Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un my grandfather passed away this morning. Please make duaa that allah grants him Jannah Al-Firdous. There was no man more pious, more righteous, more kind than him. He was sick for the past couple of days. My mother is in a lot of agony over this. Please pray that allah grants us sabr. I love my grandfather, he was like my father. He was such a beautiful person.

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1- Vel asr
2- İnnel insane le fi husr
3- İllellezıne amenu ve amilus salihati ve tevasav bil hakkı ve tevasav bis sabr 


Rahmân ve Rahîm olan Allah'ın ismiyle.
1- Asra yemin olsun ki, 
2- İnsan mutlaka ziyandadır. 
3- Ancak iman edenler, salih amel (iyi işler) işleyenler, birbirlerine hakkı tavsiye eden ve sabrı tavsiye edenler bunun dışındadır.

#asr süresi

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= To fight a Hunter =

With the release date of the Hawker Hunter set to be within the 1.53 Update i’ve been spending some more time within the Era V battles in Realistic and have come up with two possible additions which could help offset the likely spam of the new tier V British plane. The main combatants which look like they’ll be a match are the F Series Sabres, MiG-15Bis when played correctly and the German CL-13.

F9F-6 Cougar 

Although this vehicle is not as fast as the F1, it does certainly boast an improved speed when compared to the previous Panthers as it can fly over 100 kph faster due to it’s swept wings. Although it may not be on the same level as the F series Sabres, it would at least give the Naval line a better final jet too!


This is the earliest variant of the MiG-17 and is the only one which does not feature an afterburner. From memory it uses the same Vk-1A engine of which the IL-28 utilises and gives it an edge over the regular MiG-15Bis in thrust and straight line speed but only marginally. The biggest change this aircraft has when compared to the Bis is it’s much better flight characteristics at high speed due to the re-designed wing and tail surfaces allowing it to be much more agile. This aircraft would be highly useful for the Russian air forces as currently the MiG-15Bis is the only plane on the tree which can out-perform the F1 by using it’s greater climb and acceleration due to it’s higher thrust to weight ratio. Once again like the Cougar it would be a great addition to the end of the tree and would also give an additional incentive to grind out the Russian jets rather than stick to the Germans where it is actually possible to unlock the same MiG-15Bis without having to gain as many research points!