British Pattern 1821 Light Cavalry Officer’s Sword

A mid-Victorian light cavalry officer’s sword to the Northumberland Yeomanry, with scabbard. This is a nice big hefty sword, in average condition. The blade, hilt and scabbard have a matching dark patina all over. The etching is more detailed than average and clear on most of the blade. The edge has been sharpened and has a few small nicks (see photos). The leather washer is missing, but of course this could be replaced fairly easily and the hilt remains solid on the tang. The grip shagreen and wire remains in very good condition. This sword could be polished up and improved.


A stunning pair of sword hilt candlesticks with shagreen grip, VR monogram and boot spur feet. Circa 1905.

These wonderful British sword hilt candlesticks began to appear in the 1890s and early 1900s–and for good reason. In 1895 a new steel hilt was introduced for infantry officers. Officers were required to either replace the hilts on their current swords, or buy new swords with the new guards. Simply replacing the guards was much more economical, so sword makers and military outfitters suddenly found themselves with stockpiles of the old gilt brass infantry officers’ sword hilts. What a great way to recycle these beautiful hilts! I have coveted a pair of these for a while, but I haven’t had any luck yet!

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