I have this headcanon that while Natsu was away Lucy would visit Yukino often to train and so became really close to Saber tooth and because of her forgiving nature she’s get close to Minerva too (plus they have Erza in common) and when Natsu and her finally make it to Sabertooth in their travels he’s completely floored because Rouge is ruffling her hair and Sting calls her “Lucy-nee” and Yukino and Minerva cling all over her and don’t let him near her because “you made Lucy cry!” and it kinda pisses him off and I’ve thought about this too much I think. Also Lucy calls Minerva “Mine-chan” because it’s adorable and she can.



1.       Minerva’s 10 muses dress

2.       Minerva’s 86 diamond sweater

3.       Minerva’s dare to be daring sweater

4.       Minerva’s sword show top

Okay so Minerva—I don’t really know much about Minerva other than a gruesome childhood ;v; but yeah.. so far I know she’s a queen bee ;) that much I know! So I gave her clothing that would show Top tier class, the “I’m the queen” kind of clothing! That’s why I chose diamonds and those statements :3 she is a muse anyways! So for the weekends. I can actually see her travelling a lot and training. I’m sure she isn’t this powerful for no reason. I can see her as the type who puts so much effort in getting stronger! On time off.. she probably hangs out with rogues and the twin dragons.. maybe even yukino? :3