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quality alex nylander content that lasts for near ten mins featuring silly nylander family photos like what more could you want 

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20 for Zack Sabre jr. :D

#20: “It was an accident!” 

You were out at the bar with a few of your friends. It was the weekend that marked the beginning of your reading week, which meant you didn’t have any classes for the next week… so you figured why not celebrate by having a few drinks. 

You had been standing at the bar waiting for your drinks to arrive when a group of guys came in and occupied the space next to you. You had all exchanged smiles but they went on with their business and you had gone on with yours. 

“Got any big plans for the week?” Your friends asked, making you turn your attention away from he man beside you who had been talking very animatedly with his hands. 

“Hmm?” You asked, not sure if you had caught what she asked you. 

“I asked if you had any big plans for the week?” She repeated, giving you a knowing smile as she glanced over your shoulder to check out the guy you had been staring at. 

“No, not really. Just going to do my class reading and then…. go with the flow.” You said, trying to sound convincing. To be honest your plans were to stay in and catch up on all of your shows, but you didn’t feel like you needed to admit that to her. 

“Go with the flow?” She mocked you, making both of you laugh. It was then that you felt something very cold, and very wet splash across your side and back. 

“Oh my god, I am so sorry!” The man from behind you said, making you turn around to face him, “It was an accident!” 

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” You replied, grabbing a napkin off the bar and dabbing at your clothes. You were thankful at least that it had been vodka because at least it wouldn’t stain, but you were also upset because the wet spot was so obvious. 

“No, no it’s not okay! This is completely on me and I am so so sorry!” He grabbed a napkin and started to blot at your clothes as well which only made you laugh. 

“Thank you,” You said, placing your hand over his to stop him from pressing the napkin into your side, “But that’s beginning to tickle.” 

He blushed as he slid his hand out from under yours, “Sorry… again.” 

You didn’t notice before just how cute he was, but suddenly you didn’t seem to mind that he spilled his drink on you. At all. “It’s okay, seriously. You’ll just have to make it up to me somehow.” 

With that the guy smiled and you could tell he was relieved, “Oh yeah? Just how can I make it up to you then?” 

“Dance with me.” You grabbed his hand and confidently pulled him out onto the dance floor, “I’m Y/N, by the way. Nice to meet you!” 

“I’m Zack, and can I just say it’s a pleasure to have spilled my drink on you,” He grinned as he snaked his arm around you and pulled you closer. 

As the night continued you couldn’t help but think that maybe your week would be more interesting than you thought. 


Zack Sabre Jr. X Reader

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#10. I thought this is what you wanted!

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“What the hell are you doing?” you stood infront your cowering boyfriend who’s was busy building some sort of antique furniture.

“Building this… thing.” he motioned to the scattered wood pieces all over the floor, not even bothering to look up into your distressed face, too concentrated on his task.

“Let me rephrase that for you… why are building this enormus cabinet in our living room?”

“Isn’t it the thing you saw on craigslist the other day?  I thought this is what you wanted? You were gushing over it for days how cool these things look and that you’d kill someone to get one of those. So when I was nearby I thought why not making you a little joy.”

“That really is thoughtful of you hunny and I really appreciate your efforts but… you know  when someone is telling you about something they think is really cool and they say stuff like ‘I need this’ and 'I would do everything to get this into my hands’. What they really mean is that they’re aware that this will be a dream for forever because they can’t afford it or know that they actually don’t need it.” Zack slowly nodded his head.

“Well,… this is such a situation.” you laughed nervously.

“Oh… so you’re telling me I struggled for 3 hours straight to build this even though you don’t really want it?”

“Exactly..” Zack rose up from his position tossing the hammer onto the wood plates, huffing as if he would explode at any moment.

“Oh no babe, don’t be upset. That was really sweat of you! I just don’t think this will fit anywhere here.” you reached out to him, getting a grip on his arms and forcing him to look at you, “You know what, after you dismantle all of this I will repay you for all of your efforts.” you tried to pacify.

“Really? And what are you tinking of?” you wiggled your eyebrows suggestivly at him.

“Everything you want babe.” you smiled teasingly at him.

“Good. I think I deserved myself a foot masssage.” he grinned.


“Just kidding.” he tickled your sides, “But now that I’m thinking about it.., I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.” he chuckled.

“We’ll see.” you smiled slyly at him.

Go Go Zack Sabre Jr

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I have no idea where this came from, but I apologise lol

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#119 - “Can you shut up for five minutes, please?”


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*Hihi ! This is my entry for @shiny-pokemon-giveaways ‘s contest!! :>

*(btw my little sister helped me design it !!)

*I thought Mega-Luxray would look really cool as a sabre-tooth tiger, plus I wanted an excuse to make them electric/dark, haha!

*The category would be something like the “Gleam Tooth” Pokemon or the “X-ray Sabre” Pokemon ?? 

*I’m not totally sure what the ability would be, but the two that seemed the best would be Strong Jaw (for obvious reasons) and Mold Breaker ?

A Day To Remember

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#101 - “I never imagined myself in a wedding dress”.
#110 - “Yeah, he’s here. Crying on the floor with a beer can”.


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