So I decided to do my first follow forever since I’ll be starting nursing school in less than a week! I love all of you dearly and I hope you won’t forget me if I’m absent a little more than usual for the next thirteen months. If you aren’t on this list and I follow you, just know I couldn’t fit 1,000+ blogs on this list for my sanity’s sake! ♥ Thank you all so much for supporting me and always making me happy when I see you on my dash. It’s because of you that I’m able to have a blog like I do! ♥ I’m also only tagging ACNL blogs, so if you aren’t ACNL you might not be on here! But I love you all the same! ♥




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starting to work on some path designs for my town, and i’m liking this one, although i still have some work to do (i don’t really understand how to connect these attractively with the paving stones around buildings)

but i wanted to share! i think it’s cute!

very much inspired by these excellent path tiles by sablesmachine

maybe you could use them as stepping stones between other areas, idk!! lemme know if you use it!