sabina's kawaii life

Some guy at AB called me a douche bag when I was cosplaying Shinji at AB and I got really angry?? They were saying that Shinji was a douchebag in rebuild and original series. Why would you say that to me??? I started arguing with him and just kind of shouted SHINJI IKARI DEFENSE SQUAD at  him and walked away. Thank u Jae and Teagan for saying that with me. 

I will wake up early tomorrow and shower. I will get ready and leave my house early, walk downtown and treat myself to something nice at a coffee shop. (Or make myself a good breakfast.)
I will go to school and draw and enjoy myself.
I will smile and be happy and kick my fucking depression’s ass.

Wow man I’ve been home for four hours and haven’t gotten out of bed, man I have missed my super soft pillow.

Anyways, this weekend was pretty sweet! Got to see Claire, Maura, Heather, Caroline, Julia and Mittens on thursday and had a Mario Party 4 tournament! Maura and I ended up winning, aw yeah TEAM LUIGI ALL DAY. Went to the beach the next day and hung out and dang I just really have some great friends.

The went over to Michaela’s house and went on a super kawaii dateo in which she looked gorgeous and I looked like a douchebag. UvU
We hung out all weekend and played games and went on walks and talked and looked at the stars and pointed out the clouds that were passing by and cuddled and wow, guys I just have the best girlfriend ever. Literally the most amazing and beautiful girlfriend. Gosh darn am I a lucky girl.

Sunday went back to Claire’s, had tons of food, had her watch Batman: Under and Red Hood and it was just really fun.

Actually wow what a wonderful weekend.

Katsujewcon was friggin excellent. I got to see so many friends and made new ones also got to meet Hythe which was super swell. It was such a great start to the con season, I haven’t had this much fun at a con in a while! Thanks to my friends for the great time, and thank u John and Atabex for teaching me how to twerk.

I would get into details but i’m lazy it was just quality ok. 

So my finals are over and I guess summer officially starts now. 
There’s so much I want to do, go on walks, day trips to NYC and Boston, and just go on adventures. I want to get my penny board and skate with my friends and go to more abandoned places with my friends.

I just want to have a great time with great people and have a summer full of laughter.