Cosplay Couture interpretation of Tintin and Haddock

Costumes and styling by Courtney Coulson

Haddock by Luke Milton

Photography by Sabatomic Photography

Location: Fremantle docks

For such a simple costume, I am most happy as Tintin, he’s a character I really identify with. And this time Tintin is joined by Haddock and Snowy! As we have already done a couture shoot with Tintin, I thought I would mix things up and go for a more accurate costume. So the styling is relatively understated, but my personal touches are still evident in the velveteen plus fours, leather boots and camera. Besides this shoot was about debuting Haddock’s costume.

How do you make Haddock look fashionable? It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, the general silhouette and colour pallet is unchanged, but I swapped out the anchor jumper with an anchor t-shirt, which I painted myself. Plus scarves are always a cool accessory.

And introducing Bailey as Snowy, conveniently I just happen to have a little white dog for the part. He wasn’t too difficult to work with, he was pretty anxious about being in a new environment, so he stayed close by, the only challenge was getting him to look at the camera for more than a second. 

Courtney Coulson

It’s always a thrill to work with Sab- she is an amazing photographer who understand what we are trying to accomplish and make us look good, It’s also a thrill to be in front of the camera again and getting my Haddock on, thank you for indulging me.

-Luke Milton

It was really fun to get back to shooting. Courtney has amazing dynamic poses and Luke has a wonderfully expressive face.