∟ “We’ve recovered Sabertooth. Returned it to what is was supposed to be.”

  • Cana: Master, you are too ugly to be a guild master.
  • Makarov: That is impossible.
  • Cana: No, it's true!
  • Makarov: I am a guild master. You don't have to be good looking to be a master!
  • Cana: I'm sorry, have you SEEN the Sabertooth's guild master?
  • (Cut Scene to Sabertooth)
  • Sting: Goodness, I've dropped all my papers. I better pick it up before Rogue scolds me... (Bends over to pick it up, giving everyone a nice view of his ass)
  • All the Sabertooth members: (dreamily enjoying the view of Sting's ass)