Apabila kamu yakin, sabari hatinya yang bagai batu itu. Walau pada akhirnya, ia tetap begitu, kamu sudah jujur dengan hati dan keyakinanmu sendiri. Maka, seandainya ada yang menyesal, kupastikan orangnya bukan kamu.

Alpha Blondy-Sabari (by J4sAD)

              Panoramic view of Munnar, India by Neena Sabari Menon                                                     (exact location in source)

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So my mom started buying my junk for college and it finally hit me that I'm gonna spend an entire semester without my friends.

So now I am fucking depressed and here’s why

  • I have the most hilarious friends
  • I think Sabari is my soulmate
  • I need to see Rumsha at least once every month in order to sustain life
  • I need to go on adventures with Yesenia and Sabari on friday afternoons
  • I need Lechuga like I need air
  • I need the Square
  • I need Sahifah to make intelligent jokes about our homeroom teacher
  • I also need Sahifah to fan girl with me
  • I could have just gone to UH
  • I hate making new friends
  • I’m too lazy to attempt to be normal so that I can make friends
  • I wanted to go away for college so that I could “grow”. Fuck that shit
  • I need Thilanka’s food. I swear that girl puts drugs in her food because I became addicted after one bite
  • I need to see Dequevion’s boob dance at least once a week
  • I need to fangirl with Taylor
  • I need to rant to Yesenia
  • I need to laugh at Daisy’s lack of knowledge about the world we live in
  • I need Alexis to tell me I’m beautiful
  • I need to make fun of Elysha and to talk to her about my stupid problems
  • I need to call Elissa Sloan and I need her to call me Nigerian
  • I need to see my posters of Robert Pattinson and I need to see my “Jonas Wall” everyday.
  • And I need to laugh with Eric,Rumsha Michelle, Malaak and Bob in BIM. 
  • I need to make fun of a certain teacher with Eric Hernandez.
  • I need Eric Kao to be my ghetto husband.
  • And finally I need to be able to be myself. For my first few months at college I am aware that in order to make friends I cannot be myself because “myself” is not the most approachable and sane person.

Le sigh

Because of my recent depression I will be posting random high school memories on my blog.

High School memory # 1

Our assistant principal was completely ridiculous about dress code and we could only wear school jackets but people wore their regular jackets anyway. And in the final months of the last school year she was cracking down hard. It was hilarious to see Sabari and Dequevion turn the cafeteria into an obstacle course to avoid her. And before I leave, heres a quote from the village idiot.

“If my jacket is keeping me warm and it’s not hurting you in the eye, I don’t see why the hell I can’t wear it!” - Sabari

Your fifteen day highschool memories challenge

Four : your favourite class to go to and why ?

I am ridiculously behind on this challenge but my favorite class would probably be gym because lunch isn’t considered a class.

I sound like a total bum when I say gym was my favorite class but during my sophomore year, I had the best gym class anyone could want.

I had a ton of my close friends in that class, including but not limited to Rumsha, Elysha, Sabari…etc

I will now proceed to tell you why this class was so amazing.

  • When our evil coach would make us run laps, we would play explosion tag instead. And for those who are not familiar with explosion tag, its tantamount to freeze tag but instead of staying still when you’re tagged, you “explode” and various individuals have different ways of exploding. You could create a dance, yell, fake seizures, and do whatever you like to mimic an explosion.
  • We created stripper names in this class. Mine was Hannah Montana cause I have the best of both worlds. get it? yes? no? okay, moving on then.
  • And I had this class when Miley Cyrus’s The Climb was popular and Sabari and I would always start singing that song while simultaneously attempting to climb the gym walls. Good times.
  • This class was also awesome because this was where I got to see the infamous Elysha v. Ashley Randolf fight (Sabari and I reenacted it later).
  • This was also the time when Twilight first came out, so Sabari and I would always do scenes from the movie. A crowd favorite was…
  • Me: I know what you are
  • Sabari: say, say it out loud
  • Me: A bowl of curry *cue dramatic music*
  • And last but not least, this class was awesome because all my friends are fat bums so we had some good laughs making fun of the kids who thought they were in the Olympics.

That is all.