Programma Aurora #1 

5 Gennaio 2015 

Astoria Bar&Basement

Via Berthollet 13 San Salvario, Torino, Italia






I’m Sabla`, pronounced (suh-blay) and Im a 17 year old Fashion Design student in my senior year of High School.  I work at American Apparel just to add some extra money to my pocket but more importantly I’m an aspiring designer, blogger, artist, and analyzer lol. The look I put together is just a combination of all my top favorite kind of things to wear and I wanted to “feminize” my look up a bit because I’ve been dressing very masculine lately. The gold skirt I’m wearing is actually a dress I made into a skirt and I wore it high waisted because I feel high waisted items look best on me due to my thin frame, plus I just simply like it. Gold is the only metallic accent I wear and probably will ever wear. My wide brim hat and denim shirt is the masculine touch of the whole look, I ‘m a sucker for collars and beaded jewelry. Not much of a fan of bandeaus so it kind of shocks me that I even threw one on for this look and actually liked it. 

  1. On creating  sablagoldensense: My initial goal for my blog was for it to be a fashion blog because around the time I was a huge reader of many fashion bloggers such as Karen of, and Travis Gumbs & Joshua Kissi of But over time as GoldenSense progressed as well as I, I realized I'm not just about Fashion, I’m about music, poetry, art, etc also. So, that’s what I wanted to showcase and that’s exactly what I began to do.
  2. Who inspired your style most in 2011? Menswear inspired my style in 2011 but not more than my own personal creativity and taste. I don’t want to wear something that makes someone say “this look like something such & such would wear,” I want it to be like “This look like something Sabla` would wear.”
  3. Describe your personal style? Ahh! This question has always been a tough one for me. I guess I will describe my style as eclectic, comfortable, creative, and a bit obnoxious on occasions.
  4. Favorite designers? My favorite designers are Carly Cushnie & Michelle Ochs of Cushnie Et Ochs and of course Alexander McQueen because he was more than a designer, he was an artistic GENIUS. The stuff he came up with was beyond spectacular and breath taking.
  5. Style Icons? Solange Knowles, Erykah Badu, and Janelle Monae
  6. Favorite/Least Favorite current Fashion Trend? I Love the whole ombre & color blocking trend. I dislike the patriotic trend of sporting the American flag everywhere especially if you’re not even patriotic.
  7. If you could what trend from the last 2 decades would you like to bring back? Well, I hate everything that was trending in the early 2000’s but the 90’s I feel everything amazing has been brought back or have been attempted to be brought back. I’m going to get a bit crazy and say reeboks, I want to see them make a comeback again and how they will throw their brand mainstream again. Maybe they should partner up with Jeremy Scott.
  8. Does your everyday life play a role in the way you dress? Yes it does. It goes with how I’m feeling that day or how much time I have. Plus going to a very creative school I can get away with some “obnoxious” looks without being patronized about it.
  9. Besides blogging and school, do you have any other projects you are working on? It may not be considered a project but I’m an athlete, Im captain of the Softball & Track Team, and co-captain of the Volleyball Team. I’m focused on winning medals and plaques this year so I’m training hard. But to get back to Fashion, I am working on a collection with a very good friend of mine.
  10. When you hear the term “BlackFashion” What comes to mind? I think of Black culture being conveyed through Style & Fashion in an influential, powerful way. When I hear Black I think of Power, when I hear Fashion I think of Influence. Black Fashion is Powerful Influence.


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THE UNDERGROUND| Lupe Fiasco Food & Liquor pt II: The Great American Rap Album pt I

Written by Sablá of Sablagoldensense

So.. Lupe has a new album coming out soon, this is the album cover…

I’m going to tell my initial reaction when I seen this. “Oh Shit, Lupe is bold.” Like, who’s done this!? He is giving us a solid black colored album, with no title, and no visuals on the 25th of September and tell us to buy this album and listen to it. I’m a Lupe fan, and I know many of you who are reading this is a Lupe fan. Just had to state that, I am buying this album. As you can see by the title of this post that the album is entitled Food & Liquor pt II: The Great American Rap Album. 

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by Sabla of GoldenSense

(Lets out long sigh) Am I the only one who misses this music? I doubt it! This week I brought back the good old days of the “Dirty South” with Part 2 of The Underground’s Throwbacks. From Ludacris with the cornrolls to Petey Pablo giving an ode to the freaks to Chingy giving us a good dosage of some south slang. The early 2000’s was the birth of South Hip Hop to mainstream America and overall the golden age of the music. Only if you knew how many more songs I wanted to post up here.

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The Underground || Throwbacks Pt 1 || Remember Ja Rule?

by Sabla of GoldenSense

Every time I think of a throwback song I automatically result to the music in the 90’s era but what about the 2000’s? I feel like we tend to neglect and forget how good music use to be during the dawn of the new millenium. This week I’m bringing back some songs that may remind you of your childhood or teen years and I had a really hard time narrowing this list down so I’m going to bring you all into this time of reminiscing slowly making this a 3 part series. Part 1, I have to pay homage to Ja Rule. You cannot doubt that his music was on every radio station, every music video countdown etc and many of us know the lyrics to these songs. 

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The Underground || Introducing Chris Turner: LoveLife is a Challenge

by Sabla of GoldenSense

photo by Jesse Boykins III

Happy New Year everyone. It’s already 2013! When I was younger I figured by this time there would be flying cars… well we have that just not on the streets, lol. But   today on The Underground I want to introduce you to singer Chris Turner who just released a new project on Christmas day entitled LoveLife is a Challenge. Aside from Chris Turner’s own solo career he is also the vocalist for Jazz band Erimaj and has a role as back up vocals for Jazz musician and singer Esperanza Spalding. I’ve been a listener of Chris Turner’s music for a while and I only grow to love his music more and more.

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The Underground || TiRon & Ayomari "Thing go Right"

by Sabla of GoldenSense 
(GoldenSense is temporarily down, for redesigning of the site.) 

Hey Everyone. I haven’t posted on The Underground column in while due to the havoc of Hurricane Sandy, I’m of the many that got a direct hit from the storm but I’m back to bring you some good music. 

Most of the music I post is as new to me as it’s probably to you. I literally got introduced to this track “Thing Go Right” by TiRon & Ayomari about 10 minutes prior to writing this post. Besides how smooth this track flows, what intrigues me is THE SICK BEAT! The beat is so unexpected and utilized so perfect. The cinematography and creative approach of this music video is another element of greatness added to this track. 

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