Sabel Starr lived to fuck rock stars. She was so glamorous, totally one-of-a-kind, wearing scarves for shirts and going topless without hesitation. My junior high school friend Queenie became friends with Sabel and introduced me. I was 14. Sabel was the same age. I felt completely in awe of her.–Lori Mattix

Sabel Starr and Lori Mattix with Dave Hill, 1973
Dear Podcast Enthusiasts,

I am hoping that you can give me some podcast recommendations. I’ve listened to many podcasts and looking for some more. Here is a list of podcasts I’ve listened to in no order off the top of my head. (I’ve probably forgotten some.) ○Welcome to Nightvale ○The Penumbra Podcast ○Alice isn’t dead ○Within the wires ○Mabel ○Rover Red ○Ars paradoxica ○The Alexandria Archives ○Lore ○The Bridge ○The orbiting human circus ○King Falls AM ○The Bright Sessions ○Wolf 359 ○Tanis ○The Black Tapes ○Kakos Industries ○Archive 81 ○The Deep Vault ○The Message ○EOS 10 ○Limetown ○Help Me ○Sabel ~ ~ Here is a list of podcasts that are on my “To Listen to” list ■Hello from the magic tavern ■Wooden overcoats ■Myths and legends ■The Lift ■The Magnus Achive ■Darkest Night ■Tales of Thattown ■Unexplained @iceboysinlove @roverredpodcast @thebridgepodcast @thebrightsessions @arsparadoxica


Groupies represent the songs

(Star Collector - The Monkees, Sick Again - Led Zeppelin, Little Wing - The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Superlungs (My Supergirl) - Donovan, Ladies of The Road - King Crimson, Famous Groupies - Wings, Tiny Dancer - Elton John)

All S wanted was to finish her journey across the island in peace. Not to stumble across a lone traveler (no one travels alone), who is actually very pretty (no one travels alone), and who has roped S into becoming a guide to the unbreachable Center lands (no one travels alone). 

But this irritatingly taciturn and mysterious hanger-on never thought to ask why S was traveling to the Center.


first chapter will be posted to @centrepeace

author @zeldasabel

the full book will be available in print and digital versions through amazon

I’ll be running a promo on release day / jan 12 and 6-week mark where you’ll be able to download it for free (!) 

if you like adventure, dubious folklore, an entire lgbt+ cast, and enemies-to-lovers… then pal, I got good news for you

I commissioned the absolutely amazing @kauriart to draw my Inquisitor Sabel Trevelyan and I am SO glad I did! She was amazingly fast, talented and receptive. And Sabel looks exactly how I imagine her–plus that HAIR! kauriart told me that she feels very down to earth and distinctive, and I couldn’t agree more. If you ever get the chance to commission her, do it!!! 

*goes back to gushing over how cool her scar looks*

Dutch art therapist Bettie Ringma with Nancy Spungen and Sabel Starr at CBGB, 1976. Eliot Kidd is in the background. Taken by Marc H. Miller.[ XX ]

“I saw these two girls and they looked totally out of place there. It was a totally funky place, with everything tattered and run-down. And here were these dressed-up, long-haired girls. I said to Marc, these are not musicians, but let’s just take a picture with them. And then later Nancy Spungen became Sid Vicious’s girlfriend, and you know what happened there. Sad story.”