It’s been awhile since I posted. Since I last visited the tublrverse I wintered in Florida then went to Ohio. I was arrested at a protest then briefly spent time back home in California. Afterwards it was Ohio again for court, then Southern California, then finally home in NorCal. Now I’m nesting at a house I used to live at, waiting on a dozen rolls of film to develop. Working on my zine, You Said You’d Never Forget. And I’m chilling really, really, really hard. As SoooooooNoma County. “So… No Mas!” I have travel plans for the summer, but first, I want to finish this zine, stories and photos of some of my experiences tramping around the US as a woman of color. Stay tuned ya drop outs.

-SabiTaj Mahal

went to Casa Volt tonite for a poc caucus tonite hosted by my homegirl Lupita. talked a lot about the Zimmerman trial, white supremacy, degrees of privilege, queer negativity, Macklemore/Atmosphere, train hopping and squatter punx…yung radical poc sitting in a room together and talking, listening, laughing…where is my head at right now, tho.