Better photos of the dueling Dinictis (Saber Tooth Cat) mount that I posted the other day.  Mounted by my friend Brock Sisson of Fossilogic 

More information at Maxilla and Mandible

Dinictis felina (Leidy, 1854)

Age: Oligocene Epoch — Chadronian through Whitneyan Land Mammal Ages
Locality: White River Badlands, Northeast Shannon County, South Dakota.
Date Collected: 1998–99, in two separate private ranches.

Taxonomic Comment: The difference in size of the two skeletons may represent different species or examples of sexual dimorphism. The larger one (top) has been referred to as Dinictis squalidens (Cope, 1873).

Provenance: Acquired from private estate property. Cleaned, prepared, and reconstructed by David Anderson. Mounted and finished by Fossilogic, LLC paleontology studios in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Description: Both skeletons are exceptional in quality and completeness. Most bones are uncrushed, and the surface texture shows little signs of erosion.

By bone count, the bottom and top specimens are approximately 70–80% and 50–60% complete, respectively. The mounted skeletons are properly articulated in a suggestive “battling” pose. The armature is designed to be easily taken apart—each bone can be removed for close study and examination.

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