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“I want to join Fairy Tail.”

Rogue looked sternly at the blond boy trying to ignore the wary glances from their guild mates.

“And you thought the best place to announce this was in the middle of the guildhall why?” He hissed. “You better hope the master didn’t hear that.”

An incredible pressure filled the hall as magic power was forcefully dragged through the air and into the master’s study. The teen’s hand instinctively flew up to fiddle with his earing as he often did when nervous. Seconds later the office door flew open with a crash before the guild master stomped down the stairs, making giant crevices with each step.

“He heard.” Deadpanned Rogue as the guild master strode towards them, eyes glowing white.

By now most of the guild had evacuated, scampering off to avoid getting caught up in the inevitable wrath to come.

“You want to desert Sabertooth I hear?” Came the menacing growl from the man towering above the two dragon slayers.

“Ah well um… Fairy Tail has Natsu-san and Gajeel-san and I just thought… uh.” The blond shot a pleading look at Rogue but he was on his own this time.

“You just thought it’d be better to leave the strongest guild in Fiore and fuck around with those fairies eh?” His voice drastically increased in volume with every syllable, words shaking the guild to its very core/foundations.

Placing a hand on the guild master’s shoulder, Rogue decided it was time to intervene.

“That’s enough Sting. He can do what he wants he’s nineteen years old now for fuck’s sake.”

The guild master’s eyes pooled with tears as he turned to his mate, a river of snot running down his face.

“Our son doesn’t think his father’s guild is cool enough to be in.” He wept, nuzzling into Rogue’s shoulder and blowing his nose on the soft, black cape. “Waaa what if he gets involved with that Dragneel kid? She has complete control over fire and ice and inherited twice as much ability for destruction! Natsu-san will be such a bad influence. He’ll corrupt my little boy!”

Obviously fed up with coping with the same overprotective dramatics and cape ruining routine for nineteen years, Rogue turned to their son and forced a tired smile.

“Do whatever you think is best for you son. I’m sure your father will come round… eventually.” He grimaced at the increased wailing coming from his shoulder. “Maybe get a head start now before this idiot complains so much I have to drag you back.”

Flashing a toothy grin at his parents the young dragon slayer pelted out of the guild, completely ignoring the bawling and screaming that could be heard from the train station even without enhanced hearing.


Sabertooth! I love how Yukino is a nurse and Sorano is all bandaged up, it’s adorable. Also, Frosch is life. Rare siting of him not wearing his frog suit!!! Also yes, Rogue’s name has the worst misspelling.

Fairy Tail postcards that came with the special edition of volume 50. Characters and art belong to Hiro Mashima.

**Please Note: Some postcards were published with misspellings. As to why this is, I haven’t any idea o.O Lorg Cheni = Rogue Cheney, Ewcliff = Eucliffe


We’re all used to the common depiction of sabertoothed cats like the famous Smilodon. A fairly standard-looking feline face with protruding teeth, something like this:

It’s a look so ingrained in paleoart and pop culture that it’s even become visual shorthand for making cartoon creature designs look “prehistoric”.

Except… it might be completely wrong.

We’ve all been assuming that these saberteeth were basically tusks, like those we see in modern animals such as walruses and elephants. But it turns out that tusks have a very different chemical structure to normal teeth so they can withstand constant exposure to the environment – and Smilodon’s fangs don’t show any of those adaptations.

There’s a detailed explanation of this idea and the science behind it over at this blog post. It isn’t an academically published theory yet (although I’d love to see somebody do a proper study), but it’s still very plausible and interesting to think about.

The tl;dr version: it’s actually more likely that Smilodon covered its teeth with big jowly lips to protect them. Which means it probably looked like a feline version of a St. Bernard. Or… sort of like Chester Cheetah.


∟ “We’ve recovered Sabertooth. Returned it to what is was supposed to be.”


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