so i was watching deadpool and my friend was like.. can you go pick up weed for me. and i was like. no? and she was like but I hooked it up and i’m not in town to get it. so I told her to tell him to meet me at 4:30 and went to get it but then she’s like lol I didn’t tell him to meet you at 4:30. so I just sat in the parking lot for an hour waiting for this guy and she wouldn’t ask him for the location and then she told me she hooked it up using my name and i’m just 😒😒😒




9 debuts

Gulag Casual by Austin English
Sec by Sarah Ferrick
ITDN by Andrew Burkholder
Mirror Mirror 1 edited by Blaise Larmee, featuring new work by Andrea Bjurström, Sarah Ferrick, Caroline Hennessy, Tracy Auch, Nicholas Verstraeten, Nou, Leslie Weibeler, Katherine Poe, Connor Willumsen, Leon Sadler
Altcomics Magazine #2
Sprawling Heart by Sab Meynert
Someone Please Have Sex With Me by Gina Wynbrandt
Turning Japanese by MariNaomi
Virus Tropical by Powerpaola, with an introduction by Inés Estrada


comic by Jake Terrell

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