saber nation

Poland has not yet perished,
While we still live.
What foreign foe hath taken from us,
With sabre we will retrieve.

— The first verse of the National Anthem of Poland

Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła,
Kiedy my żyjemy.
Co nam obca przemoc wzięła,
Szablą odbierzemy.

— Pierwsza zwrotka “Mazurka Dąbrowskiego.”   



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Things We Do/Say At Summer Nationals:

•"What do you mean my fencing bags too heavy for the flight?“

•Dragging a carry-on and your fencing bag through the airport

•"hey look other fencer’s at the airport! Cool! Wait… They might be my competition ey yo fuck you!”

•Wait…did I leave my lame at home? Shit….

•When you don’t have a hard shell fencing bag so you put your bag on the carousel like it’s a death sentence

•Do I wear my club sweats at the airport or is that obnoxious?

•Getting off the plane and then being like “ok where’s the convention center? Oh never mind I’ll just follow all those fencing bags!”

•When your events starts late so you’re walking around the convention center like a litter fucker with your friends

•Giving the cafe dirty looks cuz you know they’ll be making you pay $5 for a banana

•Getting to the amour & trying to make their job as easy as possible cuz you know 90% of the people on the line have their body cords tangled & their glove missing (yes that once was me)

•Going to the AF stand asking them to fix your blades & they’re like “so what’d you do this time?” (Seriously though the AF guys rock, tip them well)

•Procrastinating when to warm up

•Warming up far too early

•Getting to your pool and everyone’s eyeing each other

•That one person in the pool with a fencing book (not saying it’s bad, just that there’s always one person)

•When your event gets pushed back

•Waiting forever for your ref

•Random people screaming from different sides of the convention center

•Trying to get your fencing bag up the escalator

•Running around outside the fencing hall, which is insanely fun, especially during warm-ups

•Walking around trying to find your clubs spot

•When all of your coaches have walked talkies/or headsets so they look like secret agents

•Sneaking past people to get to the front so you can look at the screens for D.E.s

•Squad parties and club dinners

Evening Quickie #soldierporn: Picture perfect.

Soldiers from Charlie Company 2-104th Cavalry Regiment from the Pennsylvania National Guard pose for a group photo after a battle simulation for distinguished visitors during part of the field training exercise at Saber Strike 2014. Saber Strike 2014 is a joint, multi-national military exercise scheduled for June 9- 20. The exercise spans multiple locations in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and involves approximately 4,500 personnel from 10 countries. The exercise is designed to promote regional stability, strengthen international military partnerships, enhance multinational interoperability and prepare participants for worldwide contingency operations.

(U.S. Army Europe photo by Spc. Joshua Leonard, 16 JUN 2014.)