sabretooth tiger


Because of the relatively huge size of the clouded leopard’s fangs, this cat has evolved a long, slender skull with large and well-developed sagittal and occipital crests to support massive jaw muscles.  This skull is very similar to that of the ancient sabre-toothed cats, and like their extinct cousins, the clouded leopard has a gape of around 100 degrees, in contrast to a lion’s 65.  Some specialists believe this may provide a clue as to how the elusive clouded leopard hunts; most big cats kill by biting the muzzle or throat of an animal to suffocate it.  The sabre-toothed cats, however, would bite through the prey’s neck, severing arteries and nerves as well as the windpipe, resulting in an instant kill.  No one has ever seen a clouded leopard take large prey, but these large fangs and gape suggest that it may kill in a similar fashion.


Skyrim mod that allows you to ride mammoths sabretooth tigers and a bears!

well what ya waitin for ???

Would Have Been (Endless Summer Fic)- WARNING mentions pregnancy loss

Would Have Been
By Misha

Disclaimer- Not mine. I don’t own any of the characters and will return them when I am done.

Author’s Notes- This one was challenging for me because it deals with pregnancy loss, a subject I know too well and I drew on my own experiences a lot. The prompt request was “I lost the baby”, this is more MC-centric than MC/Jake, but the undertones are there.

Pairing- Jake/MC

Rating- PG

Summary- Stephanie deals with an unexpected loss.

Words- 979

“Ugh,” I moaned as I deposited the contents of my stomach into the bushes. It wasn’t the firs time either. My stomach had not been my friend the last few days. Of course, spending several weeks running around the jungle, battling monsters can take a lot out of you.

“Gross,” Zahra muttered.

“Now I think I might yack,” Craig complained.

“Don’t give Stephanie a hard time,” Sean said sternly before looking at me in concern, “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” I assured him, though I wasn’t sure it was the truth. I was exhausted and my stomach was all over the place. But I had to be fine because we still had two more idols to find and we had to save the world from Rourke.

“Are you sure, Princess?” Jake asked, hovering at my side.

“Yeah,” I told him, squeezing his hand.

“Well, I want to examine you, anyway,” Michelle said sternly.

I nodded, knowing that there was no use arguing. She took led me over to a quiet spot and then took my pulse and did a quick exam before leaning over and whispering, “when was your last period?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Before I got to the island. I take the shot, so I don’t usually get one.” I had gotten a new injection right before we’d left on our trip.

Michelle looked concerned. “Stephanie, who knows what going through the portal, plus the island itself has done to your system, I don’t think you can rely on that.” She paused. “Have you and Jake been using other birth control?”

“No,” I admitted, “it never occurred to me.”

Jake had asked, that first night, and I’d assured him that I had it covered and the subject hadn’t come up again.

“I wish Iris was here,” Michelle muttered, “because I think there’s a good chance you’re pregnant.”

Pregnant… That one word threw my entire world off-balance. I couldn’t really be pregnant, could I? It definitely wasn’t in my plans, not now, and it wasn’t like this was the right time to have a baby. I didn’t even know if I was going to live to see another day, how could I bring an innocent child into this madness?

“Can we keep this quiet?” I asked Michelle after a moment, knowing I wasn’t ready to think about it, let alone talk about it, “just for a couple days.”

Michelle glanced over at Jake. “If you’re sure…”

“We have a lot going on,” I reminded her, “we don’t need the distraction.”  

“If you’re pregnant, you need to take it easy,” she reminded me.

“I don’t have the luxury of taking it easy,” I told her flatly, “Just.. Give me a while to figure it out, ok?”

She sighed, “ok.”

She squeezed my hand and then we rejoined the others.

“Just heat stroke and exhaustion,” Michelle told the others after a moment, “she’s been pushing herself too hard.”

“You have to learn to take a break here and there, princess,” Jake scolded, wrapping an arm around me, “can’t have you collapsing on me.”

I nodded weakly, preoccupied with Michelle’s theory and wondering if it could possibly be true.

The next few days passed in a fog and then…


I heard someone scream my name, but couldn’t make out who it was because I was fighting to keep the world from going dark.

“She’s bleeding! Why is she bleeding?”

That was the last thing I heard before I gave into the darkness. I woke up a while later and had somehow found myself in a bed.

Jake was sitting beside me, his expression solemn, and Michelle was standing behind him, watching me carefully.

“Stephanie, thank goodness you’re ok,” Michelle said, I struggled to sit up and she reached over to stop me, “no, you need to rest.”

“What happened to me?”

Michelle and Jake exchanged a look. “You had a miscarriage,” she said finally.


“So I really was pregnant, but I lost the baby?” I asked, trying to wrap my head around the idea. I hadn’t really even had time to process that there might be a maybe, or let myself think about it, and now there wouldn’t be.

“Yes,” Michelle confirmed, “there was a lot of blood and I was afraid that you were hemorrhaging, but we were able to stop it and I think you’ll be ok.”

“Thanks, Michelle.”

“I’ll give you two some privacy,” she said softly and then she was gone.

There was a long moment of silence and then Jake spoke up. “Why didn’t you tell me, Princess?”

“I don’t know,” I said honestly, knowing that there was no real excuse for my silence. “I just… I didn’t know for sure and I didn’t know how to feel about it. Plus being chased by sea monsters and sabretooth tigers didn’t really give me time to think.”

He nodded, but I could see the hurt in his eyes.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” I said softly, “I would have, once I’d known for sure.” I touched my stomach, still trying to process the fact that I had been pregnant and then I wasn’t. “Do you want kids?”

“I’m a wanted man,” he reminded me, “I don’t have the right to bring kids into the world.” He let out a deep breath. “But a baby with you… It would have been something special.”

“Yeah, it would have,” I agreed, picturing a miniature version of Jake. I’d never really thought about having kids, but… I could suddenly picture it so easily. Maybe because for a moment it had been real.

Of course, it had been the wrong time and definitely the wrong place, but… A part of me mourned what I had lost. Mourned the chance to know the tiny person who was half me and half Jake. Who would have been ours.

-          End

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Elaborating on your last post about fake fangs, what do you know about fangsmiths? Are those fangs durable? I'm just so curious because they sound awesome!

Hello! I am actually… really passionate about this and I’ve thought about doing it for myself, too! For now I settle with fanart of me w/ fangs…

[^Portrait of moi by the amazingly talented @vaciel, it’s a WIP, I hope they finish it someday][Ya can’t see them but I would have the canine fangs, too, you can only see the lateral incisor fangs here (that’s the tooth between the front tooth and the canine)]

I actually don’t know the specifics, it depends on the fangsmith, but we have a few fangsmiths brought into Halloween Adventure here in NYC leading up to Halloween every year to make fangs, so you might get in touch with that store. They would probably need to be done in person so that the fangsmith can take a cast of your teeth so that their fangs will fit perfectly (my little story about the custom fangs, well, Lestat sneakily gets the cast by making the molds himself w/ Brian, during an evening of experimentation with Alginate ^____^ ) I’m pretty sure the fangsmiths all make their fangs removable.

One fangsmith, who I think is one of the Halloween Adventure ones, is Father Sebastiaan, and he has a gallery and prices. He has a list of pointers about his fangs that are probably true for other fangsmiths:

  • “Fangs color match your teeth.
  • They will last 2-3 years with good care, longer if you are careful.
  • Not wise to sleep or eat with them.
  • OK for smoking, drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, absinthe and sex.
  • Made from high quality dental acrylics.
  • 18 years of fang making experience.
  • Good for singing.
  • Feel like your real teeth when being worn.”

This is one of the customers in his gallery:

^IWTV-style fangs, I think, bc this dude vampire has the lateral incisors done, too <3

Hit the jump for a little more, anyone w/ more info is welcome to share or tag someone who does!

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Finished Horizon Robot Dinosaurs, complete with all the trophies. I ended up enjoying the SF story elements a lot more than I anticipated – I think I assumed going into it that the story would be a bit of a handwave, a conceit to give you the justification for the robot fauna and maybe not a lot else. Turns out I was joyfully wrong. 

I loved all the characters so much. They make an impression despite not getting a lot of individual screentime. You immediately get a sense of where they came from (usually from their clothes) and what they want. I loved how many of them were women. All kinds of women doing all kinds of things, big parts and small parts. It was wonderful.

It’s going to end up one of my all-time favorites, I think.

Spoiler territory:

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Critical Role Rewatch, Episode 28!
  • The time of the No Shave Till 10K
    • Travis to Matt: “You sexy beast; be glad there’s a table between you and I!”
  • Vox Machina vs. the Behir:
    • Trinket falls unconscious; Laura: “Trinket’s dead, yo!”
      • Travis immediately freaks out: “Don’t use the ‘D word’, unless it’s the D Word!!!”
    • “Would that be piercing, bludgeoning or slashing damage?” “Doesn’t matter because you haven’t raged.” “Oh, fucking shit.”
    • All 3 of Percy’s shots hit the Behir in succession; the rest of the cast starts mimicking Orthax and whispering “Vengeeaaaannncceee!!!”
    • Scanlan guilts Keyleth into healing Trinket at a higher level than she’d planned to lol.
    • Fire stone thing from Pyra!
      • Kiki goes Minxie; Matt describes her as a sabretooth tiger with flaming paws. Marisha: “I look like an Ed Hardy tattoo!”

It’s Minxie, guys!

    • “He’s Grog, he’s Grog, he’s big, he’s strong like wood. He’s better than bad, he’s good!”
  • Grog gets a Nat 20 intelligence check, actually works out perfectly because it’s a Stone Giant Fortress!
  • Sam mocks Matt’s pronunciation of sigil/siggil; Matt rolls what I assume is a D20 for encounters; the rest of VM promptly freaks out and volunteers let Grog just throw Scanlan off of the mountain.
    • “Sacrifice hiiiiim!!!”
  • Longbow of the Sky Sentinel, yay!
  • Grog makes a joke about vampire giants, will soon be not exactly proven right, but not exactly proven wrong either.
  • Scanlan: “It looks like these giants had…big trouble.”
    • Matt: “You hear a formless voice in the distance scream: ‘Yeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!!’”
  • Grog eats a bird lmao - the expression on his face when Vex scolds him a millisecond beforehand!
  • Matt describes the older woman hunting with dogs while VM are holed up in the trees. Scanlan: “If she were a little older, Tiberius would kill her…give it another 10 years or so!”
  • Percival, head in hands while Matt describes the general misery and torment of Whitestone’s people :(  :(  :(  :(
  • “Lemon parties are another kind of festival.”
    • “DON’T LOOK THAT UP!!!”
  • Kiki/Marisha about involving the townspeople in a revolution: “I like it, it feels less like we’re….we’re the United States.” LOL
  • “Like a mark,” “Like a mark,” “Like a mark of the resistance,” “I need a beret!”
  • E V E R Y O N E ‘ S faces when Matt describes the bodies on the Sun Tree in more detail, and they realise it’s supposed to look like them :(
  • Also, Taliesin’s brief screaming at the beginning, end and in the breaks of each Whitestone ep hahaha, poor thing but also not really lol.

‘tigers’ according to FFXI

something about rpg games always have clunky ripped animal models, they’re almost always hideous and this anatomy is so fucked i want to finally want to pick apart one.

there is a ‘subfamily’ that are smilodon but all these tigers have sabreteeth. it should be noted that ‘sabretooth tigers’ are not an actual extinct tiger, ‘smilodon’ was a separate genus of felid with three discovered species.

 this permanent ‘crouch’ posture is terrible for locomotion and would put constant strain on the elbow, it’s like permanently stuck doing a half push up. there is no mechanic for shock absorption unless its got some serious ligaments preventing the elbows from being all wobbly. this cat has fucking biceps, it honestly has human shoulders i cant even tell where its should is supposed to start, it looks half buffalo. 

im so fucking lost.

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You're a famous singer and one of the boys has a crush on you, and he gets all nervous when he meets you for the first time, but he ends up asking you on a date.

“So tonight, you have to network,” your manager said as you walked along the corridor into the party. “Make friends, be normal for a night, and maybe get some collaborations in the pipe line…”

She trailed off when she realised you were sighing.

“What?” she asked with her hands up then it hit her. “Oh, normal people don’t do that. I forgot the deal.”

“I did the shitty interview and photoshoot, I now get my night off from being a singer,” you reminded her. “Tonight, I can drink and stumble out the back exit into a taxi home.”

“Don’t get photographed,” she sighed. “You don’t need to give your publicity team another pile of shit to deal with after last month. They’ve only just managed to convince the press you aren’t having an affair with a member of the royal family.”

“He bought me a drink,” you mumbled, pushing the door open. “It wasn’t exactly a marriage proposal.”

She rolled her eyes at you. “You went back to his hotel room, or did you already forget that?”

“I never will when you’re around,” you joked before walking into the main event.

You were met by a bustling crowd of dancers, groups of friends, a swarm at the bar fighting for drinks. You smiled, this was going to be a good night. You mingled amongst the crowd, dancing with strangers and accepting drink offers like there was no tomorrow. Eventually, you stepped out of the crowd, finding a free booth outside in the courtyard to check in with your manager after she’d sent frantic messages checking you were okay.

“Ash! Someone inside said that your crush is here,” a voice behind you teased. “You should go talk—”

“Stop teasing the poor guy,” another guy chimed in. “He’s clearly too chicken to go and find…”

The voice trailed off as the party got louder and you kind of wanted to know who this guy was crushing on. You wondered if you knew them, maybe you could bring them over and introduce him.

“Maybe you’ll get a song!” the voice was from the table behind again.

They started singing and you swore you knew the song from somewhere. Then it hit you, it was your song. You stumbled off of your seat and went to the booth behind. They all looked at you like they’d seen a ghost.

“You’re singing my song!” you said in shock.

The curly haired one mumbled under his breath, turning a shade of red under the patio lighting.

“Hey, Ash, it must be your lucky night,” one of the guys said, winking at the clearly embarrassed Ash before looking at you. “You see, our Ashton has a crush on you and he always said if he met you, he’d ask for your number—”

You laughed at how Ashton shrank back into his seat like he wanted the world to swallow him whole.

“You’re embarrassing the poor guy,” you protested, sitting next to him.

You noticed how he sat back up, his hands resting on the table like you were a sabretooth tiger.

“I – I really like your music,” he managed to say. “I listen to it at night when I’m trying to sleep.”

“I’m not sure if you mean my voice puts you to sleep in a good way or not,” you teased, nudging his side. “So are you going to ask for my number?”

Ashton’s eyes darted away, you leaned over and whispered to him. “I swear I won’t say no. I wouldn’t say no to going out for a drink either.”

Finishing up the blurbs from blurb night!