Small rant

It really grinds my fucking gears when I get judged, or sent threats, all because I ship Wincest. I get shit like “it’s gross” or “its abusive”. I admit, incest is quite taboo. Possibly the biggest taboo in most of the United States. I personally am not into it, and I ship Wincest without shame bc I don’t see them as brothers. I see them as two individuals that have gone their entire life taking care of each other and no matter what they do, they always end up with each other.

My argument here is that there are things “better” and ships “worse” than wincest. You wanna talk abusive? How about Samifer and Sabriel? Lucifer fucked up Sam. Messed him up so bad that he was hallucinating Lucifer. It took a glass shard to the palm and Dean’s support to get him out of that hole. And Gabriel. Gabe made Sam watch his brother die over, and over, and over again for shits and giggles. Who tf does that? “But he helped the boys with Lucifer” Yeah. But that shouldn’t mask all the shit he’s done. If you guys don’t see any of that as abusive, holy fuck. Why?

I, as a wincest fan, have not hated anyone for their ship. But when a certain (I will not name) shipbase attacks me for no reason bc I’m a “pedophile” or shit like that, then I have a problem, and just someone mentioning that they ship said pairing, I immediately bunch them in with the bad eggs to protect myself. Yeah, it’s a shitty thing. But I’ve had to deal with shitty people.

Attacking certain members of the cast bc they’re incredibly uncomfortable with your ship, and have EXPLICITLY STATED that it makes them uncomfortable, is uncalled for. Youre not better than them, and you don’t have the right to harass anyone bc of your blind entitlement complex. Please grow up. Or else the show could potentially be hurt or negatively affected heavily.

So go ahead. Send me hate. Tell me I’m “gross” and a “pedophile”. I won’t retaliate. I know who I am. And I’m a proud Wincest shipper. ♡

kajuned  asked:

Kali, Kali, Kali, Kali, Kali, Kali, Kali! What's your opinion on stories which feature a past ship or a current ship that is unwanted or abusive for the sake of another ship to thrive?

They can go rot in hell.

Seriously though, adding a ship just to push another, especially if it’s abusive, is something I absolutely hate. For example adding past abusive Samifer in a Sabriel fic to justify Sam clinging to Gabriel (I have seen this multiple times and it pisses me off to no end). It has nothing to do with the story and it doesn’t belong there, much less if you take a ship that was alright (Sam/Jess) and turn it around so it looks abusive.

If you, however, have one of the characters act differently AFTER a breakup, then things change of course. Only adding a past/abusive ship to validate the one the story is about though? No, thank you. I don’t need these kind of things in a fic and I’ll immediately click away if I realize this is happening.

stages of finding a new fandom
  • stage one:hmm what's this? it seems cool i may check it out...
  • stage two:oo i like these person. im going to find out more about them
  • stage three:wait no. i like this person with this person. i ship it
  • stage five:brb gotta find the merch
  • stage six:wait they have fanfiction of this
  • stage seven:I NEED THEM TO FUCK
  • stage eight:what was my life before this
  • stage nine:im not obsessed i swear *every background and profile pic is related to some part of the fandom* *has pictures all over walls* *always drops references*
  • stage ten:dies everyday from feels