• Edition Size: 20 Giclee / Signed & Numbered
  • Dimensions: 20" W x 26" H Print Size,  Image size 16" W x 20" H with 2" White Border
  • Materials: Epson Fine Art Cold Press Bright
  • Acid free, 100% cotton rag media with a bright textured finish. Epson UltraChrome HDR Pigment Inks
  • Each print comes with a signed COA
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Saber - Eviction

Edition Size: 15 Giclee’s / Signed & Numbered 

-Dimensions: 24” W x 18” H 20” W x 14” H, with 2” White Border

-Materials: Epson Fine Art Cold Press Bright
Acid free, 100% cotton rag media with a bright textured finish. Epson UltraChrome HDR Pigment Inks

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Although the saberon have formed loose confederations in times past, none have met with the success that the Saberclaw have.  Compared by the sun sage Ithravex to the Bloodmane Tribe commanded by Pridelord Karash, the difference between the Sabermane Empire and that of its predecessor is that while the former was concerned with the extermination of the arakkoa, the Matriarch’s stated mission seems to be uniting as many clans as possible under her command.  She has inspired fanatical devotion fro

Throwing in my hat!

For campaign RP stuff. Blythe Atwood is my only character in BoL, presently deployed in Draenor. She’s a harvest witch for anyone who might need healing, or has a curiosity for the sort of magic she uses. One may not necessarily need a specific reason for approaching her, however, as she’ll indulge just about anyone with a cheerful comportment. Additionally, she is fascinated with saberon culture, where recently she has achieved good standing with several ranking leaders and was allowed the honor of heading an honorary clan: The Soul Clan. 

Clash: The Shattered Resolve.

Well, this is what I’ve found out… 

  • Bloodkill the Fleshripper has taken the place of Ripgor the Masticator in  the Shattered Remnant. Bloodkill was attempting to make his way to meet with Warchief Kilrogg when his forces were waylaid by a saberon war party under the command of Dumela the Firebringer.
  • Bloodkill’s forces are presently besieged by the saberon forces.  Bloodkill’s forces are arrayed before the mouth of a cave, which presents them with a position to fall back into as they funnel their enemy through their defenses.
  • It appears that Dumela is one of Saberclaw’s better commanders.  If he is defeated here, it may greatly hamper the Saberon war effort in the future. 
  • Dumela’s force is much larger and will likely overwhelm the orcs, though at a heavy cost of manpower.  Singularly focused on his task though, he does not appear to be aware of the dangers of over committing to a singular victory.


  1. Ignore: If the battle is ignored, it will likely result in Bloodkill’s death and the annihilation of his forces, at a heavy cost to Dumela’s army.
  2. Investigation: There is a possibility that a rock slide might be used to exterminate both forces, though braving the pass will prove highly risky and if detected the Royal Army’s forces will be impossibly outnumbered.
  3. Punitive Action: The option is present to join the melee, attacking through Dumela’s unprotected flank and then crushing Bloodkill’s exhausted veterans.

Paane has completed the scouting mission given to her by Balian Rothe.
Paane has rejoined the party. 

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