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Imagine Gabriel and Sam walking down the street having a heated discussion, when Gabriel stops dead in his tracks before pushing Sam out the way, walking in the middle of cars to cross the street.

Sams worried of course, Gabriel is wearing his serious face, so when he sees the angel crouch down he’s not sure what he expects.

It certainly isn’t to see a healthy bird fly away a moment later, chirping happily.

Gabriel’s back by his side and resumes the discussion where it left off, as if he hadn’t just nearly caused an accident to save a birds life. Sam stores the information away in his “Reasons I love this dork” File.

probably only of interest to MSM fans

Okay, so. What this is: a) basically Sabriel PWP dreamsex fluff. b) a first draft, written on a plane while not very awake. c) incomplete - the two dream scenes are all there but what happens in between is sketched because ‘then plot happened’, d) a scene for the sequel to this widespread realm (ie, part of the marchstalkers mighty verse) which will probably not make it into the sequel because everything will probably be very different by the time I get around to this part of the story. So you get it as a standalone now!

Warnings for mpreg (sort of - archangels are true hermaphrodites in this verse, but Gabriel identifies as male, and is in the second trimester) and the dub con that comes with suddenly falling into someone else’s sex dream about you.

Also angels have a certain amount of telepathy and, for plot reasons, Sam has sort of accidentally picked some up along the way. Hence dream sharing. And no, they aren’t together at this point in the story - they just have, you know, a few years of UST.

So basically this is me writing predictive fanfic for my own story and I will probably Joss it at some point btu may also cannibalise it in part or whole. :P Potential spoilers, but who knows.

(um. auroramere, kd-heart, cynassa, waywardephemera… damn, I hate starting tag lists because I know I’m always leaving people out. I’m sorry!)


It began in a dream: a promising tickle of arousal in Sam’s belly, a spreading delicious contentment. 

It had nothing to do with the dream he was actually in at the time. That was something confusing in a house with too many rooms, but it felt insubstantial beside this new feeling, which brought with it the feel of mouth on soft skin, and shared laughter.

It was just a feeling for a while, the kind of atmosphere you get in dreams. But then came a very different type of feeling, a tugging at his mind, the flinch of somebody touching his thoughts and that queasy slide of one consciousness merging into another. Only this time Sam didn’t feel like he was being invaded, but welcomed.

The sick aversion dropped away and Sam pressed in, was drawn in eagerly, to where he was wanted and enjoyed and loved.

Then sound and colour and sensation came all in a rush.

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“Before we get started,” he said to the glass wall, “would anyone like to get out?”

Gabriel froze. They knew that line. They knew that scene.

“Oh shit.”

Gabriel dropped to the floor, slipping out of the surprised guards’ grips just in time. Sam laughed just as a guard shattered the wall with his face. Gabriel curled into the smallest ball they could manage. This human thing was bullshit. First the ‘he’ thing Dean had going on, then the weakness, then the pain and bodily functions and powerlessness and teeth brushing and Gabriel could write a full length paper on why being human sucked.

When the sound of shattering glass and surprised death yells stopped, Gabriel looked up. Sam grinned at him, holding a hand out.

“Captain,” Gabriel deadpanned.

Sam had the good grace to blush.

“I figured these particular guys would have their heads so far up their asses they wouldn’t have seen it yet,” he said. “Lawyers don’t have time for fun stuff.”

Gabriel raised an eyebrow. Stereotypes. Ah, humans. How quaint.

A continuation on me going to hell
  • Satan:You know why you are here don't you?
  • Me:Yes satan...
  • Satan:You realise you just could have stopped reading.
  • Me:I would if I could, your hellishness I would if I could.
  • Satan:Aren't you a bit disgusted with yourself? It was just fanfiction after fanfiction after fanfiction.
  • Me:*raise eyebrow* I'm proud of what I've achieved and don't you dare ruin that for me.
  • Me:Take me away *flies off on flaming gay rainbow*