30 days in eldarya challenge

DAY 3: “ First impressions after hatching egg from Kero  ’’

So, SO many questions, so little answers… Kero had a lot to explain

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PD: yes those are clothes from the “normal” world, we get our companion before Miiko gives us our new clothes, that’s why :P


Well. It’s 27th April on my corner of the planet. 

So here I am, dear readers. :)  

And meet my main Guardian Zephania (’Zee’ for short), plus her hopelessly-adorable Sabali Sigmund (who will be retiring soon… :( ).  

Our common talent: snarky writing. 

Because you know what they say: the pen is mightier than the sword. And less hazardous to use about 9 times out of 10. 

J’ai été tagué, ça rigole plus

Merci @noa-gribouille !
“If you can, list the top ten songs you are listening to lately, and tag ten mutuals/blogs to do the same.”
(J’ai un peu triché en mettant pas uniquement des musiques récentes, j’avoue)

Poum poum poum ~
Les Echardes - Charlotte Cardin
• Be my baby - The Ronettes
• Girl you’ll be a woman soon - Urge Overkill
• Truth - Faada Freddy
• Tu Me Acostumbraste - Chavela Vargas
• Chasing Cars - Sleeping at Last
• J’attends - Ben Mazué ft. Pomme
• Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
Coppertone - Hellogoodbye
Sabali - Amaduo & Mariam

Tous ceux qui veulent faire ce tag peuvent, ça m’intéresse de découvrir les musiques que vous écoutez ! (et j’ai aussi la flemme de choisir 10 personnes)


Playing around in the studio with my fellow scorpio @flossy_sabali

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[Your familiar is not permanent! You can get other familiars through the shop or special events. This test will determine your starting familiar.]

The episode 3 guide is basically compete. But since the bug with the guards hasn't been solved yet, I’m not posting it yet. But, for the poor souls who have already gotten passed the guard test, here I have the familiar test! This test has no effect on your affinity with any characters!

Test is under the cut!

-Mod Smit

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Told yall last post about Wishful thinkers…

Whenever and wherever Black love, freedom, emancipation, and independence may be, in order for us to get there you have to ready and willing to leave Black people behind.

You cannot save everyone some black people are too deeply embedded, brainwashed, and dependent on White supremacy that they will never change. You will kill yourself trying to save them. Trust me and If you force them to come they will kill you and compromise your movement. Sometimes these people are the people close to us like our husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends ETC,,,. Such is life…

Black people who love themselves and want change have to move forward. We cannot afford countless days,hours, and sometimes year arguing obvious shit to people who don’t want to hear it. Step forward. Move on build with the people who want progress. You keep being super-save-a-housenigga and you are going to keep taking steps back. Be patient with the KIds , Kids have room to change and lives ahead of them. As for these adults? Many too stuck in their ways. I’m telling you they’ll ruin this shit for everyone. Agents. Understand this please. In order for white people to do what they did to us they never had to get every single white person on the same page. They got good amount and they made moves on Africa. Learn from this…

Leave them behind like Harriet did…

Peace! Inshallah! Hotep! Uhuru! Hallelujah! Sabali!

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