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“Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?”

I mean, yeah, but then again I’m supposed to be a lot of things like cishet, neurotypical, and able to handle pressure without sobbing for 2 hours straight, but I continue to disappoint everyone

Writing prompt/AU ig

A and B are students at year round private school for superpowered kids (high school or pre college or whatever) and they are sharing a dorm room

A and B hate each other bc A’s powers are shadows and darkness (when using their powers they get like really really dark grey almost black skin and white eyes*) and B’s are light (B can manifest white wings and looks a bit like an angel*)

A is really flirty all the time in an asshole kind of way like “hah you’re cute but I hate you cos you think you’re better than me so I’m gonna be sassy and flirty to mess with you”

B cannot stand it but secretly starts to kinda like A since they seem to be sassy all the time and they’re a little flattered cos A is pretty hot

* is what I’m using personally with altered traits that two of my own creations have but you do you my dudes, have fun with it, go off 😝

  • Gabriel:
  • Sam: ... why are you being so quiet?
  • Gabriel: I'm pregnant
  • Sam: No, you're not, you're guilty. What did you do?
  • Gabriel: I may
  • Sam: ?
  • Gabriel: have gotten a puppy
  • Sam: what.
  • Gabriel: *brings out weird looking puppy*
  • Sam: is
  • Sam: is that a hellhound?
  • Gabriel: it's a puppy
  • Sam: oh my fucking hell, that's a hellhound. whERE DID YOU FOUND A HELLHOUND?
  • Gabriel: I T ' S A P U P P Y

Sabriel - Pagan AU

Requested by the lovely @theriverscribe for my 600 followers celebration.

Sam always had strange powers, but he keeps them hidden, because his father is afraid of what the people in his village would do to him, if they knew. One day, though, there’s a fire in one of the houses and Sam uses his abilities to push a way parts of the collapsing roof before they can hit a child. Instead of thanking him, the villagers try to kill him, because they think he’s a witch child. John Winchester dies in Sam’s defense (and Sam thinks Dean is dead, too). Sam flees and comes across a sanctuary of the god Loki. He prays to him and promises him anything, if he helps him to get strong enough so he can get revenge.

Nothing happens, but a bit later he arrives at the house of a strange man Gabriel, who takes him in and teaches him witchcraft.

When Sam gets older, Sam and Gabriel get closer and become lovers. Gabriel also helps him take bloody revenge, though most of the time he keeps in the background edging Sam on.

As it turns out, Dean is not dead, but in trying to find Sam he had turned to the wrong people and had fallen into the hands of a man named Alastair. Alastair turns out to have powers, too, and Sam almost loses against him, but Gabriel steps in, revealing that he is even more powerful than Sam thought. He reveals himself as the god Loki who has answered Sam’s prayers all this years ago.

Sam asks him what he wants now that he has helped him, because he remembers that he promised anything in his prayers.

Loki smiles. “But you already gave me what I wanted.”

Sam is confused. “What did I give you?”

And Loki kisses him. “Yourself.”

How I’d like to see Gabriel return

Sam is just working a case in a small town, when this little fella appears and won’t leave him be. 

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He’s everywhere, watching, waiting, showing off.

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But Gabe doesn’t do the big reveal until long after Sam has given in.

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Sam decides to take the cutie back to the bunker, hiding the pup from Dean in a backpack.  Then that first night when Sam is about to go to bed-