sable and mable


The Able sisters didn’t have much. Their small, old house wasn’t the nicest in the neighborhood. Neither Sable, Mable, or Labelle had time for the frivolousness of round-the-clock housekeeping. Dishes sat in the sink, clothes were strewn about, and a fine layer of dust had settled on the knickknacks and shelves that were too high up to reach.

But inside their small home, the sisters were happy. On cold winter nights, Mable liked to kick off her shoes and warm her tiny paws in front of the radiator. Sable often passed the time journaling or watching her favorite soaps on the tiny TV, one of the few luxuries the girls had. And Labelle, the youngest of the three (who had once been embarrassed of her hand-me-downs and holey socks), had learned to fall in love each day with the simple life the three had built.

Life had been tough since their parents passed away, but they were hard workers. They loved each other, they loved their work, and they loved their lives. The sisters were happy.

Things I would like to do: Write a fan comic.
Things I cannot do due to lack of skill: Write a fan comic.

It probably sounds hella lame anyway but I was reading through the backstory episode things from wild world like a sad person, and I had this idea in the middle of the night to do like a little comic thing about a brief period of time where there is no mayor and Isabelle is left to try to run everything, and I figured it’d be cute to write all these little story’s about new villagers moving in and the town growing and the nookling shop being expanded and the museum being built and general stuff I dunno, I know it doesn’t even make sense with the timeline. It was a lame idea no one would read it anyway lol.
I had fun doodling though. <3

Also if you are confused at all. She’s not aiming at the balloon.

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If animal crossing was a highschool, you (Phyllis) would be the half-goth sass master, Pelly = your annoying (possibly adopted) sister, Pete = the nerd kid who is good at one thing and tries to get in with the populars, Tom Nook = weird-ass guy that sells drugs, Brewster = hipster bastard that shows up 2/5 days of the week, Resetti = crazy fucker that throws books and shit, Mable/Sable = poor kids that get straight As, Leif = stoner, Copper/Booker = hall monitors that will FUCK YOU UP

 I use to always talk to Sable everyday in acww. :) It was always really interesting hearing her talk about her parents. As a character I feel as though Sable is quite realistic. We all know someone who’s as hard working as Sable and I think that’s why she’s so liked. Not only has she got a great design but a backstory that makes her character whole. Expect more art of the able sisters from me in the future. You can’t have Sable without Mable and Llabel.

 I’ve been talking to Sable everyday in acnl, hopefully I can catch up to some new stories. I’ve already learned a little about Llabel from her.