Upon being introduced to people, you can only say their last name. Except your soul mate: you can only say their first name. Ever. Like, no matter how hard you try you just can’t say their last name. Can you imagine, like:

Person A: Good evening Mr. …?
Persona B: [last name]
Person A: [mouthing last name, trying to say it]
Persona B {frowning, bit insulted}: [repeats last name slower]
Person A {flustered now}: [still mouthing] [gives up, extremely embarrassed] 
Person B {glares, says sarcastically}: Just call me [first name]
Person A: [says name easily]
Person A&B {blinks}: Oh. Oh hell

Chapter 11. Gabriel’s up to something, and Meg is suspicious.


Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Destiel, Sabriel, Denny, eventual Destiny.
Rating: M.
Summary: Steampunk AU. Sam and Dean are hunters on the trail of Dr. Azazel. While searching an abandoned lab for any sign of the doctor’s current whereabouts, Dean receives a fatal bite from a cockatrice. The Winchesters are forced to rely on the help of a mad scientist to save Dean’s life, but at what cost?

[AO3] [FF.n]

catarinabennett asked:

So if I can request as many as I like...I would really like to have Number 5 with Sabriel again because you can never have to much of Sam and Gabriel:D

((i completely second that statement; you really cannot have too much sabriel ♥

sorry this took so long to get out i fail at life)) 

Send me a pairing and number and I’ll write you a drabble

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” 


It was actually pretty uncomfortable how quiet Gabriel was being, and Sam shifted in his seat for the umpteenth time as he glanced over at the archangel. Their waitress was busy taking Dean’s order and shooting small smiles at Sam, which he returned with a half-formed one of his own. 

Once she walked away, Sam leaned over to Gabriel. “You okay?” he whispered, brow furrowing. “You’re really quiet.” 

Gabriel shrugged and sniffed, crossing his arms. “I’m perfectly fine, Sammich,” he grinned, but it looked forced. “Just don’t have anything to say right now.” 

Dean snorted, leaning back against the booth. “That’s a first.” 

Sam made a face at him but ignored his brother. To his surprise, so did Gabriel. Something was definitely wrong. 

Sitting in mildly awkward silence, Sam kept sending glances to Gabriel as they waited for their food. Dean eyed them before shrugging and turning to draw Cas into conversation, and Sam signed internally. 

Minutes later, the waitress came back bearing a tray with all their food.

“Here ya go, guys!” she smiled cheerfully, and, sitting on the outside of the booth, Sam helped her pass each basket of food around. She winked at him, again, before tucking the tray under her arm. 

“Is there anything else I can get you right now?” she asked, eyes lingering on Sam. Sam’s returning smile was tight-lipped, and he kicked Dean’s shin under the table as his brother waggled his eyebrows at him. 

“Um, no, I think we good,” Sam replied, looking around at the table. All their drinks were full, and the food was just brought, so they seemed pretty good to go. He looked over at Gabriel, who had already started in on his syrup-drenched pancakes and was ignoring the rest of them with a fierce intensity. Sam gave him a look. 

“Well, if you need anything,” she laid a hand on Sam’s shoulder briefly, “just holler.” Smiling, she gave a slight squeeze to Sam’s arm before walking away. 

Once out of earshot, Dean turned to him with a shit-eating grin, unable to hold his snickering back. “Dude, she wants to eat you alive!” 

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I think it’s hilarious when people are talking about height differences in ships and they think it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but as a friend and I were just discussing: I am tiny (at only about 5'2") while my husband is tall (6'3") and built like a house. I know what it’s like to be in a relationship like this, so please consider:

*The tiny one trying to reach something on the top shelf and the big one coming by to scoop them up and lift them with one hand so they can reach it.

*The big one has a bigger vehicle so they can stretch their legs out and the tiny one has to run and hop into it

*The big one can’t get their shoulders through a doorway and gets stuck like twice while the tiny one just slips through and laughs at them

*(my husband does this to me every so often) the tiny one caught in an uncomfortable conversation so the tall one just comes over and picks them up, puts them on their hip like a toddler, and carries them away.

*The tiny one is the scary one

*The big one is a big softie and a nerd and he just loves the tiny sarcastic one to bits

*The tiny one let’s the big one rest on them every now and then but careful don’t smoosh them

*The big one carrying the tiny one away from an argument over their shoulder

*The tiny one will fucking fight you don’t fuck with their massive teddy bear don’t get stabbed hoe

I got more. So so much more.

How it feels to read long fanfics
  • Me:Ahh yes today is a good day to read a fanfic.
  • Me:Oh this one looks like a good one *clicks fanfic*
  • -70 years later-
  • Old me sitting in a rocking chair:*Otp finally kisses* About FUCKING TIME!