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Long Distance Love - Zack Sabre Jr.

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requested by anonymous:  Hi! I was wondering if you can write a Zack Sabre Jr. imagine. Something about you two being long-time friends since high school/university, even through all his travels. Maybe you two reveal your feelings to each other during you visiting him in Japan? Thank you!!!!
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You were sitting in Zack’s hotel room, you had arrived early and bribed the cleaning woman to let you in the hotel room to surprise him. You made yourself comfortable ask you kicked off your shoes and climbed in the middle of the large bed. You grabbed the remote and started flipping through the TV channels as you waited for Zack to come back after the show.
You got an idea as you grabbed your phone and decided to shoot him off a text.

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Making an Effort (Zack Sabre Jr. x Reader)

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You’re rounding the corner just as you hear Zack say, “Yeah, but you’d never catch (Y/N) in a dress.”

You stop when you hear your name, and turn slowly. Zack has his back turned to you as he speaks with Marty and Adam. The former of the two sees you, but doesn’t let on. “What do you mean by that, mate?” Marty eggs him on mischievously, his lips pressed together tight.

“Yeah I mean, (Y/N)’s way hot. Would totally hit that,” Adam says incredulously.

“You’d shag a chair if it had tits,” Zack retorts, rolling his eyes. “I’m just saying lads, I like my women a little more feminine. I’ve never seen (Y/N) dress up or do her face. It’s always tank tops, hoodies, and sweatpants.” He laughs. “She’s a lovely person, but unless she makes some sort of effort she’s not about to take anyone’s breath away.”

“How will I ever go on,” you drawl loudly. All three men look towards you, Marty smirking, Adam sheepish, and Zack not even a little bit ashamed. “You have a hell of a lot of nerve, Sabre.”

Surprised, but unrepentant, Zack stands his ground. “Don’t be cross. It’s not more than an observation. Constructive criticism, if you will.”

You slap your hand on your chest in mockery. “Gosh, thank you so much, I really wanted to improve myself so that little ol’ me could attract someone as handsome and sharp-eyed as you. No wait, you know what? “Fuck you,” you tell the cocky Englishman, baring your teeth at him as you walk off, Marty and Adam’s laughter ringing in your ears.

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quality alex nylander content that lasts for near ten mins featuring silly nylander family photos like what more could you want 


Dash Wilder

Distractions- You’re in the audience when Dash Wilder spots you and suddenly can’t pay attention to his match.  

Dean Ambrose

Runaway Bride- On the biggest night of his life, Dean expected a call from everyone he knew- but not you.

The Aftermath- Sequel to Runaway Bride. It’s the night of your wedding. You’re in the honeymoon suite, still in your bridal gown, but your groom- no, former husband-to-be- is gone, had fled in disgust shortly after you told him you were taking off an hour before the ceremony. Instead it’s Dean that’s in the honeymoon suite with you, wrapping his arms about your waist as you stare out the hotel window, tucking his chin on the crook of your neck.

Crazy (1/?)- In progress. Dean doesn’t know where he is, and he doesn’t know who you are. Your long, wild hair falls over Dean’s face and chest as you lean over him, the smell surprisingly pleasant and reminiscent of wildflowers. You smile widely- madly- at him and slide the knife lower, to his collar.

Finn Bálor

Finn’s Girl-Karl Anderson calls you “Finn’s girl” and it sticks, much to your consternation.

Milestones- While he’s deciding on how to approach you, Finn sees glimpses into the future- your lives together.

The Princess and the Wrestler- You’re the little-known youngest McMahon with a distaste for wrestlers, and Finn Bálor is no exception. He may have thought you two were in some kind of “relationship,” but you enlighten him. Still, it doesn’t mean that things have come to an end.

Request #2- In progress. From anon: Can I have a Finn balor smut where he likes you and gets jealous when others flirt with you so his demon helps make it clear you are his pretty please

Finn Bálor/ Reader/ Sami Zayn

Seeds- Pt. 1 of Decision Time series. Sami is a romantic. He’s always imagined he’d meet “the one” in a scenario right out of a romantic comedy. But it hasn’t happened yet, and while Sami wasn’t desperate yet he is getting rather impatient.

Unfaithful- Pt. 2 of Decision Time series. “We’re about to make a mistake.”  “I know.” And Sami kisses you.

Decision Time- Pt. 3 of Decision Time series. Sami tells you to make a choice.

The Choices We’ve Made- Pt. 4 of Decision Time series. In progress. There are several tests scattered around the toilet, all showing the same bleak truth. One line was negative. Two lines were positive.

Sami Zayn

How I Met Your Dad (1, 2, 3, 4)- Remember how I told you I met your dad at Aunt Karina and Uncle Kevin’s wedding? Well, he was the best man…

First Date- This was years of sexual tension in the works.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - In progress. “I knew we should have just eloped,” you mutter grumpily. “But no, we just had to have a big wedding.” A megalomaniacal wedding planner, warring bridesmaids, an uninvited former best friend trying to poison the best man, and all this because of a groom who is trying to create the best wedding day ever for you. If only you didn’t love him so much.

Seth Rollins

Forgive Me- Seth’s eyes follow your wet fingers, and he takes a deep breath. “I’m not asking your permission, baby. I’m telling you.” “I don’t sleep with losers,” you hiss.

Request #2: Upcoming. From anon: you know that gift with seth & xavier woods? and they have cake all over them??? well i’m just saying, bc i spotted some on seth’s neck. so maybe like a fic where you run into him and lick. it. off. for. him. bc that would be damn hot

Shane Thorne

6 Moments + 1 Smile- You don’t pay attention to the newest tag team on NXT until this exchange: “Y’know, I’ve not seen it before but you’re beautiful when you smile, (Y/N).“

Zack Sabre Jr.

Netflix and Chill- In hindsight, you probably shouldn’t have sent him a text only saying: Netflix at my place on Friday? with a winky face emoji.


Zack Sabre Jr. X Reader

Requested by @awkward-walking-potato

#10. I thought this is what you wanted!

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“What the hell are you doing?” you stood infront your cowering boyfriend who’s was busy building some sort of antique furniture.

“Building this… thing.” he motioned to the scattered wood pieces all over the floor, not even bothering to look up into your distressed face, too concentrated on his task.

“Let me rephrase that for you… why are building this enormus cabinet in our living room?”

“Isn’t it the thing you saw on craigslist the other day?  I thought this is what you wanted? You were gushing over it for days how cool these things look and that you’d kill someone to get one of those. So when I was nearby I thought why not making you a little joy.”

“That really is thoughtful of you hunny and I really appreciate your efforts but… you know  when someone is telling you about something they think is really cool and they say stuff like ‘I need this’ and 'I would do everything to get this into my hands’. What they really mean is that they’re aware that this will be a dream for forever because they can’t afford it or know that they actually don’t need it.” Zack slowly nodded his head.

“Well,… this is such a situation.” you laughed nervously.

“Oh… so you’re telling me I struggled for 3 hours straight to build this even though you don’t really want it?”

“Exactly..” Zack rose up from his position tossing the hammer onto the wood plates, huffing as if he would explode at any moment.

“Oh no babe, don’t be upset. That was really sweat of you! I just don’t think this will fit anywhere here.” you reached out to him, getting a grip on his arms and forcing him to look at you, “You know what, after you dismantle all of this I will repay you for all of your efforts.” you tried to pacify.

“Really? And what are you tinking of?” you wiggled your eyebrows suggestivly at him.

“Everything you want babe.” you smiled teasingly at him.

“Good. I think I deserved myself a foot masssage.” he grinned.


“Just kidding.” he tickled your sides, “But now that I’m thinking about it.., I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.” he chuckled.

“We’ll see.” you smiled slyly at him.

Netflix and Chill (Zack Sabre Jr. x Reader)

Nick had raised an eyebrow at you in surprise. “You invited Zack to watch a movie at your place?” You nod innocently. “Don’t you know what that means?”

You had taken an embarrassingly long time to realize what the Aussie was implying, and this was even after Shane had connected his left thumb and forefinger into a circle and was non-discreetly shoving a sausage link into it with his fork.

In hindsight, you probably shouldn’t have sent him a text only saying: Netflix at my place on Friday? with a winky face emoji.

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Both born and raised in New England, Eichel and Hanifin first played against each other when they were about 10 or 11. They were teammates at USA Hockey’s National Development Program in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and on 2015’s world junior team. But with Eichel at Boston University and Hanifin at Boston College, they faced off against each other again as part of a cracking college hockey rivalry. “Noah brings out the best in me,” Eichel said at the draft combine. “He’s a good friend of mine and it’s great competition playing against him.”