The Twin Dragons of Sabertooth

Rogue finally makes and appearance…aaaaand he’s gone. Quite an uneventful chapter (you’re probably wondering what took so long lol), but it looks like it’ll be Sting and Yukino centric again. 

Edit: fixed mistakes, thanks nalufever!

❅ Rokino week 2015  ❅

it’s time to announce that Rokino week will be in 1st-7th of January. We will celebrate the first week with Rogue and Yukino. Be it art, graphics, writing and so on, let’s share good feelings and have fun together with this pair.

Some rules before we will start:

1. Please, don’t use work of another person. Your work should be your own, because it is very interesting to share your work with everyone.
2. Mature content should be tagged appropriately. And let’s share this good time together.

Promts  should be tagged as: #rokinoweek

{ Jan.1st - Jan. 7th}

Day 1: Snow
Day 2: Darkness/ Stars
Day 3: Blue rose
Day 4: Magic
Day 5: Hot chocolate
Day 6: Frosch
Day 7: Our future
Bonuse Day 10th January :( Free theme)

if you have questions , you can ask rokino-week or admins  and help us spread the words by reblogging this post!

Fairy tail gaiden is similar.

The fairy tail gaiden side stories remind me of old school fairy tail. Not just because sting/yukino/lecter trio reminds me of old school. Team Natsu (natsu/lucy/happy) but also because of the feel of each chapter. They’re fun and just a good a read. I said before I usually don’t read omakes mashima didnt have input in but it looks like he does of have a little story input for it like the starry sky arc in the anime. I haven’t really reviewed much stuff lately but since I’m talking about it. FT gaiden gets 8/10 in my book.