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Groupies represent the songs

(Star Collector - The Monkees, Sick Again - Led Zeppelin, Little Wing - The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Superlungs (My Supergirl) - Donovan, Ladies of The Road - King Crimson, Famous Groupies - Wings, Tiny Dancer - Elton John)

Dutch art therapist Bettie Ringma with Nancy Spungen and Sabel Starr at CBGB, 1976. Eliot Kidd is in the background. Taken by Marc H. Miller.[ XX ]

“I saw these two girls and they looked totally out of place there. It was a totally funky place, with everything tattered and run-down. And here were these dressed-up, long-haired girls. I said to Marc, these are not musicians, but let’s just take a picture with them. And then later Nancy Spungen became Sid Vicious’s girlfriend, and you know what happened there. Sad story.”

There was a big living room with fluffy white shag carpets, and Stuie rolled this humongous hash joint–one of those huge spliffs. I had smoked pot before, but it wasn’t like this. I got so fucked up. David went into the bedroom and said, ‘I’m going to take a bath.’ All of a sudden, the door opens and Bowie is standing there with that gorgeous white skin and carrot-red ginger hair, no eyebrows, wearing a kimono. It was his early Ziggy Stardust era, and that was the first time I thought, 'Oh I want him!’ Sable(Starr) was like, 'I’ll kill you if you go with him because I want him and you can’t have him.’ He came out and said 'Lori, could you come over here?’ and I said 'Alone?’ I was so paranoid–stoned and paranoid, and he said, 'Yes, please, just you.’ I go in and he’s about to close the door, and I’m looking at Sable and she’s in tears. I was so nervous. I had boyfriends in junior high; all the smooching, but I’d never had intercourse. So he escorts me into the bathroom and takes off his kimono, gets into the bathtub, and sits there staring at me with those different colored eyes. You have to understand–he’s so gorgeous, his skin is so white and flawless. So he says, 'Can you wash my back?’ and that was just the beginning. He knew it was my first time, and he was so gentle with me. We started to fuck in every position possible. Then I told him I felt so bad about Sable, and he said, 'Well, do you think we should go and get her?’ I said yes, and we walked into the living room and she was fogging up the windows writing 'I want to fuck David!’ So he called her into the bedroom and we all spent the night together. David Bowie was the one who devirginized me.
—  Lori Maddox on spending time with David Bowie and losing her virginity 

Sabel Starr ran away from home when she was 16 after meeting Johnny Thunders, guitarist in the glam rock band, the New York Dolls. She went to live with him in New York City; however their relationship didn’t last, mainly due to his violent jealousy and drug addiction. He had wanted to marry her after she became pregnant with his child, but she refused and instead had an abortion. Tired of the physical abuse Thunders often inflicted upon her, and unable to adjust to the New York lifestyle, Starr moved back to Los Angeles.

I met Sable when she was 15 and I was 18. I sent her home to New York while we carried on tour. When we got back the police were looking for her at the airport and everywhere!

He [Thunders] tried to destroy my personality. After I was with him, I just wasn’t Sable Starr anymore. He really destroyed the Sable Starr thing.“ 

In the beginning, living in the house on Torrenson Drive was great- We’d come back from practice and there’d be naked girls in the pool. It was classic rock & roll: naked girls in the pool, Cadillac in the driveway, getting paid, maids, plenty of pot…
We had a gig at the Whysky A Go-Go when we first moved out there and that’s when we met Sabel Starr, who was a really nice girl. First she was Iggy’s groupie, then with me, then go back to Iggy, then back to me, and then go to my brother and back to me. We would do two sets at the Whisky, and in between sets, Sabel would say, “Can I suck your dick?” She was real open about stuff, that’s what I always liked about her. So in between our sets Sabel would suck my dick in the upstairs men’s bathroom.
—  Ron Asheton from The Stooges talking about Sabel Starr
I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp: Richard Hell's Autobiography

I bought Richard’s book in Barnes & Noble a few days ago, and it’s pretty much amazing, it’s now one of my favorite books. You better go and read it yourself.

Anyways, here’s what I found in Richard’s autobiography about Sabel, what he says is truly beautiful (and funny) have fun while reading it and enjoy it :)

“I’d seen a picture or two of Sabel Starr in magazines like Creem that covered the Dolls. She and Thunders were the sensational love duo of that ghetto of rock and roll fandom for a few months in 1972-73, and there was a lot of gossip and backstage/nightclub snapshots of them. Sabel was fifteen (Johnny was nineteen) when they met and she was already notorious as an L.A. groupie. Word was she’d slept with Iggy Pop when she was thirteen. In between Iggy and Johnny she’d been with Robert Plant, and in between Johnny and me she spent some time with Keith Richards. She and I got together in 1975.

Like the other avant-garde underage groupies of L.A., she dressed in an elaborate thrift-store old-school-movie-star/hooker style, with plenty of satin and silk, and fishnet stockings and Hollywood hats, sometimes with veils, and fake four and spike heels and hot pants and feather boas. She looked like a pubescent trailer-camp- drug whore, except that because we had no concept of a drug whore at that point, it might be more appropriate to say she looked like a flamboyant dress-up Lolita, especially since she always had the cheeriest healthy smile. The smile was real—-happy and friendly. Everything about her was real.
She was heroic. At least from the point of view of a musician whom she liked. She truly lived for fun and joy, and the thing that was the most joyous of all to her was make a meaningful rock musician happy. That was her mission, the way someone else might join the Peace Corps. Instead of digging wells and planting crops and offering medical care, she provided pretty and entertaining companionship, astute and sincere encouragement, favorite drugs, and magnificent blow jobs.
She and Johnny had been broken up for a while when Johnny introduced me to her, and she and I spent a lot of time together in the following few months. She said just about the nicest thing that anyone had ever said to me. She told me that, at any time in the future, for the rest of my life, if I had the desire, all I had to do was ask her and she’d suck my cock. (One other has said this to me and that was Rene Richard, the poet and art writer—–But I think Sabel really meant it.)
She was a soulful, sane, self-aware sweetheart of a commited groupie. Cynics and some feminist mock the idea of the prostitute with a heart of gold. Groupies in Sabel’s class are not prostitutes— on the contrary, they are humanitarian benefactors. ”

With Sabel Starr.

Let's Spend The Night Together: Absolute Begginers Lori Lightning

“Whenever I went to the Whiskey, I always kept away from those skinny teenagers who used to stud Sunset Strip in their skimpy shorts and wedge-heel shoes. To me, they were more annoying than threatening, even though one night one of them dared call me “old witch” while I was talking to Elton John(Some sources says this was Sabel). They always used to go around together, just like me when I was one of the GTO’s. These impertinent little girls were competitives and really rudes, Sable Starr above all, who was the platinum-blonde ringleader of the gang, her face marked with acne. […].”

- Pamela Des Barres, Let’s Spend The Night Together

During her interview, Lori says that David invited her to the hotel where he was lodging (Hilton Hotel), Lori was very scared and asked Sabel to come with her, before going to the hotel, they went to the Rainbow with Bowie and Stuie. Bowie was insulted by some guys that night and a brawl broke out. Sabel and Lori ran into David’s Limo, and there was “Danny’s Song”, (in “Sittin’ In”, by Loggins & Messina, 1972) on the radio: “Even though we ain’t got money, I’m so in love with you, honey” and Sabel, who was wearing her Hollywood underwear, started singing “Even though we ain’t got honey, I’m so in love with your money”. Lori says also that was the typical way to change the words of that song. After the brawl, they went to the Hilton with David and Stuie who rolled an enormous joint. haha, they smoked it all together and we both know already what it happened later with Bowie!

Many many thanks to Manu from Italy for sending me this info to me! (I haven’t found Let’s Spend The Night Together book anywhere to read it! so sweet Manu sent me this to publish it)

«Times changed, the Rodney’s Disco, Star magazine and Peterson Published got closed, and the punk rock began to gain ground. Sable moved to New York with Johnny Thunders and the New York Dolls. I didn’t give up ‘cause I was more involved in the rock scene.» […]
When Sable came back from NY, Lori met her at her flat in Huntington Beach:« the last time I saw her she had just had a baby, and I think that Sable too used heroin (like Jimmy Page). She told me that a skater or a woodman got her pregnant». Lori says also that Sabel named her son “Denay” -here Lori says it’s gospel truth-: Sable told her:“Just like that! My son has the same name as my sister Corel’s tennis racket!”. She says that it was typical of Sable. «I met her again when I had just had my son Nick, and she advised me to bear another child “each time that something happens to this one”. Now (2007) she has two children and she’s working as a croupier in a casino nearby Rhine. »
—  Lori Mattix, Let’s Spend the Night Together