Indian Tulwar, 18th or 19th Century

With curved blade (some light pitting) double-edged over a third of its length to the point and fullered along the back on each side, the forte struck on one side with a bladesmith’s mark, characteristic iron hilt decorated overall with damascened silver quatrefoils within zigzaged borders, and comprising pointed langets, button quillons, curved tapering knuckle-guard with stylised monster-head terminal, disc-shaped pommel with button finial on a rayed dome, and swelling grip. 76 cm blade.

Saber (Gawain)

Type: Headcannon

By: anon

….the lateness astounds me oml

  • Gawain is still a proud and (somewhat) prudent Knight of the Round, so expect him to be the impeccable gentleman who opens doors, helps you off a vehicle, and generally being the pampering kind of person he is. 
  • At the beginning of a relationship, is not really the touchiest person in the planet. He will wait for his S/O to give him their permission on when he is already allowed to instigate physical contact. 

  • It is not a well-known (or even relatively noticed) fact, but Gawain is actually a closet-in-another-closet kind of perv. If the S/O is really good with words and the like, they should be able to pick up those very very subtle innuendos and double meanings he uses.

  • Very thoughtful when giving gifts to his S/O, and they all have practical uses. Only seldom will Gawain give a gift that has no practicality, as he thinks that his S/O might need something that can help them in a pinch.

  • When Gawain gets touchy, expect cuddles. Lots and lots of cuddles. There is no escape.