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Alex AnderSin’s performance during the Vampire Carnival at Elysium presented by The Vampire Court of Austin (as seen on MTV)!

A shot of Alex AnderSin’s Jaw dropping performance at the Suicide Girls event at V Night Lounge in Austin, Texas!


Dancer: Alex AnderSin
Photo Credit: WTL Photos

Some photos from my performance Saturday at The Parish on Sixth Street here in Austin!


Top 75 Routines of So You Think You Can Dance

49.) Neil & Sabra (Season 3)

Song: Sweet Dreams

Style: Jazz

Choreographer: Mandy Moore

Sabra is an amazing dancer but I would be lying if I said she was the reason I love this routine. There aren’t enough good things that I can say about Neil. This guy must be part bird because he’s constantly defying gravity. He leaps high into the air so effortlessly. At 1:32,  this guy literally looks like he just made time stop while he pauses with his body hovering over Sabra. It’s ridiculous! My mouth still drops every time I watch that part.

Come watch Alex AnderSin Perform at the Vampire Court of Austin’s Third Annual Vampire Ball at Elysium Night Club tomorrow October 24!

There’s no better way to get your blood pumping than by celebrating with a bar full if Vampires!


Come check out Alex AnderSin perform Friday September 5 at V Night Lounge along with Miss Hannabis at the Suicide Girl’s event. 

Photo Credit: Chris Clark