Last week in my country Eldarya came out. Me and my friends were so excited because we loved last ChiNoMiko game. Here is mine Erica with fabulous name Absera and her Sabali which I named Kaszanka (that means blood pudding… I hate it so much but in polish it sounds nice 😂) She’s arguing with Miiko, probably about something really stupid, maybe she doesn’t like the Sabali’s name? XD


[Your familiar is not permanent! You can get other familiars through the shop or special events. This test will determine your starting familiar.]

The episode 3 guide is basically compete. But since the bug with the guards hasn't been solved yet, I’m not posting it yet. But, for the poor souls who have already gotten passed the guard test, here I have the familiar test! This test has no effect on your affinity with any characters!

Test is under the cut!

-Mod Smit

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anonymous asked:

how do you raise your familiars affection? i sent out my sabali about 4-5 times already but it never changed. or do i just need to take her out looots of times

The option to raise your familiar’s affection by sending it to the Garden of HQ hasn’t been available for a while.
You can only raise your familiar’s affection by logging in every day.

- Mod Rux

Ok, im gonna tell you all the story of my (sad) life.

So, the thing is that i wanted to have an account for eldarya to play the route of Nevra and another one just for Ezarel (*cough* and another for the love of my live “???” but o still dont play in that *cough*). And the plan was to enter at Absynth in the account of Pasiflora with a Sabali and in Shadow with Gardenia and raise a Corko, respectively BUT as the game does what it want i ended having exactly the opposite! and now i decided to keep the third episode as i already played it (leaving the repetition of the story for the future, just in case. God knows that i take bad decisions) and change the crush plans for each girl.

In summary, now Gardenia is going to be with Ezarel and Pasiflora with Nevra and !!!!

Ok it is not sooo terrible but i had a plan, k? and also i lost the first ilustration with Nevra in the account of Pasiflora so im mad.

  • Episode 3 we just cannot be friends.
  • We don't get along very well, you and I.
  • First you think I love dark things when I like weapons for the sheer reasons of wanting Obisidian.
  • Then you managed to make me feel better by giving me Sabali - a female at that.
  • After seeing her chace I think you made fun of me.
  • And now ,while it is suppose to be "looking for Crylasm" it's not suppose to be " look for Crylasm and perhaps keep looking the next day 'coz I ain't gonna give you the chance to capture this pet and finish playing me "