Sometimes your best friend can be your best end, you’ll be okay again. So keep wandering until you find yourself, you’re not lost I promise. You just have to be your own hero for a little while…

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What happens when kind strangers tip their servers…This honestly melts my heart that there are actually selfless people in the world, If I could do this for a living (Not tipping the servers, tipping everyone who needs the help) I would in a heartbeat. - SableEllen94 

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Bullshit lies

He wont hold your hand or even think to think of you in public. The words may slip out, they might find out. He will never buy you flowers, or kiss you on the cheek because he’s afraid someone might see. Its stupid to play this game, a game you don’t like. Everything’s a secret that you’re really bad at keeping. I’ll laugh if you think he will ever get close enough to say I love you…he doesn’t even love himself. Just the pleasure he gets, thats all he’ll love. And if you don’t let go, or if you don’t move on you’ll never find a love who can say “You’re my first choice”.

Old Sport

Im really fucking frustrated let me tell you why…

I crave your hands, lips, teeth and lightest touch.

I crave your laughter, sprit and overwhelming love.

Or your dazzling Gatsby smile, hair, eyes and persona.

All I’ll be Is a wallflower never a Daisy, and that fucking frustrates me.