do you ever think about how Kailen would be at home liking the girls’ tweets and instagrams right now instead of taking beautiful snaps all over the Olympic Village and Sabs would be the alt cheering everyone on and bringing them snacks and being her usual bubbly smiley self instead of getting ready to go sit on the bench and watch the game nervously and Steph would be goofing around being an absolute sweetheart instead of feeling the pressure of a nation watching her try to step into cleats that she can’t possibly fill while she tries to not disappoint the person those very cleats belong to who’s watching from home because life is so unnecessarily unfair at times

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dude, i don't even know if what i'm watching every week is Rilaya or Rowbrina anymore!

I honestly think that Riley and Maya weren’t supposed to be this gay but then they literally cast a queer girl (Row) and the gayest chick on the planet (Sab) to play them and it all went downhill from there lol

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Omg!!! Were there any Maya and Zay moments? I love there friendship, and can you put some detail into how it was?

Nope. But cute Sab and Amir stuff

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Can i kiss u?i wanna know what u taste like.but shh dont tell Sab

Wtf is wrong with people oh my god nOooOOOoooOOooOo

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Totally because I'm RILAYA trash and wish with all my heart that Sabrina is gay but I know she's not :((((((

Aren’t we all rilaya trash? lol
And the way that Sab stares at girls (mainly Rowan) and how she gets really flustered when people bring up boy crushes or LGBT stuff, I doubt that she’s straight lol but we never know until she says so

After reading through Girl Meets Ski lodge episode scripts
  • Peyton:Sab...
  • Sabrina:I know.
  • Rowan runs in
  • Rowan:GUYS!
  • Peybrina:we know...
  • Corey runs in
  • Corey:Guys!
  • Rowan:They know...
  • Peyton:okay all I have to do is look at you or even glance at you and people will still see that Lucaya still exist.
  • Sabrina:okay me too. Every now and then we'll catch each other's eye.
  • Rowan:okay okay and I'll look at Corey every now and then too. Because I can't believe Riarkle isn't real yet.
  • Corey:Same, like I go on tumblr, even they convinced me that Riley and Farkle have this undeniable connection.
  • Peyton:sounds like we have a master plan at works.
  • Sabrina:we do.