sabretooth tiger


Because of the relatively huge size of the clouded leopard’s fangs, this cat has evolved a long, slender skull with large and well-developed sagittal and occipital crests to support massive jaw muscles.  This skull is very similar to that of the ancient sabre-toothed cats, and like their extinct cousins, the clouded leopard has a gape of around 100 degrees, in contrast to a lion’s 65.  Some specialists believe this may provide a clue as to how the elusive clouded leopard hunts; most big cats kill by biting the muzzle or throat of an animal to suffocate it.  The sabre-toothed cats, however, would bite through the prey’s neck, severing arteries and nerves as well as the windpipe, resulting in an instant kill.  No one has ever seen a clouded leopard take large prey, but these large fangs and gape suggest that it may kill in a similar fashion.


Custom skull rings - 13 Lucky Monkey (from top):

  • Cthulhu
  • Sabretooth
  • Quill
  • Medusa
  • Barbarella

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Skyrim mod that allows you to ride mammoths sabretooth tigers and a bears!

well what ya waitin for ???

Critical Role Rewatch, Episode 28!
  • The time of the No Shave Till 10K
    • Travis to Matt: “You sexy beast; be glad there’s a table between you and I!”
  • Vox Machina vs. the Behir:
    • Trinket falls unconscious; Laura: “Trinket’s dead, yo!”
      • Travis immediately freaks out: “Don’t use the ‘D word’, unless it’s the D Word!!!”
    • “Would that be piercing, bludgeoning or slashing damage?” “Doesn’t matter because you haven’t raged.” “Oh, fucking shit.”
    • All 3 of Percy’s shots hit the Behir in succession; the rest of the cast starts mimicking Orthax and whispering “Vengeeaaaannncceee!!!”
    • Scanlan guilts Keyleth into healing Trinket at a higher level than she’d planned to lol.
    • Fire stone thing from Pyra!
      • Kiki goes Minxie; Matt describes her as a sabretooth tiger with flaming paws. Marisha: “I look like an Ed Hardy tattoo!”

It’s Minxie, guys!

    • “He’s Grog, he’s Grog, he’s big, he’s strong like wood. He’s better than bad, he’s good!”
  • Grog gets a Nat 20 intelligence check, actually works out perfectly because it’s a Stone Giant Fortress!
  • Sam mocks Matt’s pronunciation of sigil/siggil; Matt rolls what I assume is a D20 for encounters; the rest of VM promptly freaks out and volunteers let Grog just throw Scanlan off of the mountain.
    • “Sacrifice hiiiiim!!!”
  • Longbow of the Sky Sentinel, yay!
  • Grog makes a joke about vampire giants, will soon be not exactly proven right, but not exactly proven wrong either.
  • Scanlan: “It looks like these giants had…big trouble.”
    • Matt: “You hear a formless voice in the distance scream: ‘Yeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!!’”
  • Grog eats a bird lmao - the expression on his face when Vex scolds him a millisecond beforehand!
  • Matt describes the older woman hunting with dogs while VM are holed up in the trees. Scanlan: “If she were a little older, Tiberius would kill her…give it another 10 years or so!”
  • Percival, head in hands while Matt describes the general misery and torment of Whitestone’s people :(  :(  :(  :(
  • “Lemon parties are another kind of festival.”
    • “DON’T LOOK THAT UP!!!”
  • Kiki/Marisha about involving the townspeople in a revolution: “I like it, it feels less like we’re….we’re the United States.” LOL
  • “Like a mark,” “Like a mark,” “Like a mark of the resistance,” “I need a beret!”
  • E V E R Y O N E ‘ S faces when Matt describes the bodies on the Sun Tree in more detail, and they realise it’s supposed to look like them :(
  • Also, Taliesin’s brief screaming at the beginning, end and in the breaks of each Whitestone ep hahaha, poor thing but also not really lol.

‘tigers’ according to FFXI

something about rpg games always have clunky ripped animal models, they’re almost always hideous and this anatomy is so fucked i want to finally want to pick apart one.

there is a ‘subfamily’ that are smilodon but all these tigers have sabreteeth. it should be noted that ‘sabretooth tigers’ are not an actual extinct tiger, ‘smilodon’ was a separate genus of felid with three discovered species.

 this permanent ‘crouch’ posture is terrible for locomotion and would put constant strain on the elbow, it’s like permanently stuck doing a half push up. there is no mechanic for shock absorption unless its got some serious ligaments preventing the elbows from being all wobbly. this cat has fucking biceps, it honestly has human shoulders i cant even tell where its should is supposed to start, it looks half buffalo. 

im so fucking lost.

From Ripner,

Sabretooth cat suit we made about a year ago.

We are about to open commissions again, so if you are interested drop us a line at and get a quote today!

From Media,

Pictures of “Dirt” the saber tooth kitty.

We remade the head, as the first suit was an experiment. I am glad we got a chance to snap a few photos before it goes to it’s new home tomorrow. 

For the record, I really like this suit.