sabine baring gould

Holy Trinity, one God, defend me this day from all the deceits and temptations of the devil, keep me from all sin, and preserve me from sudden death. Raise up, O God, my body from sleep, and my soul from sloth, that I may praise and glorify Thy holy Name, to Whom belong all blessing and honour, praise and thanksgiving, now and evermore. Amen. ~ Sabine Baring-Gould 

The Book of Were-Wolves: Being an Account of a Terrible Superstition. Sabine Baring-Gould. London: Smith, Elder, 1865. First edition.

“In short, nine nights following came the same she-wolf at midnight, and devoured them one after another till all were dead, except Sigmund, and he was left alone. So when the tenth night came, Signy sent her trusty man to Sigmund, her brother, with honey in his hand, and said that he was to smear it over the face of Sigmund, and to fill his mouth with it.”