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people/followers I’d like to know better

Name:  Paula
Time / Date:  July 27, 0:19 AM
Average hours of sleep:  6 to 8 hours. It dependssss. If I’m not on holidays I usually sleep like 5 hours because I like wasting my time here instead of sleeping to go to uni. 
Last thing I googled:  Sock Sowachowski, for color reference. I’m doing a stufff (?) 
Birthday:  June 13
Gender:  Female
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual… but aromantic as fuck :) <3 
Height:  1,55. 
Favorite color:  Red, gold. 
One place that makes me happy:  The Airport. I just… love that place way too much. 
Favorite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean I, II and III (fan for 9 years!!!) I hate the last film… we don’t talk about that one. 
Last book I read:  High Speed! 
Most used phrases:  weón, conchesumadre, why. 
What I last said to a family member: “Dad, I can’t remember how to shade the nose!” … I’m painting. 
Favorite beverage:  APPLE JUICE. 
Favorite food:  anything with mayo. Actually… mayo. Just Mayo. 
Dream wedding: A fictional wedding with a fictional character. 
Dream job:  Air hostess! Yeah.. that’s why the airport is like my fav place. I’m a senior in english pedagogy, but I won’t fucking teach in this country. Fuck you, Carrera docente&MINEDUC. 
Star sign:  GEMINI <3
Favorite fictional character:  MATSUOKA RIN, Edward Elric, Haruka Nanase, Matsuoka Rin, Rin, Rin again. Killua Zoldyck. 
Favorite book:  Mala Onda, The Little Prince. 
Favorite bands/musicians:  Imagine Dragons, Travis, Mamoru Miyano.
Dream trip:  Japan. Hopefully next year! 
What I’m wearing at the moment: Boyfriend jeans, white t-shirt. Yeah. 

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sabiduriaespoder asked:

I just want to say I love when you and your friends make posts in Spanish. Thinking about how your anglosaxon voices that I've never heard would sound trying to pronounce the language always makes me laugh a lot ♥ xD

Oh my god.
I’m glad you enjoy our posts. Most of us who wrote post in spanish are latin american tho, most of them are chilean while myself I’m nicaraguan.

sabiduriaespoder asked:

Hi! I'm the girl who was in Muffin's Steam account last time xD. I found your tumblr so i said 'hey, why not asking something since we're here?', so the question is, are you excited for the new Fallout game or you aren't a fan? I know me and Muffin are hyped af xDDD, so what do you think?

I’m a fan of Fallout (And Bethesda games in general) and I am a tiny bit Hyped, but not thaaaat much… I’ll probably end up getting the game after the GOTY is out and them I’m gonna play the hell out of it x.x

sabiduriaespoder asked:

cachai que me enamoré de tu nombre de usuario y tu tema, pequeñin? XD. Buen blog socio. Que te gusta jugar online? en una de esas jugamos juntos por steam o algo así

Gracias! Online juego varias cuestiones, aunque casi ni uso steam xD, últimamente he estado jugando Aion Online, y bueno, la verdad no juego mucho en pc, pero si quieres jugar algo que sea gratis, bueno y online, me apunto.