sabretooth tiger

Shy/sweet sabretooth tiger head, part of a full costume in-progress that will be for sale once it’s finished. :) This was a collaborative effort! Made by Mercury sold this as a ready-to-fur foam base with eyes and nose installed and some loose saber fangs. I purchased the base and designed a character around it, selecting furs from my hoard that look nice together to use on the head and body. I also detailed the eyes and eyelids, installed whiskers, sewed a tongue, and added a lined neckpiece.

He is SO CUTE!!! I really enjoyed working with Mercury’s foamwork and I can’t wait to show it off all together as a finished costume!

From Ripner,

Sabretooth cat suit we made about a year ago.

We are about to open commissions again, so if you are interested drop us a line at and get a quote today!

From Media,

Pictures of “Dirt” the saber tooth kitty.

We remade the head, as the first suit was an experiment. I am glad we got a chance to snap a few photos before it goes to it’s new home tomorrow. 

For the record, I really like this suit.


Skyrim mod that allows you to ride mammoths sabretooth tigers and a bears!

well what ya waitin for ???

So I sorta disappeared for like a week I think. I was busy moving with my family this week and literally had no time to draw for like 3-4 days. And when I could work, I was working on animation for a current SCAD Senior’s film.

Anyway, finally got some sporadic time today to draw between unpacking and running errands. Did a quick speed sketch, probably an hour total. Had Sketch Dailies’ Tigger/Tiger prompt for Tiger Day in mind and sorta let myself loose to make it up as I went along. Haven’t done anything without a plan in a long time. It was quite refreshing.