Fanfics can be overwhelming:
  • My friend:Why are you crying?
  • Me:Because I'm reading a fanfiction...
  • My friend:Angst fanfic?
  • Me:No... It's just so perfect. It's so well written. My OTP is just so adorable, cute, happy and everything and I just can't * cry more *
  • My friend:It's okay. Cry. You will feel better. * hug me *
  • Me:MY BABIES!! * is a total mess *
  • My friend:Shhhh. It's alright.

deanlikesaholyblowjob  asked:

Writing prompt: Sam plans a surprise date for Gabriel?

·         Okay but it’s impossible to keep something from your Archangel boyfriend without a little help. Castiel puts a block on Sam’s mind so that Gabriel can’t read it anymore, and yeah, he could probably override it, but Sam wants to hide something from him and he feels a little let down.

·         So Gabriel doesn’t pry, and Castiel reassures Sam everyday that the block is still in place and has only been nudged at, not moved, or broken, or rebuilt. And Sam feels good knowing that Gabriel is respecting his privacy, even if he’s been moping around since it happened.

·         Which means that Sam has to do something extra special now for the Archangel.

·         Speaking of, what the hell do you even surprise an Archangel with? It was hard enough to get him Christmas gifts when he could travel through time and pluck out anything he wanted.

·         So simple was the way to go. He’d borrowed the car from Dean, packed a picnic inside with all of Gabriel’s favourites (and some fruit too). He’d coaxed a sulking Gabriel into the car who kept asking why he couldn’t just fly them wherever he was going.

·         A four hour drive later of Sam cracking inappropriate jokes to make Gabriel laugh, and they arrived in the open field, just in time for the sunset. Getting out of the car and stretching his legs, Sam looks to the confused gaze of Gabriel.

·         “You got me here for a sunset?” Gabriel sounds curious. He really doesn’t know what’s happening.

·         Sams pulling the blanket and picnic basket out of the boot of the car, and he’s layout it out.

·         “Surprise!”

·         Gabriel later scolds Sam for making him worry, but that’s after they get back home well past the early hours of the morning.

·         Sam was please though, the picnic surprise was a massive hit, and he had the hickeys to prove it.


Moody just FELL, like sure they had his MAGIC EYE but that’s all that’s ever stated, Like Just imagine Moody showing up a few years after the battle of Hogwarts on Christmas at Harrys house and Going “Consatant Vigilance Potter! Now! Where are the kids?”

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by budapestagain

dean was a jock. cas was a nerd. but both had a crush on each other. now, ten years later, they meet again and set out on an all-night adventure.

Words: 6156, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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