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Uncle Pagan here, just checking in on my favorite nephew. So tell me, Ajay, who are you rooting for so far? Have you fallen into Amita’s honey pot, or have you been dazzled by Sabal’s flowing locks and bad-boy jawline? Hey, each to his own. That’s your lifestyle choice to make. He isn’t my cup of tea, contrary to the rash assumption some may make about my appearance. I am indeed batting for the other team. You, more than most, should know that there was only ever one woman for me, my boy.


Standing Rock protesters plan next fights after victory over Dakota Access pipeline

  • Many of the demonstrators gathered at Standing Rock protests are planning on taking the fight elsewhere.
  • (Even though many believe the pipeline project will eventually be reinstated by Donald Trump’s administration.)
  • One organizer, Honor the Earth national campaigns director Tara Houska, left for Minnesota to testify against Enbridge’s Line 3, a proposed pipeline which would cross northern Minnesota
  • Houska said the project, which would cut through Anishinaabe hunting and fishing grounds, “threaten[s] the survival of our most important cultural identifier.”
  • Other destinations for some of the protesters included the site of a proposed telescope in Hawaii, demonstrations in Wyoming against killings of the Yellowstone Buffalo and the Sabal Trail pipeline in Florida.
  • Meanwhile, numerous members of the protest group have chosen to stay behind. Read more

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*starts third playthrough of FC4 inside the same week* .. oh yeah i should draw something
worked with a color palette this time for fun