sabertooth sting


∟ “We’ve recovered Sabertooth. Returned it to what is was supposed to be.”

No person is beyond redemption is a message I took to heart and that’s the reason I like how easily some characters were forgiven in Fairy Tail. Lucy forgave Minerva and Flare, Sting and Rogue rekindled their bonds with Natsu and Gajeel and Sabertooth and Fairy Tail share a bond of friendship, Levy welcomed Gajeel to FT with open arms, the list goes on.
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Some more text posts that nobody asked for but I still have a ton of because I had too much free time over the summer

No matter how great the crisis... The light will shine. That’s what it means to have friends... That’s what it means to be a guild!!

I’m not hating Natsu, really. But I’m still angry at him because he threw Gajeel away when they fought against Sting and Rogue. Natsu reproachs Sabertooth for not caring about their Nakama, then why couldn’t he fight as a team with Gajeel to defeat the Twin Dragons? A victory in a team has more Nakama power for me than a lonely victory! (And I swear, I don’t hate Natsu)
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