For the youth…

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1. Respect your elders(except for Trump)

2. Spend time with your family

3. And your friends

4. But know when some relationships have to end.

5. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about your desires, passions and goals.

6. If you aren’t feeling it with someone you aren’t feeling it. Don’t feel guilty, just let em know! And move on.

7. it’s legit okay to have a day to yourself where you’re eating pizza in your underwear and binge watching Netflix until 3 am…

8. You belong with someone who respects, loves, and values you and your values!

9. Travel the fucking world!

10. Read lots of books. Continue to stay educated, and always stay woke.

11. Be kind. It’s literally free. Water isn’t even free sometimes…

12. Put yourself first.

13. Love yourself. You are all you have in this world, so be kind to yourself too.

14. Do the things you thought you wouldn’t ever do…ex: eating alone, traveling to a new place alone, watching that movie you’ve always wanted to see when everyone else is busy. And you ugly cry in that theater!

15. Trust in God. For he sees all, knows all, and loves all. You are not in control. Once you realize this so many doors will open you won’t know what to do.

16. Be yourself. Always.

17. Speak your mind even when you are shaking to your very core.

18. You CAN achieve greatness. Don’t let yourself stop YOU from going for what you really want in this life.

19. Fall in love, make mistakes, but always know your worth and always make yourself a priority when things don’t go as planned.

20. Eat those donuts, play with those puppies, make new friends, and sing loudly in your shower…but live. And live well.

That’s all… for now.