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Of the Nail, the Thorn, and the Cross

  1. Iron Nail Cross
  2. Cross of Samael
  3. Oak Nowl

Metalwork, sculpture, and carving attributed to Daniel Schulke

“The Thorn is both punitive & binding, the Holy Nail of the Greenwood executing the grim sentence of Crucifixion at once harnessing the forces of binding & torment.”

— Daniel Schulke, Viridarium Umbris: The Pleasure Garden of Shadow

The cross has been defined by Schulke as “the supreme magical formula of incarnation-sacrifice-apotheosis arising from the fixation of spirit into the four ways of matter.”

koledari-deactivated20170709  asked:

what exactly is flying ointment?

Flying ointment simply put is an ointment, salve, or oil used in aiding sabbatic flight / hedge crossing / trancework ect. Traditionally using baneful herbs such as belladonna, henbane, and datura.

I could tell you everything I know about Flying ointment, but what ever I could said would be better said by Sarah Ann Lawless. She’s a herbalist, witch, and someone who professionally works with baneful herbs and specializes in herbal medicine and her ointments are known to be some of the best. ( I have personally tried some and LOVE them ) SHE KNOWS HER SHIT. so here are some links!

A Witches Glossary by The Aries Witch ♈

So, I often get asked things like ; what is a ___, What does ___ do? so i thought i would put together this little glossary :)

an Altar: A space set out with a cloth and other items used to represent magick. This place should be full of useful things during a spell as it aids as a focus point for your magick. Many witches like to change their altars around with the cycles of the seasons.

Amulet/ Charm/ Talisman: An item worn to attract certain energies (example: Luck, love)

Athame (Ath-Ah-May) : A witches knife, traditionally black handled and double edged, it is used to direct magickal energy.

Arcana: The 2 groups of cards in a Tarot deck - They are Major and minor

Astrology:   The belief and study of the effects of the movements and placements of planets and other heavenly bodies have on the lives and behaviour of those born at certain times.

Aura: A field of energy layers that surround a physical body.

Banish: To rid of or to remove something like negative energies

Beltane: A Sabbat elebrated traditionally from Sundown on October 31st to November 1st sundown in the Southern Hemisphere whereas in the Northern Hemisphere it is celebrated on April 30th to Sundown May 1

Besom/Broom: The most well known item that a witch carries! And no we do not fly on them, they are usually used for sweeping out negative energies. They can be made from dried herbs like lavender and rosemary, for their magickal properties.

Bind: To restrain or hold onto something magickally

“Blessed Be”: a greeting and a blessing 

Boline: A knife used for the physical part of magick (Not for hurting anyone or anything EVER) This knife is traditionally white handled, as opposed to an Athame, and is for cutting up herbs or carving and engraving.

a Book Of Shadows/ Grimoire: A witches’ personal book of spells, rituals, magickal properties, experiences and lessons learnt. 

Casting Circle/ Sacred Circle: The ‘circle’ is a protective space in the metaphysical world for you to perform your magick in! Although not every witch casts circle, i do recommend it, as from my point of view not casting circle would be like leaving your front door open for strangers. But really, as long as feel safe and protected while working you will be fine. The circle can be visualised as a white sphere of energy manifested around oneself. The four elemental quarters are usually set out in their appropriate directions within this circle.

Cauldron: A heat proof pot that can be used for magickal cooking and such, and is symbolic of the womb and fertility

Censer: A big heatproof bowl for dispensing incense smoke.

Chalice: Essentially a cup, this represents feminine energy and if filled with water, can represent the element on your altar.

to ‘Charge’: To fill an item with magickal energy, entrusting it with a task

Chakra; An energy centre in the body of a living being. There are 7 major chakras.

Consecration: The claiming and cleansing of any magickal item. Consecration clears an item of any unwanted energies and it is recommended you consecrate all your tools before use. Consecration is done in alignment with each element, for example, passing the item through smoke, dipping it in water,plunging it into the earth and passing it over a flame.

Dark Moon: The ‘new’ moon phase, when the moon is completely overshadowed and invisible

Deity: Deities are forms of Gods and Goddesses

Deosil: ‘Anti-sunwise’, ‘anti - clockwise’ meaning against the direction of the sun. (This is opposite for the Northern Hemisphere)

Diviation: Any method of seeing and foretelling the future. Methods include scrying, the tarot, reading tea and runes.

Dowsing: A form of Divination using a Pendulum to answer yes and No questions 

Earth: Well the thing we live on, but in Elemental speech the earth is sand, sand, soil, anything derived from the ground.

Elements: The 5 points on the pentacle - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. These are usually always present on an altar, whether they be actual items (Sand, Soil, Salt, A Bowl Of water, incense, etc) or simple an appropriate coloured candle.

Eostre/Ostara: A Sabbat, a celebration of the Spring Equinox which is around the 20th - 25th of Septemeber in the Southen Hemispher and March in the Northern Hemisphere.

Esbat: A celebration of each full moon

Familiar: A Witches animal ‘helper’. A familiar can aid and enhance a witches focus or power. The are not chosen and you can not pick a random pet or animal and claim it as your familiar. Your familiar will find you and you will definitely feel the connection difference.

Fire: An element, fire is a living organism and is represented on the western point of the Pentacle

the Goddess : The Goddess is the female energy and aspect of the universe. She is mother of all and the balance to the male energy. A representation of the goddess is usually on an altar

Grounding yourself: This is the process of dispelling excess and accumulated energies.

Handfasting: A traditional wedding ceremony

Herbalism: The act of using the properties of herbs to assist in workings, whether they be magickal or not

Hex: A curse  or bad energy placed placed on someone

High Priest/Priestess: Essentailly thse are the male and female ‘leaders’ of a coven

the Horned God: He is the symbol of the male aspect of the universe, balancing the goddess. He is often seen as Cernunnos and Pan, gods of the earth, woodlands, hunts and animals. 

Imbolc: A Sabbat celebrated around the 1st week of August. It symbolises new growth and beginnings. During this time in Australia the forests are bright with Yellow wattle and Acacia trees are coming into full bloom. Imbolc is celebratedat the start of February in the Northern Hemisphere.

Initiation: This is basically the first step to becoming a witch. It is a ceremony where you tell the universe that you are a WITCH and announce your magickal intentions. If you are a solitary or working on your own you can easily perform a self initiation ritual, whereas coven initiation rituals are done by the High Priest and Priestess.

Knot magick: A magickal technique used to secure energy in a cord which can be released when the knot is untied, or can store energy to complete its task.

Litha: A Sabbat dedicated to Summer Solstice! This is usually celebrated around December 20/21/22 in Australia. This time is most dedicated to the God as he is at his most powerful.

Lughnasah/Lammas  : A Sabbat known as the cross-quarter day, A load of bred or similiar is usually baked ad shared in the name of the goddess. It is celebrated around the start of February in The Southern Hemisphere and August in the Northern.

Mabon: A Sabbat to celebrate the Autumn equinox, Where the nights grow longer and colder.It is the separation point between The Light and Dark halves of the year. celebrated around March 20th in the Southern Hemisphere and September in the Northern. 

Nature Worship: A part of the Pagan religion, worshipping and honouring  nature is of great importance to me and many other witches. It is what gives us life, a home and food. 

Ostara (see Eostre)

Paganism: Paganism is a nature based religion and many witches fall under its umbrella of religion, although it is not necessary to be a Pagan. A witch can be of any religion.

Pendulum: An object (usually a crystal of sorts)  attached to a piece of string and used to answer yes or no question during Dowsing.

Pentacle/Pentagram: The 5 pointed star depicted with interwoven cross points which symbolise the elements and their continuous cycles. The representations are Spirit, Air, Water, Earth and Fire. 

Philter: A magickally enhanced liquid, usually to be drunk.

Polytheism: The belief of the existence of multiple Deities.

Poppet: A Doll made to represent a person for the purpose of a spell

Ritual: A magickal ceremony

Rune: A figure from an ancient alphabet, These symbols are carved into materials such as crystals and woods and are used as a form of Divinations, as each symbol has its own meaning. 

Sabbat: The 8 main Solar celebrations, which are set out around seasonal changes

Sachet: A small pillow sewn from fabric and stuffed with herbs  or desired other materials.

Samhain: A Sabbat, The start and the end of wheel of the year, this day is commonly associated with Halloween though it is Southerly celebrated on the 31st of April.It is a time to look back and reflect on the past year and honour those who have gone before us. It is also the time where the Goddess reigns in her powerful aspects of the Crone.

Scrying: A form of divination where one will gaze into a reflective surface, usually dark water or a crystal ball to see images

Skyclad: derived from the term “To be clad as the sky” which is basically just to be naked. many witches chose to perform magickal workings this way as energy has nothing to barricade it.

Sex Magick: The magickal properties of sex are a true form and many witches use the heightened power of orgasm during spell work.

Sigil: A Sigil is a symbol designed for a particular task of your intent. When charged, a Sigil will bring about what you have intended for it to do.

Smudging: The act of burning a stick of dried herbs to ward negative nergies. most commonly sage is used.

a Spell: to put it most simply, a spell is energy created and sent into the universe.

a Solitary witch: Is one who practises alone, or mainly practises alone.

Symbols: A Symbol is a representation of something. There are many different symbols used and related to Witchcraft, and obviously everyone will have their own opinions and interpretations, so don’t be afraid to feel differently than someone else.

Tarot: a Divination method using a deck of 78 cards, where the user draw a certain amount of cards, lay them out a certain way and interpret their meanings

Triple Goddess: This symbolises the goddess in her triple form of Maiden, Mother and Crone and also the phases of the moon. When the goddess is the maiden she is pure, innocent, the beginning and joyful. As the Mother, she is the giver of life, fertility and of nurturing nature. In her Crone aspect, the goddess is wise and powerful and the symbol of endings.

Visualisation: I think of this as “seeing is believing”, like controlled day dreaming, you form a mental image of your desired outcome and really believe it will happen

Wand: A Magickal tool, common made from a wood with a crystal in the end, it is used to guide and direct energy during a magickal working

Wicca: Wicca is simply a religion from under the Paganism umbrella. You don’t have to be a Wiccan to be a witch. 

Wheel Of The Year: This is a calender for Witches, it symbolises the Sabbats and Esbats. 

Widdershins: Clock/Sun wise direct. to move in the same direction as the sun. Obviously will be opposite in the Northern Hemisphere

Witch: A witch is someone, Male or Female, of any race, any religion, any sexuality (etc) who practises magick. A witch is not just someone who wears a pentacle or related symbol. (yes my hate is people who claim they are witches and infact do not even knot the damn basics)

Yule: A sabbat, Yule is the Winter Solstice celebrated late June in the Southern Hemisphere and December in the Northern.

I know I probably missed many (If you have something to add message me and ill put it in!) , and these are also how I see things, they vary witch-to-witch so be respectful even if you disagree with something :) 

Blessed Be!

Beltane/Spring CrossQuarter Personal Correspondances

This sabbat for me falls in the middle-end of spring. Blossoms on trees are starting to fall on the ground, yet vines and bushes of flowers of early summer are blooming such as hydrangeas and roses. It’s a very flowery period of the year.
Beltane is a fertility festival but I see it mostly as representing the fertility of the earth and the time to grow things again. This would be a great time to begin working in your garden, and placing the sprouting plants you grew in your eggshells for Ostara into a bigger flower pot. If you don’t have a garden and have mostly house plants its a fantastic time to repot house plants with fresh soil. It’s also a powerful time for magic and fairy activity which can cause mischief. I associate fairies with spring, trees blooming and especially Beltane so I like to decorate with butterflies and fairies and leave sweet offerings in the corner of my garden where the tulips and roses grow. Sometimes I like to make edibles with marijuana in the form of sweet earthy floral fairy cakes for my friends in my circle and I call it ‘fairy food’.


May 1st


  • Magenta
    The color of many local flowers, scenery and vegetables in season. It’s also probably because I’m surrounded by a lot of magnolia trees. 
  • Pink, Indigo, Periwinkle, Lavender-Blue, Purple color spectrum
    represents flowers that bloom around me at this time of year like magnolia and dark plum blossoms. Any colors that range from pink, purple and blues are great like the colors of hydrangea, bluebells, magnolia, plum blossoms, violets etc 
  • Leaf Green
    The soft green color of the first leaves sprouting from trees after the petals fall. 


Anything to attract love or create a sensual or an alluring power such as:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Carnelian
  • Garnet 

Herbs and Plants:

  • Violets
  • Roses, 
  • Hydrangea
  • Blue Bell
  • Muscari
  • Dandelions
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Dogwood
  • Tulips
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Pansies
  • Forsythia
  • Magnolia


  • Butterflies
    Beltane is a time of transformation and maturity and also it’s midspring when Butterflies start to appear. 

  • Earthworms
    They help churn the soil and are friends to the garden. 

  • Swans
    Same as Butterflies as they represent transformation, maturity and sensuality along with love. 

  • Fairies
    It’s their time of the year


  • large flowers
  • flower pots
    Also make great may baskets since they’re practical to use after you give gifts in them. 
  • butterflies
  • blossom garland
  • huge ribbon garland or even a Maypole
  • think enchanted spring garden party


  • In season there are a variety of foods that are delicious and colorful and even pink and magenta (another reason why I associate these colors with this sabbat) such as red beets, red cabbage and radishes. 

  • There are also Endives and flowery looking foods like asparagus, white asparagus, ferns and artichokes. 

  • Also to celebrate the blossoming trees you could make cauliflower or make pink/purple cauliflower. I believe naturally pink and purple cauliflower might only be in season in the later summer, so you can make it though steaming cauliflower with beet juice to get a bright pink version. 

  • Also this sabbat celebrates the fertility of the earth and the beginning of the growing season or gardening so earthy flavors like green tea, matcha, spinach are welcomed. 

  • For desserts flavors for cream cookies, macarons (I’m sure make great offering to fairies), whipped cream cakes and more, you can stick to floral flavors in season like lavender, violet, rose, (if you can find it) cherry blossom, jasmine. There are other edible flowers like dandelions, lilac and pansies that you could experiment with. 

  • I also love the idea of having flower pot cakes with cookie crumble on top to represent the soil. For something more floral/creamy and less chocolatey/nutty you can make a floral jello cake that is light and refreshing.

  • I also have a list of snacks and candy treats I like to give to friends or serve at gatherings. To celebrate the blooming trees I like to fairy floss. Also pixie sticks are fun and you can call it fairy dust. Also since earth worms help the soil for growth you can serve gummy worms. Also if you like the sex fertility aspect this sabbat, worms are pretty phallic but if you are uninterested in that aspect, you can just celebrate the fertility/growth of the earth and garden. I like to think of this as an enchanted garden party before a sex festival. I’m also going to try to make meringue mushrooms this year. 

captures the sounds of enchantment, falling petals and graciousness

Fig, Blossom, Lavender, Rose, Honey, Violets, Nectar, Earth, Rain

Magical Timing: The Sun & Moon in Witchcraft

I, admittedly, had a hard time keeping each Sabbat and Esbat in order when I first started practicing the Craft. Every celebration of time in Witchcraft is related to the movements of the sun and moon, of course, but it’s rarely broken down in explanation of exactly which ways these rituals and occasions are related. So here we have:

The Moon: Esbats (Full Moon, New Moon, Dark Moon), Astological Houses, and the number 13

For each calendar year (roughly - for each magickal almanac year, certainly) there are 13 complete moon cycles. This is when the moon goes from new, to full, to dark. Each one of these moons has a unique and permeating influence on the year, as well as magickally. For instance, we’re coming up on the Harvest Moon of late September, representative of a time for feasting and heralding the Autumn Equinox.

Each of these 13 moons goes through one moon cycle. The cycle is divided into four Quarters, with the Full Moon at the center. Each quarter, or moon phase, has a different effect on your magick. As a rule of thumb, the waxing moon (1st & 2nd quarter) is for drawing things towards you, and the waning moon (3rd & 4th) is for ridding yourself of things. The Esbats, or the New Moon, Full Moon, and Dark Moon, mark the beginning, middle, and end of a moon cycle, and are traditionally commemorated with rituals.

As the moon waxes and wanes through one cycle of four quarters, it also goes through each of the astrological houses, which, in turn, each has its own effect on magick (Virgo lends organiziation, which Taurus has sticking power, et al). The moon takes a couple days, from 2 to 4, to pass through each house.

The Sun: Quarters and Cross-Quarters, Sabbats, and the Wheel of the Year

The Earth takes one year to completely rotate around the sun, the duration of which is one magickal year, or one Solar cycle. Imagine a circular diagram of the solar system from the top down, with the Earth rotating around the Sun. At the top - magickally North - is where the Earth will be on Yule, the Winter Solstice, otherwise known as the shortest day of the year. (We know now scientifically this is caused by of the Earth’s proximity to the Sun at different points in its orbit - some of which are marked here!) At the bottom, magickally South, is where the Earth will be on Litha, the longest day of the year. Crossing this line perfectly perpendicularly to the right, East, is Ostara, the Spring Equinox, when day and night are perfectly equal. To the “left” is West, Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, another time when day and night are perfectly equal.

Now, imagine lines crossing these quarters in an X - the ubiquitous “cross-quarters”. These designate the other Wiccan or Craft celebrations in the Wheel of the Year: from Yule clockwise, there is Imbolc, [Ostara], Beltane, [Litha], Lughnasadh, [Mabon], Samhain, and [Yule].

So - to recap - 13 moons in 1 solar cycle (or 1 turn of the Wheel of the Year), 4 quarters (and three Esbats) in each moon, 8 Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year, each equally distant apart. A perfect balance!

Whew. Trust me, you get accustomed to it when you get into the swing of the turning of the Wheel. It gets to be second nature (perhaps because it is!).

Blessed Be!


Summer Crossquarter / Lughnasadth Questionnaire!

I’m feeling like a sad mess so yay for distractions! 

I was tagged by: @ofcloudsandstars

How does Midsummer look like where you live?

It’s still very hot, but the nights are starting to cool off so it’s prime night hiking/bon fire weather here around mid August early September. It fluctuates between being unbearably dry some years and being very humid and stormy others. The wild blackberries are coming into peak season, and apple trees are being laden with fruit for fall. A good time to read books outside and wild forage. 

Do you Celebrate the mid summer sabbat or have your own celebration?

I renamed all the cross quarter sabbats between the Solstices and Equinoxes because I wanted to try to define my own celebrations based on personal preference and weather patterns. I’ve titled this spoke on my wheel The Gathering because it is the start of peak harvest season and also because it’s a good time to get together with people you care about for food and fun.

what are some favorite activities that you do on this day or midsummer magic you like to do?

I like to make some sort of fruit crumble, I’m thinking of making homemade soft pretzels this year. Also it’s a time for ritual sacrifice to ensure a prosperous harvest so I usually do a ritual for giving up things that no longer work for me or giving up something until the Autumn Equinox.

What are your favorite summer harvest fruits?


What are your favorite summer flowers?

I love lavender, sweet peas, oxtail daisies, ironweed, and of course sunflowers :D

What’s your favorite thing about the middle of summer?

*cough*thefactthatitsnearlyfall*cough* No but I do like the storms that come with it, blueberries, all the lovely fresh produce from the local markets, going on walks, going to outdoor flea markets. Just enjoying that vitamin D before the sun leaves me for 4-5 months. 

Is there a dish you like to make on this day?

Like I mentioned usually something blackberry or peach related. Blackberry crumble is on my list this year, especially if the berry patch I found at one of the parks yields as much as I think it’s going too!

Do you have any music you associate with this day or with midsummer in general?

I HAVE A PLAYLIST YOU CAN FIND HERE!!! Been listening to it on and off for about a week and I really love Corn Rigs by 

Do you prefer Corn or Wheat?

I’m a sucker for corn, when I had braces the saddest thing ever was being unable to eat corn off the cob. Grilled corn cobs with lots of butter = HEAVEN

Any projects you are thinking of completing?

Well the launch date for my client’s website is August 1 soooo there’s that -sweats-

Beer, Cider, Mead or Fruit Juice?

I love me some apple juice or grape juice, but Peach Mead is freakin heavenly so I might be getting some of that wonderful elixir too. (also a nice sweet red wine? 10/10 good Gathering libations)

What are some colors you associate with this day?

Copper, antiqued gold, rust red, clay browns, lavender purple, olive green, cream, amber, deep Guinness brown. 

Are you a fan of competitive sports?

NOPE lol I hated competitive sports as a kid. I’m not ruthless enough to care about only winning I just wanna have fun. Competitive writing was the closest I ever came lol. 

Are you planning to do anything big for August 1st?

Not for the actual day since I will have work, but this weekend I’m probably gonna do my baking and after I finish launching my client’s site on August 1 I will be partying lolol And probably doing my ritual sacrifice. 

I tag @floralwaterwitch @the-wildling-queen @breelandwalker and @vilespit

phoenix-fire-witchcraft  asked:

Hey bud. I was wondering if you might be able to explain the concept of the Sabbatic Flight or Crossing the Hedge, why it's done, and how? Also, how do you feel about the use of flying ointments in these practices? I am taking a heavy interest in these practices, and have been wanting to try them. I'd like to be more informed first though.

Yes of course! I mean it’s a practice of passing from this world to another world, through a spiritual flight of sorts. This is done for a milieu of reasons; communicating with spirits of a place, attending the sabbath, performing various magics, certain battles in terms of the benandanti, traveling to the underworld, seeing things the body can’t etc etc. Every culture/tradition has their own way, but it’s often done through entering to a trance state either through dance, physical exertion, various substances such as alcohols or more commonly herbs or drugs. Flying ointments are the main way most European witches have done this “in history” hahah as much as we can even pretend to know. This allows them to fly out on various steads of ragwort, broom, distaff, stool, horse, human, and other steads. You just have to be careful with ointments, now that we know much more about many of the ingredients in the old ointments such as hemlock and aconite (both of which are more toxic than entheogenic.) Sarah Lawless wrote a wonderful article on the subject. Definitely get more educated on ointments before trying them, but Sarah Lawless’ are a good place to start, because they are more magically potent than chemically which is a good place to start getting yourself acquainted with the process and the spirit of the plants.  Hope this helped love!