg. Charlie has a familiar named Dorothy. Cain has Abaddon.

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I've been in a reading slump lately and I was wondering if you could give me some recommendations? I really like fantasy and bad ass leading ladies :D

Throne of Glass. THRONE OF GLASS. Poison Study. Graceling. Shadow & Bone. The Sin Eaters Daughter. Bad ass ladies? Try Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy. Like wow. She’s the girl. Sabriel. Daugther of Smoke and Bone! 

*Pssst* I MAY have written a Sabriel fic for that soulmate AU with the last words-tattoos because of you. I can’t post it on Tumblr right now because I have to go for dinner, but it’s up on my AO3!

You actually went away and wrote it?! Oh wow, this fic is amazing!!!!!! It started off so sad. Poor Sam. Worst way to ever find out that they’re soulmates. Plus, then he’d have all the doubt and the guilt. After all, the two of them had never exactly been friends. If he’d only tried to talk to Gabriel once, figure out his motivations. Then that ending…. (Loved the side-pairing of destiel, btw. How awful must Dean’ve felt at having no words for however many years? No wonder he kept it hidden.)

Okay, I’m just going to go and read that fic again, then fangirl some more, because that was utter perfection.


…… aaaand this is the last of my mcm pics! so exciting to see all of these cosplayers, especially Sabriel (I’ve never seen her cosplayed before and I love those books), and moIST AND ADORA BELLE. I JUST SQUEALED AT THEM FOR LIKE 30 SECONDS HONESTLY I MUST HAVE LOOKED LIKE A RIGHT BANANA BUT I WAS!! SO!!!!! EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! and then moist gave me a letter and honestly it was just the BEST THING EVER

100 Kinky Ships

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by OopsTheresAFandom

100 Kinks Challenge for my first AO3 story. Hope you enjoy!

Words: 443, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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i was tagged to do a thing by baberahamlovesjohnny

Rules: Choose 10 favorite characters (1 per series/franchise) and tag ten (10) people.

so in no particular order

  1. Durzo Blint [The Night Angel Trilogy]
  2. Sabriel [The Old Kingdom Series]
  3. Wang Yi [Dynasty Warriors]
  4. Celestia Ludenberg [Dangan Ronpa]
  5. Kyouko Sakura [PMMM]
  6. Gaige [Borderlands 2]
  7. Nonon Jakuzure [Kill La Kill]
  8. Tharja [Fire Emblem]
  9. Quinn [League of Legends]
  10. Marina Wulfstan [Valkyria Chronicles]

and then i’m just gonna throw some tags out, probably not even ten people

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