British Police Hanger, 19th Century

Bedivere (Saber)

Type: Holding Hands Headcanons

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Warning?: None

A/N: Did y'all know I love Bedivere and Lancelot the most out of all the KotRT? Why can’t I summon him irl and just shower him with affection and cook him food? Also why is he the only 3 ★ Servant????

Also I’m sorry but there’s no information on Muramasa to work with so I’m going to cut him off. I hope you understand.


Bedivere (Saber)

• Bedivere isn’t much for PDA. Not that he wouldn’t be affectionate towards his s/o, but he thinks whether he should or shouldn’t initiate any type of physical contact.

• Knowing that his s/o is shy doesn’t really help him either because he doesn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable and likely that is what is also going through his partner’s mind

• He wants to take things slow but the very fact that either of them cannot bring themselves to hold the other’s hand plagues them so they need to sit down and talk about it

• Both settle on entwining their pinky fingers. It is as pure as both could get but it helps them both get more comfortable with each other. To Bedivere, it means a lot more than actually holding their hand. He’ll faint when they kiss him.


An East India Company Mameluke-Hilted Sword for the Bombay Light Cavalry, c.1830

Curved 30 inch blade with 11 inch panel etched with East India Company Lion, regimental title, crossed lances, florals and maker’s markings for Prosser of London. Steel-mounted mameluke hilt, the gripscales of horn. Black-painted iron scabbard.