Where is the love (2)

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     So, Gray living in happiness with his family, his adorable son..

     You couldn’t stop thinking about it since you met them few days ago. His son didn’t look like him at all, maybe he took after his mom? You thought. You remembered Gray’s wife soon to be four years ago, she’s pretty and no wonder their son; that adorable little boy grew well and handsome. You had thoughts about it, you always wondering how Gray’s son face when you used to date him back then. Would he take after Gray or you? You smiled at yourself, realizing how naïve you are. Both of you agreed to break up for the sake of goodness. After three years struggling on your relationship, he let you flew away, reaching your dream while you in the other hand let him marrying another woman. Both of you were too hurt and exhausted of young, wild and immature kind of relationship. Both of you tried your best to not hurt each other further and breaking up was the best decision, and you were never once regret it. His happiness is the matter, his smile. You wanted the best for him, and there he was.

     “Y/n?” Sohee, your co-workers called you.

      You jumped in surprise and she laughed watching your reaction, “What are you thinking about? Are you so nervous because you have to meet your first customer?” she teased you.  Today you have a schedule to meet your customer and he planned he will come over to your office to discuss with you.

      “You know, Korean is really demanding. I’m kinda worry about that..” You jokingly replied, literally had fun dissing your people.    

      “Well, from what I can conclude about the way he explained his custom design..” she side eyeing you and chuckled, “He wouldn’t go easy on you, he’s extremely perfectionist.”

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