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Books you need to read right now so some books, like Percy Jackson or Raven Boys have big happy fandoms and thats GREAT but here are some books I feel are just as good but never seem to have gotten the love they should

The Half Bad Trilogy (Half Bad, Half Wild, Half Lost) Bisexual main character, epic gay love story, Harry Potter by way of Raven Boys, go read them, cry.

Young Wizards (So You Want to Be a WizardDeep Wizardry, High Wizardry,  A Wizard AbroadThe Wizard’s Dilemma, A Wizard Alone) before there are a Harry Potter there was Nita and Kit, hispanic main character, a gay couple (in the 1980s no less!) magic by way of Star Trek

The Old Kingdom (SabrielLiraelAbhorsen) do you want Lord of the Rings with a bad-ass woman lead? and way more magic? okay go read this, maybe the richest fantasy world ever written

The Dark Is Rising (Over Sea, Under StoneThe Dark Is RisingGreenwitchThe Grey King, Sliver on the Tree) the classic of classics, one part Narnia, one part Lord of the Rings, and one part Harry Potter, weird and otherworldly 

Bartimaeus Sequence (The Amulet of SamarkandThe Golem’s EyePtolemy’s Gate) Steampunk magic, grubby Victorian London with demons and snobbish wizards and one sassy djinni

The Keys to the Kingdom (Mister MondayGrim TuesdayDrowned WednesdaySir ThursdayLady FridaySuperior SaturdayLord Sunday) steampunk clockwork weirdness, really I can’t think of a book to compare these too, a well realized and original world with lovable characters 

PC Peter Grant (Rivers of LondonMoon Over SohoWhispers Under GroundBroken HomesFoxglove Summer) With a mixed race main character and black goddesses it’s a diverse cast, Harry Potter as an all grown up police book, very smart and well written 

so go read them, now, come on what you waiting for? well I’ll be waiting, let me know if you do read any of them? 

  • Person A: *into a radio to speak to Person B about a stakeout they're doing for a murder* Hey, Person B, how are we doin'?
  • Person B: Ready, willing, and able. Just like your sister.
  • Person A: My sister wouldn't touch you with a six-foot pole. And neither would Stanislowski.
  • Person B: Who the fuck is Stanislowski?
  • Person A: A six-foot pole.
  • Me: I read a lot of fantastic fanfiction by super talented writers! I read every day! It's improved my vocabulary!It makes me happy!
  • Person: Fanfic? Ew, that doesn't count
  • Me: ...
  • Me: why the hell not you overly greasy donut
Book Recommendations for Tamora Pierce lovers (pt. 1)

Our followers recommend:

The Farsala Trilogy by Hilari Bell

“One of the POV characters is a woman and she’s really kick ass. Plus there’s war, magic, rebellion, spies, lots of really awesome characters and a mule that thinks he’s a duck.” 

Uprooted by Naomi Novik


The Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan

“The main characters are men, but the women are kickass and actually have important functioning roles in the plot!”

We recommend:

Literally Anything by Brandon Mull (Fablehaven or the Beyonders especially)

You might feel weird picking up a 600-page-each-book series written for 5-8th graders but believe me when I say that these books are so damn phenomenal, you’ll be glad you did. Really imaginative stories. Good characters. Patton Burgess.

The Name of the Wind (of The Kingkiller Chronicle series) by Patrick Rothfuss

A more adult fantasy novel that is so unbelievably good I can’t even put it into words. Just do it.

Sabriel by Garth Nix

A classic. No explanation needed.

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

We love a good two-perspective story. Bonus points for supporting an author who is a WOC!

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

This story is not without its weak moments, but A+ for a non-Medieval England setting and main characters with physical deformities. Also revenge is good.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

Beauty and the Beast retelling. Curses, trials, fairies. If for nothing else, read for the scene where the protag gets mad at the two male characters and paints portraits of their faces on pigs’ bodies for hours.

Lol. Just realized that if I actually get my novel published I don’t know whether to make the two main gals cannon or just leave them as friends to see if there’s fanfiction written about them.

I’m a monster because I’d probably choose the latter as revenge for all my ships.

But then I’m no better.

Welp. This should be fun. 😁🔫

Tell me how your favourite character did something so dorky stupid you just… just laid the book down and face-palmed while grinning and shaking your head and then…
then you kept reading because it was an embarrassing moment but you just enjoy the characters so much you wanna stay with them thru this embarrassment and then be like “Told you!” when another character brings up the dorky-ness