On one episode of Switched at Birth they discussed:

-Male and female sexual assault: shame, victim blaming, recovery process 

-Disability: societal perceptions, stigma 

-Abortion: the demands of raising a special needs kid, implications of the value placed on disabled individuals in society

I love when this show forgets about the boy drama and focuses on such hard-hitting topics. They’re doing a pretty great job broaching these subjects realistically and with tact.

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Since you're like the best rowan acc can you help me find a picture? it's like: row and sab are leaning against a car and row's wearing a plaid skirt and sab is waring a long black and white shirt. Do you know where that pic is from? Can u find it?

this one?

When you play as Jackie in davonnercgers bbtc and immediately form a bombsquad of a bb17 alliance, with a core of James and Meg (iconic, right?)

And anyways you manage to scope out that heather is a sab REAL quick, but youre in an “alliance” with her so you keep it to yourself until you win HoH and nominate her and her fellow bbcan hoes

But she wins sadly wins veto, and you end up just eliminating jon and Rachelle. BUT thats ok because next week, you get her closest ally Jessie to backdoor her

And then you and bb17 bombsquad continues to dominate, until Jon wins buyback and fucks up out WHOLE entire life bc her WON’T STOP WINNING COMPS

So its basically a power struggle between jon and you, until f5 where you strike a “f2 deal” with him that you know youre gonna break because after bb17 John is evicted at the hands of bbcan jon and i, its my original f3 v. Jon

so you win f4 hoh, but jon wins veto and eliminates meg, ultimately snatching your f3 deal…

AND THEN JON snatches part 1 and 3 of Final HoH from you, and even though you had a deal with him, he (with good reason) evicts you.

CONGRATS JON FOR WINNING! you deserved it, and if i didn’t win, i knew i wanted you to. Also congrats to John for winnig VFP! special thanks to NICHOLAS MY KING OF COURSE, and to my iconic bb17 alliance Juliz, James, Shelli, Meg, and John for being AMAZING, especially James and Meg for being my ride or dies. Also iconic queen heather for our wig snatching and extension ripping fights that are sure to go down in history <3 AND VICTORIA for always being there for me to pm tbh. wow im thanking so many ppl tbh THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO PLAYED <3 pm me who you were so i can follow you if i don’t already!

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Nicknames:I don’t have nicknames. The only one I can think of is Jayjay. People just call me Jade. But one time my friend was trying to get my attention and I just wasn’t paying attention to her(fanfics do that to a girl) so she started calling me weird variations of my name, until finally, she got so fed up that she screamed at me “VAJAYJAY”. It really got my attention. I’ll haunt her hallways when I die for that one.

Birthday:April 9th

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Gender:Iron Man. If you get me.

Sexual orientation:Bisexual

Height:five foot four inches. I’m still growing I will get taller…

Favourite colour:green. Like Asami’s eyes :3

Average amount of sleep:school nights it’s 7-9. Not a school night 10-12.

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Favourite book:The Kill Order. That’s a nice book.

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Dream job:Writer and Dentist.

What i’m wearing now:A baseball tee with a hole at the ribs and sweatpants.

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Name: Saba

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Favourite Blanket: A big, comfy blanket which is pink and white with flowers all over it

Favourite fictional chracter: Natsu, Lucy, Hinata, Naruto, Hermione, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Touka (yeah i. have alot)

Favourite famous person: Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Emma Stones

Favourite band: Fallout boy, Imagine dragons

Last movie I saw: 21 jump street (it was really good)

Dream vacation: There’s way too many to put down

Dream job: A detective!!!!! or therapist 

Pic/selfie: Don’t wanna scare you guys

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alright so i’m seeing a lot of people claiming :re doesn’t give a fuck about kaneki/haise which kinda upsets me since, you know, after so many chapters it’s been pretty clear to me they do. this might be long so i apologize in advance for the mistakes i might make.

here’s the thing: everyone is really ignorant of what is actually going on. touka and nishiki have no idea of what treatment kaneki went through in CCG, although they may have some doubts. what they do know is that, from their point of view, haise is not alone and is like kaneki wished, out of the ghoul world. the world who ruined him and broke him entirely. they probably see this as a second chance for him. they’re giving him the time he needs.

tsukiyama has seen this in a different way, but he’s not so wrong. he understood the CCG was not the right place for him, but he doesn’t acknowledge the relationships haise has build with his team and superiors. what he doesn’t really realize is the risks of bringing kaneki back just like that. who can blame him? he spent those last years suffering from depression and missing his friend, and seeing him alive blinds him from those details.

now let’s make this clear: i’m not taking anyone’s side. like i said, none of them knows what is really going on. but what we as readers know is how fucked up kaneki is right now.

seriously, can’t you imagine what would happen if he gets his memories so suddenly? kaneki is still unstable, and seems very dangerous. he clearly needs time to take things slowly so that haise can coexist in peace with his past-self. because there is no way haise and kaneki can exist without each other.

also, i’ve seen this a lot too, but don’t blame touka for not caring much about tsukiyama. she doesn’t know what happened to him after kaneki “died”. she barely interact with him in part 2 of tokyo ghoul and never saw how much he changed and actually cared for kaneki. there was no way for her to know any of this. again, everyone is ignorant and i understand it might be frustrating but hating on characters, whoever it is, is not the solution.

no one else seems to find it as disturbing as me that

1) eugenics is actively being carried out against people with Down Syndrome is the U.S. today

2) that eugenics campaigns are actively being carried out against the autistic community and other disabled populations

3) that people think this is justifiable and will balk at you calling it for what it is

4) that it is so normalized in our society that a TV series can very lightly, barely try to probe the subject and almost absolutely no one gets it

Vete haciendo a la idea de que si sigues así, muy pronto me perderás. Si, así, aunque te ame con toda mi alma, aunque sea yo quien quede hecha mierda más por la decisión tomada.
—  SABS.