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I've noticed you mention it in your tags before, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on Sakura/Saber as a pairing (either as regular or dark/alter versions)

Its a pairing with tons of potential that sadly isn’t really explored all that deeply by the end of HF, which just makes me all the more interested in it.

In the early parts of HF, Shirou, Saber, and Sakura form something of a trio. Since Shirou doesn’t team up with Rin, we get lots of scenes with just these three together. All three eating together, Saber and Sakura being pissed at Shirou together when he comes home after sneaking out, Saber talking about Sakura’s self hate issues and clearly relating to them really hard, etc. Just generally lots of sweet wholesome interactions that really sell me on the idea that these two ladies have bonded. I’d love to see more fics with this pairing bc tbh, Saber would probably have the easiest time saving Sakura out of the entire cast. Her Avalon healing would make dealing with like 80% of what Zouken has done to Sakura’s body much simpler. So yeah they are super cute and i love their relationship.

Now, on the darker side of things…

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