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Propose prompts

‘Cause you can never have enough happy endings

  • I made a joke about proposing and somehow we got engaged and I didn’t have the heart to tell you that I wasn’t in fact proposing 
  • You thought I proposed you and said yes but that was actually someone else’s proposal to someone else but I went with it anyway
  • There was an engagement ring in your champagne and you thought I proposed you and said yes and the waiter came to tell that it was a mistake but I realized in that moment that I wanted to propose you
  • I don’t believe in marriage but you proposed me anyway with a breathtaking way and I realized I actually wanted to get married but only to you
  • You need a Green Card to stay in the country so I offered to marry you and when we were able to get divorced we realized we didn’t want to
  • You told that there wasn’t left any unique ways to propose and then I proposed you and you realized you were wrong
  • We are best friends and I asked your help for planning a hypothetical proposal and you were jealous because you didn’t know who I was going to propose but agreed to help and told me your dream proposal and I proposed you with that way

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Sabriel and 28 if you haven't done it

28. “Marry me?”

Here ya go, hon! Hope you enjoy!

Note: I was listening to Mat Kearney’s “All I Need” while writing this, and the tears are seriously real. I recommend giving it a listen while reading if you want an extra boost of feels.

Sam gave a long and content sigh, closing his eyes against the soft trail of fingers caressing his chest. He felt a pair of moist lips press against his collarbone, followed by a suggestive nibble of teeth on flushed skin, and he chuckled roughly.

“Gabriel, a guy needs sleep, y’know,” he protested halfheartedly, though he ran his palm up Gabriel’s back and tugged him a little closer.

The archangel snickered against his chest, pressing tiny kisses to lead up to Sam’s neck and jawline. “’M still horny, though,” he whined playfully.

Sam’s responding laugh punched through the otherwise calm atmosphere. “Unbelievable, you’re completely insatiable,” Sam smirked, twisted his head a bit so as to look down at Gabriel properly.

Gabriel returned the smirk and propped his chin on Sam’s shoulder, half-lidded amber eyes glowing with soothing affection. “And you’re no fun,” Gabriel retorted, sticking his tongue out.

Sam resisted the urge to lean down and capture it between his lips. Instead, he rolled his eyes and quickly kissed Gabriel’s nose.

“Three times wasn’t enough fun for you?” Sam asked, pointedly quirking a brow at the angel in his arms.

Gabriel huffed and grinned wider, shifting until he was half-lying on top of Sam and he continued his onslaught of kisses against Sam’s chin and the corner of his mouth. “Oh, plenty fun, believe you me. That’s why I wanna have more fun with you.”

Sam closed his eyes and tilted his head back with a groan as Gabriel began to lightly rock himself into Sam’s thigh. “Give me some time, Gabe, I’m only human. And then you can ravish me all you want. For the fourth time tonight.”

Gabriel chuckled and burrowed his face into the crook of Sam’s neck, wrapping his arm tightly around Sam’s chest. “Have I told you lately how much I love you?” he asked.

Sam swallowed down his convulsing glee and stretched his lips out into a huge smile, opening his eyes and nudging the top of Gabriel’s head with his chin. “Mmm, I think the last time you did was last Thursday.”

Gabriel’s grunt was muffled by Sam’s neck, and the archangel lifted himself up to grin at Sam.

“Well, that just won’t do,” Gabriel purred.

He pulled himself up to reach Sam’s mouth and pressed a long, sweet kiss to Sam’s lips. Sam groaned lowly and slid his arm to wrap around Gabriel’s back, pulling the archangel even closer. Gabriel sighed out a moan but didn’t move to deepen the kiss, and neither did Sam. When they separated, they didn’t go far from each other, their lips brushing together with every breath.

“I love you,” Gabriel whispered, raising his hand up to caress Sam’s temple and gently sweeping back the matted, damp brown hair from Sam’s forehead. “So… so much.”

Sam shuddered through his next breath, his throat trembling with a fierce, burning emotion crashing through his chest, electrifying energy flowing through his limbs and digits. His complete adoration and love for the archangel on top of him vibrated through his very essence, the intensity of it almost terrifying and grounding Sam to earth.

At the same time, however, Gabriel made him feel so light. As if Gabriel’s wings had swooped him up and he was soaring high above the clouds, like his soul was gliding and flying through the glory of Heaven. Sam never felt more himself than when he was with Gabriel. Being with the archangel felt like home.

But in that moment, staring into Gabriel’s luminous amber eyes that were sparkling with fond affection and familiar yet so incredibly foreign love toward the hunter, Sam found himself needing to amend that belief.

It wasn’t just being with Gabriel that made Sam feel at home.

Gabriel was Sam’s home.

With that thought pulsing through his mind, only two words managed to choke past the hard lump in Sam’s throat.

“Marry me?”

Gabriel did not immediately appear to physically react to Sam’s sudden proclamation. But Sam could see the stiffness settling into Gabriel’s gaze, as if the angel was repeatedly turning Sam’s words over and over in his mind in his disbelief.

“… What?” Gabriel breathed, his expression smoothing over with appropriate shock, his jaw slack and his eyes finally growing wide.

Sam felt his heart rate surge almost through his chest and leap into his throat simultaneously. He swallowed roughly and took in a shaky breath.

“I love you,” Sam murmured, his hand quivering as he reached up to brush Gabriel’s fringe away from his forehead, tucking the unruly golden locks behind Gabriel’s ear. He sucked in another breath and spoke past his wracking nerves. “I love you so much. And if you want things to remain as they are now, just us being together, they will be and we will be. I want nothing more than to spend eternity with you, or at the very least, the rest of my life with you. So… will you marry me?”

Sam watched with bated breath as Gabriel’s gaze flickered repeatedly between Sam’s eyes, shining with scrutiny and bewilderment. Sam observed as the oceans of golds swept over with a fresh gleam of tears, and Gabriel’s next exhale shook as he released it. Sam was so lost in this marvelous and devastating spectacle that he nearly missed when Gabriel started to frantically nod his head.

“Yes,” Gabriel choked. For once, the Trickster was left without a witty retort, his voice overwhelmed and reaching a high keen as he struggled to speak coherently past the tears thickening his throat. “Yes, yes, yes, shit, yes.”

Sam barely had a second for his heart to swell with inflating ecstasy, a large grin pulling at his lips and a bark of giddy laughter escaping him, before Gabriel rushed up to meet him, their lips colliding in a smothering kiss. Sam moaned instantly, wrapping his arms tight around the archangel in a firm embrace, and the hunter rolled them to the side until he was lying on top of Gabriel. Gabriel tugged his lips away from Sam’s with a wet grin, his arms hooking underneath Sam’s.

“So I’m guessing you’re okay for the fourth round now, huh?” Gabriel quipped cheekily, though the tiny tear tracks leading into his hairline and the beaming smile illuminated his true happiness.

Sam chuckled and rolled his eyes, leaning back down to kiss his laughing fiancé.
Sound of Your Heart 'Verse by Aria_Lerendeair

Summary: Gabriel is falling in love with a customer (his name is Sam) who keeps visiting his bookshop. It doesn’t seem to matter that Sam has never said a word to him, that smile is enough for him to love.
Now he just has to figure out how to get Sam to want him back…and to talk to him, of course.

Rating: Mature

Other pairings: Dean/Castiel

Thoughts: This is really cute. I like how this fic handled Sam being mute and I really enjoyed Gabriel’s reactions to… pretty much everything.

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Can you write a little sabriel story where Gabe proposes to Sam? (Or the other way around) :)

Gabriel first proposed on April 5th, 1453.  Or at least he tried to.

“Hey, Sam,” he began.

Sam was lying on his belly, stretched out on the Theodosian Wall, eyes alight as he watched the fleets below making their way into position.  “Not now,” he said absently.  “Mehmed’s about to lay siege to the city.”

Gabriel settled cross-legged beside him to watch the show and Sam curled his long fingers around Gabriel’s wrist, a thumb rubbing soft over Gabriel’s pulse point.

The next time Gabriel tried was August 18th, 1969.

“So,” he said, trying for casual.  “If I were to–”

Mud was streaked across Sam’s face and he grinned wide and bright at Gabriel.

“Gabe,” he said.  “Hendrix is about to take the stage.”  His hair was falling over his eyes and there was a looseness to his body that made Gabriel’s heart sing.

Gabriel smiled back at him as the crowds began to scream and the guitars struck their first chords.

He tried again in 1310 but he was pretty sure Sam didn’t even hear him, too busy talking to Dante about what inspired the Divine Comedy.

In retrospect, introducing Sam to Nikola Tesla and then trying to propose was not the best idea he’d had.  Sam’s face was nearly glowing as he and Tesla talked, and Gabriel couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

Sam kissed him on the back pew of the church as a young Elizabeth was crowned, his mouth warm and sweet as the bells tolled around them, and Gabriel couldn’t hear his own voice above their joyous clamor.

He wove Sam a flower crown as Sam rolled down the steep slope of the Highland hill they were on.

Sam didn’t speak flower language, so Gabriel indulged himself.  Forget-me-not – true love – braided with Rose of Sharon – consumed by love.  He twined violets around them – faithful love.

Agrimony for his gratefulness that he had Sam and ivy for fidelity and marriage completed the wreath, and he plopped the entire flowering mess on Sam’s head when Sam rolled to a laughing stop beside him, arms and legs flung askew.

Sam blinked up at him from under an ivy leaf.  “Should I ask?” he said, and blew on the leaf.

Gabriel leaned down and kissed him, lingering against Sam’s lips.  “I actually had a question,” he said, but a wild whoop interrupted him and Sam jerked his head up.

Thousands of Highland warriors were amassing on the plain below.  They’d been gathering for a while, but Sam had, for once, been too happy to notice his surroundings, trusting his archangel to keep them safe.  He looked up at Gabriel, still on his stomach.

“Is this… Culloden?”

“Yeah,” Gabriel said.

Sam shivered.  “Okay, take me somewhere happy, please.”

Gabriel snapped his fingers.

Sam blinked as they materialized in a tiny room, crammed with people, the flower crown still lopsided over one eye.  It was loud, voices straining to be heard over the music being played with great enthusiasm at the far end of the space.

The lead singer struck a final chord, shook his shaggy bangs out of his eyes, and took the microphone.  “Thank you, ladies and gents, you’re a lovely bunch.  We are the Beatles, and this next song’s for all the pretty birds out there.”

Sam turned to look at Gabriel, stars in his eyes, and Gabriel leaned back against the cracked vinyl of the booth and winked at him.

“Go up and dance if you want,” he shouted over the racket.  “I’ll hold your crown.”

Sam grinned and pressed their lips together.  “I love you,” he breathed against Gabriel’s mouth, and dove into the crowd.

In feudal Japan, they watched the cherry blossoms drift down onto the snow, fingers twined together.

They sat on the highest parapet of Castle Urquhart in its heyday, feet dangling over the edge, and gazed across Loch Ness, the dark water ruffled by the wind that skittered over the surface, teasing the water into curlicues and foamy caps.

“So is Nessie real?” Sam asked as he ate his apple.

Gabriel snorted around his mouthful.  “One of my better pranks, you have to admit.”

Sam threw his head back and laughed, and Gabriel reveled in the sound.

“Marry me, Gabriel,” he said when he sobered, and Gabriel fell off the wall in shock.

He caught himself halfway down and floated back up until he was level with Sam’s face, where alarm and amusement were present in equal measure.

“I’ve been trying to ask you that for the past thousand years, dammit!” he complained as he settled himself back on the wall.

“I know,” Sam said, grinning.  “Ivy, violets and rose of Sharon?  Why didn’t you just take out a billboard?”

Gabriel’s mouth fell open and he stared at him.  “You… you knew.”

Sam rolled his eyes.  “Of course I knew.  What’s your answer?”

Gabriel snapped his mouth shut and kissed him as laughter bubbled up.

So I wasn’t even around for the Other Sabriel proposal the other night but I drew it because why not. Also I apologize for Sam’s hair I don’t know what happened to that majestic moose mane. And yes, Gabe’s standing on a box.