Unfortunately, I lack a scanner and I was too lazy to switch to my desktop and give this a proper digital makeover, so here, phone-picture of a messy pencil sketch of my awkward art style. I’m so out of practice…

Anyway, this would be what M.Sable would look like combining his original image with some elements Jay-Song added in her perception of him.

I’m cleaning my room and I found my old sketchbook. All the pencil sketches are smudged though ㅠwㅠ All the same, this was a sketch of mine celebrating the Year of the Dragon; not my best work but I found the idea amusing.

The European Dragon on the left isn’t appreciating the Asian/Oriental Dragon’s interest in his wings. Meanwhile, OD isn’t at all sure about the function of ED’s strange, flat appendages.

“Do you wrap these around you when you’re cold???”

“What the hell are you - let go!”

“They don’t seem very warm…”