Cherries - nature’s natural migraine-healers. They relief migraines & out of the blue headaches because they are high in special compounds called ‘anthocyanin’ & ‘quercetin.’ They also help the brain releases melatonin, which allows you to get a good night / deep sleep. x bysaber

Raspberries might be on the pricey side in new york city, but they are so special when it comes to radiating skin inside out because they are jampacked with polyphenols, which also protect skin from environmental toxins, harsh sunburns, heal dry skin & prevent premature aging by eliminating free radicals. x bysaber

Berry heaven right on the streets of NYC.  Berries are jampacked with antioxidants, fiber, antocyanins & polyphenols. They repair skin, keep it in tact & protect it from environmental toxins! I highly recommend them! x bysaber