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may the 4th sw alignments !

in honor of star wars day I wanted to do a little something for my followers, and since I really enjoy doing these I thought i’d bring this back.


alignment: jedi | gray | sith

saber color: blue | green | purple | yellow | orange | red | white

number of sabers: one | two | double bladed

race: human | togruta | twi'lek | mirialan | zabrak | chiss

planet: coruscant | naboo | alderaan | endor | bespin


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Kylo Ren vs. Finn

I am so ranty today, but i need some answers.

Why are kylo fans so fixated and impressed by the final moments of his battle with Finn? I’m referring to when Kylo punches him and almost fatally wounds him with his lightsaber. It’s so disturbing to me because those same moments are difficult for me to watch

I’ve seen gifsets of only this scene. they ignore the entire rest of the fight and focus on these moments where kylo is so incredibly cruel. And these are fans that want redemption for him!

Like how do they not see that this does not bode well for Ben Solo? Finn is the embodiment of good in tfa, he is literally always bathed in blue light, and kylo cuts him down and is extra about it. this isn’t vader going after han and leia to get to luke and not caring who he hurts along the way. Kylo screamed “traitor!” at finn with so much emotion because what he did affected kylo personally; his goal was to hurt finn.

I just came across a gifset of this scene and OP changed the color of kylo’s light saber to purple in order to signify the dark and the light in him; can you imagine having so little regard for finn? There is no light in that scene, that is kylo at his darkest, but so many people ignore that. I would say it’s darker than when he kills Han, at least then he cries and looks a little put off.

I know Finn is really great and funny and nice but that isn’t a reason to ignore his trauma. Finn has had the worst life and kylo made it shittier, and somehow people look at that scene and see redemption. I mean I know how, they don’t think Finn will be that important to the story, despite that fact that he started the story.

Finn is a man whose light is so bright that he fought himself out of the darkness and kylo hates him and brutalized him for it. that’s not nothing. it’s not just a basis of comparison for how he treated rey, regardless of how he treated rey, he was horribly cruel to Finn. Most people don’t derive any pleasure or enjoyment from that but yous do, and that’s backwards.

Finn is a lead, his story matters, the things that happen to him matter, his pain and trauma matter. but i don’t see him factored into any of your redemption metas. i wonder why

sw alignments !

in honor of sw celebration I thought would try to do these again !


alignment: jedi | gray | sith

saber color: blue | green | purple | yellow | orange | red | white

number of sabers: one | two | double bladed

race: human | togruta | twi'lek | mirialan | zabrak | chiss

planet: coruscant | naboo | alderaan | endor | bespin


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Cuz Ya Had a Bad Day

Originally posted by samwinchestersource

Pairing: SamxReader
Word count: 1,134
Warnings: Sad Sammy
Author: Brittiny
Request: @elvirateaqueen13 Ok so here a second request for fluffy/ fun, hopefully this will send now! So Sam is having a bad day ( for some reason or another) So the reader goes out and buys Sam new books, some for a recent case they are working on but others for pleasure, then after a while Sam get’s down again so the reader goes into his room, with a lightsaber, and tosses him one, then they make star wars noises and kind of just nerd out together. They end their night drinking tea and marathoning movies.

“Sam?” You yelled down the hall. You hadn’t seen him all day, and were worried. “Damn it, Sam!” You grumbled. You had checked the library, the garage, and the kitchen. No go. Now you were on your way to his room. Sighing, you tapped your knuckles on the door. Nothing. “Sam?” You said, knocking again. “I’m coming in.” You turned the door knob. Seeing Sam just laying there, you walked over and sat next to him on the bed. “What’s up?”

He shrugged. “Just having a bad day.” Sam told you without looking over. You put your hand over his and gave it a slight squeeze.

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roguestorm replied to your post “Hey ummmm I don’t know how to tell you this but that post you…”

The Mara/Finn parallels…. Mara hugging her daughter Rey so tightly after seeing her for the first time in years…. Mara and Leia being awesome friends…. Everyone in the Resistance respecting and revering Luke and Mara Jade-Skywalker, leaders of the Jedi

this is literally all i stay up at night thinking about!! mara being finn’s mentor!! rey having a purple light saber in honor of her mother!!! her destroying hux w one move back to back with leia force slapping her son!!

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🌟 (if you're still doing these) short, purple hair, trans guy, kinda chubby and generally a soft person. I like to write and draw and I play like three instruments

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alignment: jedi | GRAY | sith

saber color: blue | green | purple | yellow | ORANGE | red | WHITE

number of sabers: one | TWO | double bladed

race: human | TOGRUTA | twi'lek | mirialan | zabrak | chiss

planet: coruscant | naboo | ALDERAAN | endor | bespin

So, I’m playing that Avengers Academy game and I finally got Peggy and she’s got this exchange with Sam about flying and I lost it completely when the exchange went something along “You can’t fly with out the magic word.” “Please?” “Windu.”

God bless the nerds making this game… now they just need to find a way to incorporate a purple saber, just to further this Samuel L Jackson train 

Jared’s Facebook masterpost 2015 and AKF

Just a little timeline I made of Jared’s facebook posts and videos in 2015 and the Always Keep Fighting campaigns, because I have trouble remembering what happened and when. If I couldn’t find the exact fb post, I linked the same tweet. All links go to my blog. This list is still missing some posts. if you find a post that is not as a link below, please send me a message!

March 2015
- Jared joins Facebook 3.3.
- Jared’s first FB post and the launch of the first AKF campaign 3.3.
- Jared’s first FB video + tag for all posts about it 4.3.
- Jared’s second FB video about AKF contest winnertag 5.3.
- Jared’s FB page has one million likes + tag 5.3.
- Jared’s video from set wearing the akf shirt + tag 6.3.
- Jared’s “hey buddy” pic from set 6.3.
- Jared’s post about personal strenght after filming ep 10.19 6.3.
- Jared’s message from the airport with AKF shirt 7.3.
- Jared’s FB video about the friend who inspired AKF + tag 7.3.
- Jared posts a pic of Thomas wearing the AKF shirt 8.3.
- Jared’s FB video about the second AKF contest + tag 9.3.
- Stephen Amell’s video with Jared about AKF + tag
- Jared’s FB video announcing the winner of signed script + tag 13.3.
- Jared posts that he’s sick at vegascon 16.3.
- Jared’s FB video announcing the last winners of AKF contest 17.3.
- Jared’s FB video update about the AFK campaign + tag 18.3.
- Jared’s post about extended AKF campaign 18.3.
- Jared’s 40 000 sold shirts post and vneck sweater contest 18.3.
- Jared’s post about akf shirts and spn family 18.3.
- Jared’s AKF post about Wounded Warrior 19.3.
- Jared posts a pic with Shep and guitar 23.3.
- Jared’s post “Sorry I’ve gone AWOL for a bit” 27.3.
- Jared’s post about final winners of the campaign 28.3.

April 2015
- Jared posts a set pic of cast and crew 1.4.
- A pic of AKF shirts ready to be shipped 2.4.
- A pic of Jared and Tom playing Easter Bunnies 6.4.
- Jared’s FB video with fake tattoo + tag 11.4.
- Jared’s moose pic announcement of second AKF campaign 14.4.
- Jared’s FB video (stripping) teaser about AKF 2 + tag 15.4. 
- Jared meets fans wearing AKF shirts on set 17.4.
- AKF 2 announcement time video with Jensen + tag 17.4.
- J2 picture on set with the AKF 2 shirts 17.4.
- Celebratory outtake video of AKF 2 with dorky Jensen + tag 18.4.
- 2nd outtake video in Jensen’s FB and J2 with crazy eyes + tag 18.4.
- Jared posts a pic of Tom and Shep in a tree 18.4.
- Jared posts a pic with Tom and announces phone call contest 19.4.
- Edited J2 on set pic about signed shirts contest 21.4.
- Jared’s post about his sister’s Big Mo book 22.4.
- Jared (grey beanie) posts a campaign update video + tag 23.4.
- J2 announce another phone call contest 24.4.
- Another J2 outtake video + tag 24.4.
- Another edited pic with Tom and new contest 25.4.
- Jared makes a post about fans’ AKF tattoos 25.4.
- Jared’s post with Tom and Shep about AKF 2 shirts in kids’ sizes 26.4.
- meme!jared post about soulless!sam 28.4.
- meme!jared post 1 day left 28.4.
- meme!jared post “t-shiiirts!” 28.4.
- J2 FB video 12 hours left of the campaign + tag 29.4.
- meme!jared 1 day left wincest manip 29.4.
- J2 video “A message from Jensen and SRV and me” tweet + tag 29.4.

May 2015
- Jared hints about a surprise 1.5.
- J2 FB video Pay Day relaunch of AKF 2 + tag 1.5.
- meme!jared post “17 hours left” 2.5.
- meme!jared post “6 hours to go” 2.5.
- Jared’s last AKF 2 post 3.5.
- Jared posts a Tough Mudder pic 4.5.
- Jared L’Eto post tweet 6.5.
- Jared in Bruges eating a waffle tweet 7.5.
- Jared asks good stories about Spn or AKF 8.5.
- Jared&Gen Mother’s Day post tweet 11.5.
“Get Ready” AKF 2 shirts being printed pic 12.5.
- Scruffy J2 in the backseat Asylum14 pic tweet 13.5.
- TBT shirtless Austin lake selfie tweet 14.5.
- Jared’s post about needing support 16.5.

June 2015
- Jared and Gen Gilmore Girls reunion selfie 8.6.
- Jared and Gen ATX GG smilebooth pic TBT tweet 12.6.
- Jared’s selfie Cafe Dean pic 19.6.
- J2 in the pool with the kids aka Father’s Day post 22.6.
- Happiness Found pic with padafamily tweet 24.6.
- Jared posts an AKF2 collage pic 29.6.
- Jared and Gen kayaking tweet 30.6.

July 2015
- Jared posts a pic of walking Tom and Shep to “school” 2.7.
- Fourth of July post 5.7.
- Jared’s sneak peek video of day 1 of season 11 + tag 8.7.
- Jared with “Biggest Heart Award” trophy 9.7.
- Jared with fans end of day 3 s11 10.7.
- Jared’s note to Delta Airlines 12.7.
- Jared’s pic of San Diego from a plane 12.7.
- Jensen, Misha, Mark, Jared sdcc backpack pic 12.7.
- Hammin it up with Jensen, Paul and Ian at sdcc 12.7.
- Jared’s post thanking fans for the Hall H akf candle tribute 12.7.
- Jared’s new FB profile pic of his hand holding the AKF candle 14.7.
- Clif posts a video of Jared’s giant tyre workout 15.7.
- TBT pic with Jensen, Ian Somerhalden and Paul Wesley from sdcc 16.7.
- Jared and Gen at Fixe restaurant in Austin 18.7.
- Jared teases about a new AKF campaign 19.7.
- Jared’s FB video of AKF 3 campaign and his birthday + tag 19.7.
- Jared with Tom and Shep in akf 3 shirts “We’re blown away…” 21.7.
- Jared’s bruised woohoo face on set, 2 million likes 21.7.
- Jared’s video from set announcing the winner of signed shirt 22.7. 
- Jared FB video over 11,000 shirts sold 23.7.
- Jared posts pics with Tom and Shep in AKF 3 shirts 23.7.
- Jared reading to Tom and Shep in AKF 3 shirts 23.7.
- J2 pic with akf 3 shirts on set, 12,000 sold shirts 24.7.
- meme!jared should i buy one - just do it 24.7.
- meme!jared akf i want five 25.7.
- Little video from set announcing winner of phone call contest 25.7.
- Jared’s thumb up pic in akf 3 shirt and new contest 26.7.
- Jared’s selfies from a jog in Washington D.C. 26.7.
- meme!jared soulless sam post almost 20k sold shirts 27.7.
- Jared’s cheery pic from set wearing akf 3, over 20k sold 28.7.
- pic of Tom and Shep brushing teeth in akf 2 shirts  28.7.
- meme!jared post 2 days left yellow fever Dean meme 28.7.
- bloodied pic from set in vneck, 2 days left of campaign 29.7.
- J2 pic on set in akf 3 shirts, “what does akf mean to you?” 29.7.
- Jared’s video telling the winner of signed script + last contest 30.7.
- Jared pic on set, 9 hrs left 30.7.
- Jared’s text post reflecting the first akf campaign 30.7.
- “heading home from a looooong day on set" 30.7.
- meme!jared post tell everyone to order theirs now 31.7.
- meme!jared “i hug every shirt” 31.7.

August 2015
- meme!jared pay day relaunch 1.8.
- Jared’s shirtless pic with Amell and akf 3 relaunch post 2.8.
- meme!jared “can’t seem to find my akf shirt” 3.8.
- Jared’s video final AKF contest 4.8.
- meme!jared post “Just Do It” 4.8.
- bruised Jared pic from set with akf note and instagram promo 6.8.
- Jared’s TBT pic with ipod box 6.8.
- Jared’s selfie with Nathan Fillion shirt 11.8.
- Video of Jared signing Paul Blackthorne’s charity shirt 13.8.
- J2 pic from set sitting in baby 14.8.
- Happy Friday y’all impala pic 15.8.
- meme!jared post Katniss EverDean 15.8.
- First #MotivationalMonday text post “everyone you meet…” 17.8.
- TBT baby jared photo shoot pic 20.8.
- MotivationMonday pic about suicide 25.8.
- TBT J2 pic 2005 with pink and floral shirts 27.8.

September 2015
- Jared’s suit selfie “always fun to rock the FBI Winchester look” 2.9.
- Danger asbestos selfie tweet 4.9.
- Jared’s video of Travis Aaron Wade’s trut4h campaign  5.9.
- Jared and Gen kissy face selfie tweet 6.9.
- Jared’s vneck selfie Wolrd Suicide Prevention Day 11.9.
- J2 FBF pic with Samantha Smith 11.9.
- young Jared green tshirt pic TBT 17.9.
- Jared crashing Ian Somerhalder’s and Paul Wesley’s panel tweet 21.9.
- Jared posts a pic of Jep Robertson wearing akf 2 shirt 24.9.
- TBT wedding day pic 24.9.
- J2 njcon fb posts 28.9.

October 2015
- J2 with casts of Lucifer and Legends of Tomorrow 1.10.
- Trailer Thursday spn 11 video 2.10.
- Group pic from AustinCityLimits + tag 6.10.
- Jared’s hot prof Sam selfie, season 11 premiere tomorrow 7.10.
- Jared’s selfie on set, cast and crew watch s11 premiere 8.10.
- TBT young J2 bnw school pics 8.10.
- #FanPicFridays vegascon2013 light saber photo op 9.10.
- purple group pic World Mental Health Day 10.10.
- meme!jared J2 marvel manip 15.10.
- TBT pic of season 1 binder for journalists 16.10.
- FBF pic of Jared in A Ring of Endless Light 16.10.
- FanPicFriday J3 vegascon photo op 17.10.
- #DaddyDayCare pic with Tom and Shep 19.10.
- MotivationalMonday post, be kinder to yourself 20.10.
- Jared’s post “There is no shame in asking for help” 20.10.
- Jared with a steak 21.10.
- TBT pic of bearded daddy Jared and Thomas insta 22.10.
- FanPicFridays J2 njcon photo op 24.10.
- meme!jared pic GLADalecki 25.10.
- MotivationalMonday post about living through the lens of others 26.10.
- TBT pic of J2 in 2005 spn promo 29.10.
- FanPicFridays of 2 kids cosplaying as Sam and Dean 30.10.
- J2 cemetary Halloween pic 31.10.

November 2015
- Padafamily cosplay pic tweet 2.11.
- MotivationalMonday quote of a struggle + exciting launch  2.11.
- meme!jared pic “I Want You” + holiday campaign launch 3.11.
- video of Jensen playing keyboard on set 4.11.
- Jared’s “allergy” live video of Holiday AKF 4 campaign + tag 4.11.
- Jared’s selfie with akf 4 shirt, biggest ever first 24h of sales 5.11.
- meme!jared (cinderella) with facebook live info 6.11.
- Jared’s AKF 24 hour update video, 10k shirts sold + tag 6.11.
- Jared’s akf 4 hoodie selfie, kangaroo pocket 6.11.
- Jared’s live video with black hoodie and beanie live Q&A part 1 7.11.
"Lost my connection” live Q&A part 2 7.11.
- Third time’s a charm live Q&A part 3 7.11.
- Jared’s live Q&A video part 4 + tag 7.11.
- MotivationalMonday “I know you are tired” 9.11.
- Jared’s selfie with two fan letters 10.11.
- meme!jared J2 pic “come on you know you want it” 11.11.
- warning of TeeChip fake campaign page 12.11.
- Jensen’s FB video of J2 reminiscing about the episode + tag 12.11.
- Jared’s cheery pic with akf 4 sweatshirt 13.11.
- “My heart is with those in Paris” 14.11.
“Only 2 days left of our holiday campaign” 16.11.
- pic of akf4 t-shirt: one day left 17.11.
- Jared’s video (white beanie) “less than 2 days left” + tag 17.11.
- Jared’s video in trailer with dogs "only 16 hrs left” + tag 18.11.
- smiley Jared in akf4 sweatshirt, under 24 hrs left 17.11.
- Jared’s post about extended campaign for 24 hrs 18.11.
- Jared’s video watching ep 11.07 live with Sadie 19.11.
- Jared’s second video in his bedroom “I’m back!” 19.11.
- “Trying again!” Third video watching the ep 19.11.
- “Thanks for watching!” Fourth video + tag 19.11.
- TBT pic of young Jared in 1995 playing one of the 3 musketeers 20.11.
- Jared’s Minute Maid ad video + tag 23.11.
- TBT pic of J2 in suits on set with dogs 26.11.
- Happy Thanksgiving pic of Jared and Tom in a pool 26.11.
- Jared launches AKF Thanksgiving special letterman jacket 27.11.
- Jared’s selfie in akf beanie 29.11.
- Happy Cyber Monday! Jared’s selfie in Letterman jacket + tag 30.11.

December 2015
- J2 nice no-look throw on set 1.12.
- GivingTuesday selfie in Letterman jacket tweet 1.12.
- TBT pool picture with Tom 3.12.
- MotivationalMonday “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy” 7.12.
- Jared with Paul Lazenby “When We Were Bouncers” 10.12.
- Jared’s MooseFight pic 15.12.
- Jared’s thumbs up selfie, done filming in 2015! 17.12.
- Happy late facebook-birthday, Shep 23.12.
- Shirtless pool selfie in Austin on Christmas Eve 24.12.

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Color Palette

Matt’s world is black and white.

Not literally black and white, of course, but the monochrome palette of the Finalizer and most her crew wash out his world into swathes of grey. His station is black, the walls around him are black, the officer that bends over his shoulder to offer unwarranted critique wears black – six hells, the most colorful person in his world is himself, and he makes a point of avoiding mirrors. The firm that designed the ship had opted for the bleached lines of conformity, apparently.

On the Finalizer, it was easy to forget color existed.

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Vivienne: You cannot go shirtless in front of the preeminent nobles of Orlais. Let us see...

Iron Bull: Hey, I had a shirt in Halamshiral!

Vivienne: In Halamshiral, you were a blade of cheap iron. When I am done, you will shine like a gleaming dawnstone saber.

Vivienne: A purple coat, tight at the waist, slashed with silver, emerald accents. Open at the collar to accentuate your chest.

Vivienne: Every woman will want you. Every man will want to be you.

Iron Bull: Well.... All right, tell me more about the coat.

I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember...

But when I saw The Force Awakens last Thursday night was the first time that I felt, in 30 years, that I was a welcome fan.  SPOILERS behind the cut, not huge ones by any means, but some vague ones.  And this will be tagged into oblivion, but as a female fan there was a reason why this movie meant EVERYTHING to me.

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chaos-castle  asked:

🌟I uhh am pretty asocial, artist, v tall, nervous™, arrogant, tries best but usually fails, bad at video games

hi !

alignment: jedi | gray | SITH

saber color: blue | green | purple | yellow | ORANGE | red | white

number of sabers: ONE | two | double bladed

race: human | TOGRUTA | twi'lek | mirialan | zabrak | chiss

planet: coruscant | naboo | alderaan | ENDOR | bespin

want one?

What Happened Today

Author: The Lovely, @the-anon-angel (she’s wonderful btw and you should definitely go give her a follow)

Summary: The reader learns that Cas has absolutely no knowledge of the Star Wars franchise and decides to fix that.

Warnings: None.

Pairing: Cas x Reader

The bunker door swung closed behind the brothers. They stood in shock at the top of the stairs, gazing down at you and Cas. There were prices of shattered glass all across the floor. You clutched a bleeding hand to your chest. Cas had an electric blue streak in his hair. There were pillows on the table. There was also what appeared to be a Millennium Falcon.

“What the hell happened here?!?” Dean exploded, marching down the steps.

“I can explain, you see… well… could it wait till I stitch up my hand?” You smiled sweetly at your brothers.

“Yes.” Sam said at the same time as Dean yelled, “No.”

“Common Dean, there is a sane explanation to all of this, and it can wait till we make sure that Y/n is okay.”

“Fine, but you aren’t stitching yourself up. I’ll do it.” Dean sighed, pulling the medical kit down.

“Um, could Sam?” You asked, slightly scared. “Not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that, well, you’re mad, and you aren’t gentle when you’re mad.”

“I am not mad!” Dean yelled, followed promptly by a swear as he crushed glass underneath his shoe. “Okay, yeah, Sam, you should do this.”

“Or I could just heal her.” Cas had been silent up until that moment.

“You couldn’t have suggested that earlier?”

“We are enemies, Y/n. You are a rebel and I am with the empire. I could not help an enemy.”

“You’re with the empire?! No wonder all of my plans failed us. How could you? You were my most trusted advisor! You shall die!” Hand forgotten you pulled out a lightsaber and put yourself in fighting stance. “Defend yourself, traitor!”

Cas’ blue saber crashed against your purple one as the two of you danced around the room. “You are the traitor, Y/n. You have rebelled against our Master, Darth Vader. I have been sent to end you!”

“Not if I end you first!” You lunged forward, a clean death shot guaranteed, but a strong arm around your waist stopped you from victory.  “Let me go, villain! I must defend my self against this turncoat!”

“Y/n, you’re getting blood every were! Calm down!” Sammy threw you gently onto the couch and sat on top of you, crushing the breath from your lungs. Dean had calmed down Cas, and he came and pressed a finger to your forehead. You could feel the familiar trail of grace as it trickled down to your hand.

“Okay, would someone please explain what is going on.”



“Oh my god! Cas! We have to go see the new Star Wars! Sam and Dean are out of town, it’s the perfect time, can we go, please?” You hung onto Cas’ arm as he stood there and stared at you with that blank face of his.

“I do not understand this ‘Star Wars’ you speak of.” You jumped away from him as if you had been burned.

Not understand Star Wars? Cas, YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF STAR WARS?!”

“Why are you yelling?” Cas asked, his eyes wide with confusion. Silence fell heavy in the air as you stared at your friend. Then you turned and ran. Cas followed you without question even though he was confused. He found you in your room crouched in front of your case of movies.

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a brilliant man named George Lucas. He wrote and directed three movies. Well, six. But we don’t speak of the other three. The movies were called, Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi.” You finished digging around and pulled out the three movies that you were speaking of. “They told the story of a brave young man who stood up against tyranny and saved the beautiful princess. They fell in love but that kinda fell apart when they found out that they were siblings, so that was kinda awkward. There was Obi Wan Kanobe, Han Solo, Chewy, and many more amazing characters, all striving to free the galaxies from the rule of the Empire. And you, my friend, are gonna learn tonight.” 

Within a few minutes you had the first movie in and playing. “Have a seat, young Jedi, and begin your training.” You patted the spot beside you on your bed and smiled at Cas. He looked like he wanted to scan you to see if you had gone insane. But instead he sat down and began to watch.

Seven hours, ten bags of popcorn, and two liters of root beer later found you and Cas crouched down behind an over turned couch. “There are two Imperial walkers targeting out defense shield on the left, and a fleet of fighters coming in from the right. The walkers are our main concern. Can I trust you to take them to take them down?”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Remember, do or do not, there is no try.” With a mighty battle cry you jumped over the couch. Cas swung his lightsaber at chairs that had been stacked up to look like walkers. You clutched a lego Millennium Falcon in your hand, flying it to silverware that you had hung from the ceiling. You could here Cas humming the Darth Vader theme song behind you, and as you turned to make another sweep at the attacking Imperial forces you swung your arm to wide. A loud crash sounded as the vase slammed into the ground. It had been broken before it hit the ground, but the impact caused it to shatter. A small stream of blood stained your precious ship.

“Cas! I’ve been hit! I’m going down!” You crash landed the Falcon onto the ground, laying spread eagle next to it. Cas slid to his knees next to you.

“Y/n! Y/n, can you hear me?”

“Of course I can hear you, you idiot! I’ve been hit, not deafened.” You stopped, face twisted. “Is deafened even a word?”

“I don’t know. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine! Why aren’t you fighting the walkers? We must defend the princess!” You sprung to your feet, only wobbling a little bit when the blood rushed from your head. You clutched your hand to your chest, trying to stop the bleeding. The bunker door swung open, and your brothers walked in, the door slamming behind them.


“So, that’s what happened today.” You smiled, not scared at the least of what your brothers would do. You were the sweet innocent baby, and they always fell to your charms.

“Oh, my, god.” The boys stared at you like you were insane. “You introduced him to Star Wars and didn’t see this coming?” Dean scoffed.

“Cas, take Y/n to her room, please.” Sam said, having stopped sitting on you before the narrative had started.

“No! I will not go with a turncoat and traitor! He betrayed me! And you!” You swung your lightsaber towards both your brothers. “You would hand me over to him to be delivered to the lair of our enemy, Darth Vader? I trusted you!”

“Y/n. It’s over. Call a truce, make a treaty, whatever. Just be done.” Dean was starting to get exasperated. You could see him start to show the signs that you had learned to look for growing up with his as your elder sibling.

“I will willingly give up my life for the sake of the Alliance.” With a sharp nod in his direction you strode to Castiel.

“Wait, why is Cas’ hair blue?”

“You know? I honestly don’t know.” You smiled at them before marching down the hall. As soon as the door was closed you turned to face your jailer. “What time is it?”

“Eleven thirty.” Cas answered with a sparkle in his eye, aware of what you were going to ask next.

“Want to catch the midnight showing of The Force Awakens?”

“Yes.” He slipped his hand into your newly healed one and with a flutter of wings the rebel and her traitor where on their way to a new adventure.