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i know ace couldn't subtle his way out of a paper bag, but he is great at distractions. So in a glorious au where the boys grew up together and sabo still joined the revolutionaries and for some reason doesn't talk about his other brother(maybe cause sabo's technically undercover, idk) ace and the whitebeards on chillin' on sabody when a curly blonde grabs ace and is like "hi! need to borrow this for a few days, see ya!" and they don't see him til the next day when he's outrageously flirting 1/2

2/2 with a bunch of nobles wearing fancy cloths. And they’re all “what??!!?” but then it ends in lots of explosions as the blonde one disappears with his important information with none the wiser. Anways it keeps happening 1) blonde kidnaps(?) ace 2) ace is seen distracting people 3) ends in explosions and mysteriously missing info

ASOIJFOSIJFS i buy it tbh!!!!  i don’t see ace as being very good at, like, consciously flirting with people he actually likes but i can totally see him being accidentally good at it when he doesn’t mean to be.  like sabo is like “go flirt with them” and ace is like “what i can’t do that” “just go up to them and say nice things” and lo and behold it works ridiculously well and ace discovers a new talent

also i hc sabo himself as being very good at lying/manipulation (is it bad for me to headcanon that of my fave lol??  ofc he always uses it to good ends, like to fuck over slave owners) but ace would be very handy bc i can see sabo having trouble being civil around nobles because they just make him Too Angry and remind him too much of his shitty parents

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How would the male crew members react to finally seeing their girlfriend on Sabody agiain after their two years apart? (loooove your blog, I check it everyday!)

(Do you really?! o.o People check my blog everyday?! .///. I’m flattered, anon! This is an adorable scenario to be honest!)

Monkey D. Luffy: ”(Y/N)!!!” Before she could even turn around, he had glomped her so hard that she almost lost her balance and fall to the deck. She looked at him and he grinned, making her smile back and hug the idiot back. He sighed in relief, missing her arms around him, and tightened his grip on her, mumbling that he missed her.

Roronoa Zoro: He walked up to her and hugged her from behind (making her lift up into the air at the same time), causing her to squeak and him to chuckle. He put her down and she turned around to look at him. She squealed happily and hugged him properly, making him hug back tightly. He lifted her up slightly off the ground and inhaled her scent, feeling calm.

Sniper King Usopp: She saw him before he saw her and she didn’t hesitate to run over and tackle him to the ground. “O-Oi!” He didn’t know it was her until she pulled back to look at him. He blinked and grinned, pulling her back down into a tight hug. He didn’t care if they were in the middle of the street, all he cared about was that she was in his arms once again. 

Black Leg Sanji: Seeing her, he passed out with a nosebleed that made Chopper panic. She would have to stay away for a bit. When he was unconscious, she stayed by his side and smiled softly at him. She held his hand in hers and in his unconscious state, he squeezed gently with a small smile on his lips. She pressed a small kiss on his knuckles and smiled at his form.

Tony Tony Chopper: He had immediately started tearing up. “(Y/N)!!!” He ran over and hugged her legs, starting to cry and saying how much he missed her. She couldn’t help but pick him up and hug him tightly to her as he clung onto her. She giggled quietly as he cried happily into her neck. She ran her fingers through his fur and cooed quietly.

Cyborg Franky: He immediately glomped her but was careful to not hurt her. He put her down after a while and let go reluctantly, only for her to glomp him once again. He chuckled and held her close. He missed her and he was glad that she was back in his arms and he’d hug her as long as she wanted. Ready to make up for lost time with her.

Dead Bones Brook: He took her hand gently and kissed her knuckles, saying how much he missed her. She rolled her eyes at how formal he was being and opened her arms up to him. He only laughed and hugged her. Her body warmed his cold bones and made her whine quietly. He could only laugh again causing her to smile. He ran his fingers through her hair and felt her relax.

Home Sick

On the horizon striped green and white trees made a perfect ring around the inhabited island. To anyone sailing into the new world this was the first island they would pass. It was called The Sabody Archipelago. By day the sunny aura, accompanied with the gigantic ship sized bubbles made the island look gleeful. By night the island still managed to enchant those who passed by the glorious lights and the pied piper song that flooded the area. It was as pretty as a dream and best of all it happened every night. But alas, with every passing day and night of happiness there is always an astounding amount of pain and sorrow hidden underneath it all. 

In the far recesses of the dense forest there was a building that represented this overwhelming sadness. It was a slave house. It looked a bit like a theater inside, dim lights, fancy seating, but there was no show, only sport. A sport to see who could get the most choice “slaves”. It was so sad really, for some this had been their first time ever being auctioned, for others it may have been their fifth or sixth time. One of those who had been passed down multiple times looked to her left and to her right. All of these poor unfortunate souls about to get sold into another life that they didn’t sign up for. Deep down she really wanted to feel for them, really she did, but there was only one thing on her mind at this point.

‘I need to get home.’

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At last the Goggleheads' training is finished. It has been a long process of training for two years, but in order to survive in the New World Shin and his crew had to be prepared. Seeing as though the stingrays could only go to a set location at the time, each crew member (Save for Shin) had to ask for the assistance from their teachers to make it to sabody. "How much do you think everyone's changed, Nagase?" Shin asked her.

Nagase let out a smile at him. “I’d say very much so. I can sense great strength in them. They’ve grown so much, all of them. You have a very fine crew, Shin.”


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Upon landing at Sabody, the goggleheads find a familiar face waiting for them at the docks, "Hey look, it's Nagase!"

With a bright smile, Nagase waved at them as Xan appeared beside her, smiling as well as he looked at them. Nagase laughed out, “Hey, guys~”

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(This version should be better) The Gogglehead crew finally reached the red line, the halfway point of the grand Line. But in order to cross it they land on The Sabody Archipelago to enlist the help of a man named Rayleigh. When the crew finally sets anchor, It seemed that the part of the island they landed in was filled with bounty hunters. One particularly muscular one was fighting, and losing, against a familiar looking vice admiral. "Hey Nagase!"

Nagase looked over and smiled, “Hey, there, Shin. What’s up?”

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After training with Nagase for a year in a half, Shin had become very well versed in Haki. However after Nagase had seen how exhausted he was in their last session, she had decided that now was the best day for a break. And the next day she wasn't afraid of letting Shin know it by giving him a map of Sabody's tourist zone. "Nagase I'm fine..." He said in the midst of yawning.

She let out a soft chuckle from this, “You don’t sound like it. Besides you deserve the break after all that training. So go ahead~!”

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A couple days after the incident, the crew decides it would be best to split up for two years to train. While everyone else took the Green Stingers to islands that the crew had visited in their journey in search of someone to train them. Shin stayed on Sabody, not sure what to do to train himself. Luckily, Nagase and Xan had returned. "Hey Nagase, what's new with you?"

Nagase looked over to him and smiled a small sigh, “Nothing much…Trying to learn Haki.”