sabel able

So I got bored and decided to make some Animal Crossing sims

Here are the ones I have made so far. 

Here is Labelle. I don’t know why she made that face, but it was funny haha

I hope y'all know of Moe. He is currently my favorite villager so far and I actually like how he came out.

And here’s Crazy Redd. He’s probably coming up with some sort of scam to get money haha ^^

Gracie was listening to Mabel tell a ghost story haha I think she came out pretty well too.

and here’s Tom. He’s upset because Gracie humiliated him earlier… :I

Here’s Mabel telling her ghost story haha

and lastly Sabel reading a book. That is literally the first thing she went to do on the game. 

That’s all the people I have so far. ^^