Yesterday was the last day of the annual festival in my town.

The festival is called “Uva&Dintorni” and the reason of this feast is for thank for the yield. Anyway, the real reason doesn’t matter anymore. Now, the festivity is for play around and get drunk.

The feast is divided in three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday: there isn’t much to see. Because is the first day, the flea market is closed, there aren’t shows. The only things open are the wineries and only few young people go there to get drunk. It is a bit depressing.

Saturday: This is the day which has more thing to see. The flea market is open and there are handmade things. There are many shows to see: strumental shows, juggling shows, fire shows…etc.

Sunday: Sunday is the last day of the festival and there’s a full day of shows. In the afternoon there is a “race of the barrel” between 13 teams. They have to rolling the barrel around a course around the town and the first who arrive at the goal is the winner. Of course. Then in the evening there is the fireworks. The beautiful fireworks.

In this festival there’s also something to eat. There are different courtyards where you can eat.

  1. Corte dei canederli (Courtyard of the dumplings).
  2. Corte degli arrosticini (Couryard of the roasts).
  3. Corte dei golosi (Courtyard of the greedy).
  4. Corte del caffè (Courtyard of the coffee).
  5. Corte dello stinco (Courtyard of the shin pork).
  6. Corte del tabiel (Courtyard of the chopping board).
  7. Corte del gulash (Courtyard of the goulash).

I hope you can come to this feast one day. It is really interesting!

It is located in Avio and Sabbionara. This time was at Sabbionara, instead next year will be at Avio.