In celebration of Sierra Leone’s 51st Independence Day, it seemed entirely fitting that our first featured Dynamic African Blogger would be the person behind the blog dedicated to this West African country. 

Introduce yourself in five sentences or less:

The tumblr blog is called ‘SabiSierraLeone and it was started by a 22 year old male who was born in Makeni, Sierra Leone (Salone) & is currently residing in England.

What inspired and/or motivated you to start this tumblr and how long have you been operating it:

 I was initially inspired by other African tumblr blogs and from my experiences in/of Sierra Leone. When I started my personal tumblr I came across many images and videos of different West African countries, however there was very little on Sierra Leone apart from images of child soldiers and a war that ended over 10 years ago. As a result, I started this blog a little over a year ago because I wanted to show that Sierra Leone has come a long way since then and depict the beauty my country has to offer from its beautiful beaches, mountains to its beautiful people.

Where does the inspiration for the name of your blog come from:

Sabi Sierra Leone – ‘Sabi’ in Krio (The lingua franca and the national language of Sierra Leone) means ‘Know’ in English. The name of the blog was chosen in order for people to ‘know’ and find out more about Salone through the materials posted.

What do you most enjoy about social media and/or blogging on tumblr:

Social media has become an integral part of many societies and has allowed for greater interactions amongst individuals, which is fantastic. I particularly enjoy blogging on tumblr because it is a great way of interacting with people especially young adults and teens and also with there being such an array of blogs on there it makes the website all the more interesting.

Concerning the diverse and dynamic aspects of Africa, what are you most passionate about:

With regards to this blog, I try to mainly post images/videos of everyday life in Salone and showcase the beautiful beaches and sceneries our country possesses. Personally, I try to keep up to date with socio-economic developments in Africa particularly Sierra Leone. In the last 5 years i have also been very interested in African music from Naija/Ghana music to Congolese to Angolan Kuduro music amongst others. I follow the Salone music industry quite closely and many artists are producing some brilliant tracks and are finding their own unique ways of expressing themselves. It is great seeing the improvements that are happening in the entertainment industry in Salone.

Are there any (similar) tumblr blogs you’d recommend:

There are so many great blogs on tumblr. These are currently some of my favourite (predominantly Africa based) tumblr blogs:






Where else can you be found on the internet (i.e. official website, twitter, Facebook, pinterest, other blog, etc.):

My personal blogs - &

(all images via sabisierraleone)

Dynamic African Feature.

Last week saw our very first Dynamic African Blogger on Tumblr feature that highlighted the 22 year old  England-based Sierra Leonian blogger behind SabiSierraLeone - the tumblr blog dedicated to his home country, showing more than just the civil war that many solely associate the country with. If you missed the post, you can read all about him and his blog here.

This week, we make our way to East Africa to get to know a young woman using tumblr as a platform to blog about her home country of Uganda.

Look out for the interview in the next post!

- DA

sabisierraleone replied to your post: Where in Africa have you visited?

nice! hope you’ll add Salone to that list one day :)

I plan on doing so! esp cause thanks to ECOWAS, travel is made easier - no visa required. hopefully the ECOWAS rail line will eventually serve all member states thoroughly in the future.

blackacrylic replied to your post: Where in Africa have you visited?

Yooo, add Uganda to that list!

the entire continet is on my list! haha. and since Rwanda just made things easier, might just pop into UG whilst I’m in the east (money willing).