“The Indie anorak meets Deep House. A place where they all collide.”

ANDREW WEATHERALL / GIVING IT UP / KISS 100 / 1994 | Test Pressing

Dr. Rob sez:

“… tapes of Andrew “giving it up” on Kiss 100, Wednesday nights 1 to 4 AM, for a month in 1994. The recordings, pitched somewhere between the warm-up at Sabresonic and Weatherall`s hugely influential “Nine O`Clock Drop” compilation on Nuphonic, are certainly not Shoom, but some of the tracks are old favourites, and for someone who was a self-confessed Weatherall groupie for a good long while, I don`t think Andrew`s style and taste have changed at all. Though the records might have got a bit easier to mix, and the ecstatic flash of the cross-fade sadly consigned to the realm of legend. But then I might be a bit biased, since I can hear Brilliant and Airstream in something like Clement Meyer`s “Unconditional Unknown”, and to me The Utah Saints don`t sound so different to Grinderman. Dub, Funk, guitar squalls, big fucking bass-lines, trippy electronics, and a touch of Post-Punk edginess. An energy stolen from Go-Go. The serendipitous genius of the enthusiastic amateur. New Order, of course. The Indie anorak meets Deep House. A place where they all collide.”

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“For me, there is a personal legacy of a thousand nights journey into day. From Kazoo underneath Praed Street to Kinky Disco to Gosh to the Primal Scream gigs at Hammersmith Palais and Leicester Square. To Sabresonic. To Bloodsugar in Hoxton. Singing “Velocity Girl” to Bobby G at Dingwalls, discussing Chris & Cosey at Moist, and pestering Nina at Pure Sexy. From Edie Brickel bootlegs to epic floor-clearing remixes of The Love Corporation. From “Damaged” to Dr John to Yabby U, Mad Professor, Tenastillin. To the Aphex Twin. From Throbbing Gristle to Steve Jesse Bernstein to The Khromozones. From The Chilites to Balil. I definitely got an education. ”