saber fight

Hamilsquad roomies

- nobody ever goes shopping until all that is left in the fridge is mustard and light

- John stays up all night playing video games and shouting at people on teamspeak

- which is why he has to make the others coffee every morning

- Hercules has contemplated moving out after two weeks of living with three guys with long hair (it’s EVERYWHERE IT’S LIKE HAVING FOURTY CATS)

- Lafayette listens to music very loudly and there is absolutely nothing to be done about it

- but he also always makes enough dinner for all of them so he is forgiven

- Alex and John had a light-saber fight in the living room once and that kids is the story of why the lamp mainly consists of gaffer tape

- Hercules just disappears ever so often to some place for doing stuff (nobody knows details, bets are on either supervillain or a secret wife and kids in florida)

- they live next to an older couple, he is a nice old boy, his wife is satan in the flesh - everyone agrees on that (including her husband, john’s sister and every uber in town)

- thursday night is movie night and it doesn’t matter if you got an exam tomorrow alex!

- the toaster is suspected to be a russian spy and is to be blamed for everything going wrong

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By hitting himself in the wound, Kylo was accentuating the pain and using the pain to focus himself; using the adrenalin/endorphin rush to make himself stronger; feeding off of the anger caused by the pain and bringing the Dark Side to bear more strongly against his opponents.

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I need a categorized list of your wives for census purposes

You done fucked up anon.

There are a whole lot of them but I only chose those from my main fandoms. It’s hella long and NSFW because I got a potty mouth :x

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ok but
  • darth vader raising luke & leia in full on sith lord regalia
  • not being able to find a babysitter b/c everyone is afraid of the twins
  • changing the walls of his office to chalkboard b/c he’s tired of having to repaint it every 3 days
  • a really big pram. a HUGE pram. it has removable car seats and is equipped with blasters. somehow vader thought putting weapons within arms reach of a toddler was a good idea.
  • instead of a diaper bag, he uses his utility belt. it stores baby bottles right next to his lightsaber and no he’s never pulled out a bottle instead of the saber in a fight what r u even talking about
  • double baby sling. baby in the front and baby in the back
  • the galactic standard calendar has been changed to “before the twins learned the force” (bf) and “after the twins learned the force” (af)
  • uncle palpatine
  • boba fett will deny it if u asked but the most difficult bounty he’s ever taken on was searching for the twins after they somehow piloted a fighter and achieved military victory. vader is both pleased and horrified. 
  • the REAL reason why vader only wears black is b/c the twins kept messing w/ the laundry
  • palpatine eventually gave up on turning them to the dark side after their fifth bday, figuring they’re already capable of wreaking chaos
  • the truth behind “a new hope” was leia prank calling old obi wan and luke going for a joyride and accidentally blowing up the death star
  • the empire finally falls when palpatine retires so he can enjoy the rest of his living days in peace far away from the skywalker twins. they hijack his ship and leave him stranded on endor. he’s never heard from again.

Japanese Transformers G1 DVD covers.

Of Sweets and Coffee (Fate/Zero fanfiction)

Rating G. 3 300+ words.

Alternate Universe - Bakery!

Pairing: Arturia Pendragon/Diarmuid Ua Duibhne.

Fluff. Slow Burn. First Meetings. First Dates. Motorcycles. Pastries.

Ao3 link

In the corner of the least busy street of the financial district of the city, there was a small pastry shop where time didn´t pass. It was so tiny that there only was space for two tables in front of the counter, but the fame of its pastries didn’t have anything to envy to the larger stores.

The owner, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, an entry level pastry chef who recently inherited the family´s little bakery, started to prepare the dough at 5 am and opened at 9 am, every single day, without fail.

Today, he arrived before the first rays of the sun could touch the pastry shop but, at 7:30, the shop keeper´s bell sounded and the first customer of the day entered his little store. Diarmuid, who had decided to take a break to taste a recently baked cinnamon roll, looked up and saw an agitated blonde woman, dressed in an elegant black suit, standing at the bakery´s door.

Beautiful… was the only word that came to mind when he looked at the young woman in front of him.

The young woman´s green eyes quickly inspected the pastry shop before they settled on the golden ones staring at her. She frowned and spoke with a bit of hesitance at first. “The pleasing aroma of this pastry shop drew me in but…” The woman cleared her throat and, when she spoke again, confidence emanated from her being. ”I might be wrong, but I have the impression that I arrived too early. Please accept my apologies for carelessly barging in this establishment!”

Diarmuid blinked twice as he continued to munch on his cinnamon roll.

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And Now ... a summary of most Reylo Smut fics with the help of the ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ Cast.

The saber fights ….

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The inner thoughts during these fights …

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The sexy times ….

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more sexy times …

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and us going …

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