No person is beyond redemption is a message I took to heart and that’s the reason I like how easily some characters were forgiven in Fairy Tail. Lucy forgave Minerva and Flare, Sting and Rogue rekindled their bonds with Natsu and Gajeel and Sabertooth and Fairy Tail share a bond of friendship, Levy welcomed Gajeel to FT with open arms, the list goes on.
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Fairy Tail Locations

Just a post appreciating the nice landscape and visuals of the Fairy tail world. As well as their locations in the world



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  • Cana: Master, you are too ugly to be a guild master.
  • Makarov: That is impossible.
  • Cana: No, it's true!
  • Makarov: I am a guild master. You don't have to be good looking to be a master!
  • Cana: I'm sorry, have you SEEN the Sabertooth's guild master?
  • (Cut Scene to Sabertooth)
  • Sting: Goodness, I've dropped all my papers. I better pick it up before Rogue scolds me... (Bends over to pick it up, giving everyone a nice view of his ass)
  • All the Sabertooth members: (dreamily enjoying the view of Sting's ass)