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Butlers sidekick

Pairing: Damian Wayne x reader, Alfred Pennyworth x reader (platonic)

Summary: “Well, you may enjoy being Batman’s sidekick, I enjoy being Alfred’s.”

Words: 2852 (!!!! It’s really big number for me)

Warning: none, expect for fluff. Many fluff. I LOVE FLUFF.

A/N: Once again SORRY FOR MY POOR GRAMMAR. I’M REALLY TRYING. Also I may have made the mistake of jumping from second-person point to third-person point. I really tried to fix it, but if you find some mistakes, please bear with me.

All foreign words will be translated at the bottom!!!

And please if you can read my notes at the ends. I really need your opinion on some questions! And there will be more details for the story.

I wrote it for @batfam-imagines because I fall in love with ship she made for me (because it was perfect thanks!!) and give me idea for this imagine. I really didn’t expect it to be SOOOO long. I was writing it for 2 days. But then there was a storm in our town and the electricity came and go and eventually it broke our Wi-Fi router. Yeah. So I couldn’t post it right away. (I was so sad I wanted to cry). Well, hope you like it!

Once again thanks @batlog @cait-writes-stuff @uncpanda for inspiration once again because I love you, your work is the best! 💕


You were standing in front of the stove making Arabic coffee for Damian. He has a meeting at 12 o’clock and you want him awake and ready. Last night he had a pretty hard mission that kept him pretty late but he still managed to wake you with kisses and have some “fun”. While you waited for the coffee in cezve to dissolve in the water you remembered how it all started.



You being one of the “soldiers in training” at League of Assassins wishing to get away from there and at 16 years old using your first mission in Gotham to comply your wish. You hated the League. Hated that they made you kill. Hated that all your life was only in making your skills stronger. Hated that this was “normal” for you and all other children that trained with you. You hated not being able to stay a CHILD.

English wasn’t your stronger language then. They didn’t teach you many expect for holding a katana and different other weapons or killing a person 25 ways with your bare hands. Even if they gave classes of languages, they weren’t as often as you would have liked.  So living on the streets of Gotham for 6 months with really poor attempt of English and the Leagues thugs always on your tail where more than hard.

One night you barely escaped and would have died if not Robin.

You were running on the rooftops. Wearing your black ninja garb and black cloak made it pretty easy to mask yourself in Gotham’s shadows but today it wasn’t on your side because other assassins that was running after you wear the same gear.  Having enough, you stopped on one of rooftops and faced your enemies. Getting your katana out of your back holster you stood in fighting position ready to strike. You anxiously clutching the katana at your side and tried to calm yourself by taking deep breathes waiting when they will finally reach you.

When your opponents stood in front of you there was a moment of silence, calm before the storm, until one of the thugs charged on you. It was a brutal fight, dancing around the roof. Trying to defend yourself, dodging and blocking the attacks assassins bombarded you with and making moves of your own. If only you weren’t so weak from starving and sleepless nights because of paranoia maybe your stabs and attacks would have been stronger and more threatening. But alas you for the million time today confirmed that it wasn’t your day. They were surrounding you and slowly backing you up to the edge of the roof.

Then one of assassins fall limp and behind him stood a boy in a red and black costume with a mask, a year or two older than you. You heard of him while being in Gotham. Robin. Batman’s sidekick. And both local stars. Using their distraction, you strike at the nearest thug and successfully killing him. Side by side with the boy you got rid of every one of them. But then he did something you should have predicted. He knocked the katana out of your hands to his and put your blade up to your neck.

“Who are you? And why the assassins where after you?” he demanded.

“I…um…” you tried to form a proper sentence but no such luck. “Asifa! Ana Asifa! Idrukkini! Ma imalt schee.” You start blurting on your native tongue as the tears formed in your eyes.

You were learned not to show your weakness. But you were so tired, hungry, lonely and totally done. If he will kill you, you would probably just thank him.  But then he spoke on Arabic and god you never were happier than to hear something familiar.

La taqlaqi” Robin said putting your katana down.” Keef ḥalik? Schoo ismik?”

Tehki al-lughah al-‘arabiyah?” you asked shakily “Ismi Y/N

That day Damian basically saved your life. After confirming that you’re not a threat and hearing your story he brought you to the manor. That was 5 years ago. Since then many changed. You learned a proper English and after bickering and fighting with Damian, you became a couple and fall in love. From time to time you would go with Batman and Robin and help them with hard cases but most of your time you loved to spend with Alfred. Damien’s brothers love to joke that once Alfred will retire I will become the next butler.

“I prefer to stay Damian’s beloved, thank you very much. Although all of your asses depend on Alfred and without him you won’t be able even to make yourself a decent meal. Right, habibi?” you replied looking at Damian.

“I DON’T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED! The water just…explode!” he defended himself remembering as once you asked him to help you in the kitchen.

Alfred became you true mentor, father and grandfather in one person. He taught you how to cook and showed you all different genre of books that you fall in love with, how to monitor the computer at bat-cave and many other things. That way you were happy. With Damian by your side you finally felt somehow normal, like you belong.



You stirred the coffee and waited until it will rise. When it did you turned off the stove and fetched the little cups for the Arabian coffee and poured it. After putting the cup on the saucer and then moving it on the tray, you fetched a glass of water and was ready to go. Grabbing the tray, you went upstairs to your and Damian’s room.

Pushing the door with your shoulder you entered the room and saw your boyfriend sleeping under the sheets cuddling with the pillow. Putting the tray on the nightstand you sat on the bed and looked at the man in front of you. He grew up, his feathers became sharp and manly. His body became strong and masculine. He looked pretty much like his father. You leaned and start to shower his face with butterfly’s kisses and gently caressing his hair. Damian stirred and finally opened his eyes and looked at you. You smiled gently and lovingly at him.

Sabah al-heir, habibit qalby” you murmured. “I made you coffee. You need to wake up”

Damian throw you a lazy smile and sat leaning on the headboard.

Sabah al-noor, beloved” he sleepily muttered rubbing his eyes.

You leaned and gave him a gentle morning kiss on which he responded immediately pulling you to him. You pulled away and reach for the tray putting it in his lap.

“Mmmm, smells amazing, habibti” Damian said picking up the glass with water taking a sip and then the cup of coffee smelling the steam and then taking a sip as well.

“I’m glad you liked it. But I have to break your euphoria. You have a meeting at 12. Colin don’t take “no” for an answer. He begged you and your Father for weeks to sign the contract with the company. He really need the details from that manufacturer” you smiled with sympathy at him.

Yekhrib’ betak’” groaned Damian. “I should have new there was a catch. Why I hired him again?”

“Sorry, sweetheart” you answered. “I can make you a dinner if it would make you feel better. Something of your favorite, hm?”

Schoo baimil’ bidunek’?” he asked.

Tchalet bidun easha’” you sassed back smiling and then kissing the tip of his nose. “Go take shower, and then breakfast. Alfred made pancakes” you said taking the tray with the finished coffee from him.

“I still don’t understand why you love to help Pennyworth SO much” he thought aloud.

“Well, you may enjoy being Batman’s sidekick, I enjoy being Alfred’s. Besides we both now, he’s the most badass in the whole manor” you replied and head downstairs to the kitchen.

When you put the dishes in the sink you went to help Alfred and lay the table. When everything was ready Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian made their way to the dining room. You put a large cup coffee in front of Tim, the poor man was dozing on the table but after smell of coffee reached him he looked at you and sleepily smiled before greedily started drinking. Finally sitting beside Damian, you wished everyone good morning and Bon Appetite to which everyone returned.

The breakfast was peaceful expect from some bickering from Damian and Tim. And you would have thought they would grow up already. No such luck. After everyone left for last prepares and then leaving the manor for their own business. Before leaving Damian placed a kiss on your lips and wished you a good day and a promise to call once he will be heading home.

———— Time skip ————

“Hey Alfred! Need a hand!” you called from the kitchen.

Soon enough the butler came from the hallway and smiled warmly at you.

“Is something wrong, Miss Y/N?” he asked.

“No, just need some help” you said walking in the kitchen, Alfred following you.” I already boiled the grape leaves and cooled them. I wanted your help in stuffing them.”  

Your mothers book with receipts lay on the counter. It was the only thing beside the stuffed tiger that you have from your parents. Before the League came and turned your life upside down. You loved to share your receipts with Alfred and vice versa. You were sure that you were the only one that knew how to make Alfred’s cookies.

“What should I do, Miss Y/N?” asked the butler.

“Oh, it’s easy. Open the leaf and turn the back side up facing you, add around small spoon of rice and forcemeat that I made, close both ends and roll it. Got it?” you replied and together they began working.

For a while there was a peaceful silence. Then you broke it sharing your opinion on the book Alfred recommend you. After the butler was telling you stories of the batboys when they were younger.

“And when I served the cake for Master Dick’s birthday, Master Jason forcefully pushed his face in the cake. My masterpiece became nothing but a flat mess” Alfred sighted. “While on Master Jason’s birthday Master Damian made him a card. A really sweet thing. “Happy birthday Todd. At least try to keep your stupid ass alive”. Master Jason revenged, not picking him up from school the second day. Oh well, that wasn’t a problem for young Master. He and Mister Wilkes stole a car and got home in one piece.”

You laughed trying to imagine this scene. Little Damian driving a car. Totally your Damian thing to do. It didn’t even surprise you that Colin was in the mix.

Once they stuffed all leaves, you took a big pot and put at the bottom of it lamb meat and start layering the stuffed grape leaves in the pan.

“Alfred pass me spoons please. 10 spoons or something” Y/N asked the butler.

“For what if I can ask?” said Alfred.

I start layering the spoons on the top of the pot and then added water.

“So the leaves stay in their place and don’t float. The metal spoons press them down” you replied.

You then until they get ready. She sat reading a book and when Yabrak was ready you turned off the stove and covered the pot in fabric so it stayed warm. Looking at the clock, you had hour and half before the family will come back. Taking your coat of the hook you called for Alfred informing him that your leaving and will be back soon.

———— Time skip ————

Damian walks in the manor searching for you. Earlier he texts you that he’s going home but you didn’t respond and that worried him a little bit. He wanted to tell you something important. He and Colin spent a really long time find the item he wanted to give you but you were nowhere to be found. He went to their room and felt the smell of your perfume, the soft jasmine notes. He entered the room and found you closing a box. It was a red middle size box with bird print. When you saw him, you smiled and walk into his arms. Standing on tip-toes you kissed him on the lips and circled your arms around his neck. Damian hugged you closer to himself and after breaking the kiss pressed his head in crook of your neck.

“Hello, beloved” he murmured.” I missed you”

“I missed you too, habibi” you replied. “How’s work today? How’s Colin?”

“It’s alright. You won’t believe it but Colin FINALLY asked Lian Harper on a date last night. Thank God he freaked out only when he finally said it out loud in front of me today” he exclaimed looking at me with a smirk on his lips.

“Oh, finally. They were sneaking glances on each other like forever! God, Roy will totally freak out. I mean she’s his baby girl” you laughed. “Can’t wait to tell Cassandra!”

“Ah, you and the mute witch” he rolled his eyes.

“Hey! She’s my friend and your family, Damian. Manners!” you scolded him. “Anyway, I have something to tell you”.

“Me too. Like really, really, super important!” Damian took your hand and led you to the bed.

Once they were seated, you felt the atmosphere around them change. You saw that Damian was nervous, which was really uncommon thing. He was avoiding looking at you, instead was watching your hands. You sat strainer and waited for him to finally say something.

“We know each other for 5 years now, beloved.” He started. “And 2 years of them I was sure that you were the first person who annoyed me more than Drake. And I was sure that love is nothing but hormones tricking the brain to send false neurons through human body. But after…” he stated finally looking you in the eyes.” …I understood. That it’s not something false. That love is pretty much real and it’s like a seed planted by someone in your heart, that bloom and bloom until they press on your chest every time I look at you. I’m not a romantic, Y/N. Never was. But for YOU I’m really trying to be. And what I’m trying to say is… you’re my beloved, my qamar, hayat, kil’ al-nagmat’ aal sama’. Ana bhabek, amirti. Habibit qalby… Tgawzini, ya omri’? Will you marry me, Y/N L/N?” he asked sliding from the bed to the floor and getting on one knee while pulling a box with the ring out of his pocket and presenting it to you.

You were shocked. THIS was something you didn’t expected. Tears gathered on the corners of your eyes. Happy tears. Hormones.

Tabban’! Tabban’ yah hmar! YES! Ana bhebak’, I love you!” you sobbed, sliding next to Damian on the flower and kissing him with all you might.

He responds as eagerly as you did and when breathing was something you can’t ignore you drew apart. He slid the ring on your finger and for some second you just enjoyed watching the gems sparkle.

“I have something to tell you to” you told him shyly. They both stand up and you pick up your box and hand it to Damian. “Open it”

Damian slowly slid the lid off and saw a little Robin onesie. He was frozen in place not really sure if he connected the dots correctly. He glanced at you.

“Your… your p-pregnant?” Damian stuttered and waited for you to nod. “Like… a baby? Like… I’m a father. Me. A father. Wow…”

He was silent for a few minutes. But eventually a big smile grows on his face. He took your face in his hands and just looked in your eyes before start peppering your face with kisses.

“So you’re happy?” you giggled.

“I’m more than happy! I’m ecstatic, beloved!” he exclaimed and pulled the onesie out of the box.

Before you could say something he picked you up bridal stile and start running downstairs. He shouted for everyone to come to the living room, where he set you on the armchair and stood beside you. When all the family run to the living room in alarm thinking that something happened, they didn’t expect to see a FULL BLOW SMILING Damian Wayne.

“Something must really have happened” remarked Jason. “What’s up little demon?”

“I proudly inform you that my Fiancé bearing my child” Damian stood straighter and lifted his chin, showing how full of himself he is.

“In other words he proposed, I said yes and I’m pregnant!” you happily exclaimed.

Everyone whooped and congratulated and Dick pulled everyone in a group hug. Even Damian. And Jason. And Bruce. And Alfred.

After that they were seated eating and chatting and thanking you for the delicious dinner. Damian hands held yours while he eats and speak with his father. You looked at every one of them. This become your family. Your home. And you couldn’t be anymore happier than you are now.


A/N:  Yay! We made it! First thing first.

Translation and explanation:

Arabian coffee -  it’s the same Turkish coffee but you need to understand that in middle east they make the same kind of coffee and called after their own country (Syrian coffee, Libyan Coffee, Iranian coffee and etc.)

Cezve – it’s a coffee pot with a long handle.

“Asifa! Ana Asifa! Idrukkini! Ma imalt schee.” – “Sorry! I’m sorry! Leave me alone! I didn’t do a thing.”

“La taqlaqi” – “Don’t worry”

“Keef ḥalik? Schoo ismik?” – “How are you? What’s your name?”

“Tehki al-lughah al-'arabiyah?” – “You speak on Arabic language?”

“Ismi Y/N” – “My name Y/N”

“…, habibi?” – “…, my love?”

“Sabah al-heir, habibit qalby” – “Good morning, the love of my heart”

“Sabah al-noor, …” – basically it’s the same “Good morning” but we reply with “Light morning” (because “al-heir” means “good”, and “al-noor” means “light”, get it? If no message me, I’ll explain better)

“Yekhrib’ betak’” – verbatim it means “let your house crash”, but it’s like very light cuss word, something like “damn”

“Schoo baimil’ bidunek’?” – “What would have I done without you?”

“Tchalet bidun easha’” – “Would have left without dinner”

Yabrak – it’s stuffed grape leaves (really it’s a yummy, try it!)

“… my qamar, hayat, kil’ al-nagmat’ aal sama’. Ana bhabek, amirti. Habibit qalby… Tgawzini, ya omri’? …” – “… my moon, life, all the stars on the sky. I love you, my princess. The love of my heart… Marry me, my life? …”

“Tabban’! Tabban’ yah hmar! … Ana bhebak’ …” – “Of course! Of course, you idiot! … I love you …”

(I really want to add, that Arabs love to call almost EVERYONE my moon, my heart and etc., maybe it’s not really cool for someone but I’m proud of it, I mean common it’s really sweet)


More about the imagine:

1) At the League they DID learned them languages and some other stuff, but since they only warriors the League thought it’s not so important as for the royal family (*coughs* Damian *coughs*)

2) I really love Alfred. That’s why I wanted the reader to be his “partner in crime” haha

3) COLIN! YES! That sweetheart needs more love! That’s why I wanted to ask if anyone want me to try and write a story about Colin and Lian please send me a message (any idea really, all work on it!)

4) Also, I made Colin work on Wayne Enterprise like some sort of mechanic for now (but really is like Lucius Fox for Bruce, so for me Colin is Damian’s Lucius)

5) Just if you’re interested Damian drank his coffee in really little cups for Turkish coffee, but Tim drank in regular cup

6) About the “stories” that Alfred told the reader… sorry I’m really embarrassed about this part. I was writing it in like 1 in the morning so I didn’t really understand what the hell I wrote so please bear with me.

7) The last parts I was writing in a rush before the light would turn off, and my computer really don’t work without charge anymore.

8) Oh! Oh! I really want to write some soulmate au with one of the bat-boys or really any dc character. So if you have an idea send it to me. I may be not as fast as I would have like it but I’m trying.

So thank you for reading! I really hope you like it!

If you have some request go ahead I really want to try this jazz.

Thank you!!!

fillernamecauseimchangingblogs  asked:

Okay so this is dumb but #1 for the kissing meme,, eskimo kiss,, with an older damian?? Cause that would be cute,, if you don't feel like it tho don't worry about it I've never done this before so yeah,, have fun :D

i’m no longer taking these prompts

“Good morning, sunshine.” You trill out the ‘good’, while Damian lets out a grunt, practically feeling you throw open the curtains. He’d crashed in one of the guest bedrooms, trying not to disturb you by bleeding on the nice sheets. He grumbles a little, not really opening his eyes, but tilts his head in your direction. 

“Is it noon already?” And it’s only half of a joke. Your footsteps come nearer, until he can feel your breath on his face. He opens one eye, lazily. “Sabah al-noor.” He starts to get up, muscles aching and protesting (but when has that ever stopped him) but one of your hands holds him down. While yawning, he raises an eyebrow at you. 

“I’ll go make breakfast- you just stay.” You lean forward, nudging your nose against his in a way that reminds him of Titus. He tilts his head towards you as well, not sure what he should be doing, but that he appreciates the gesture nonetheless. 

“Thank you.” The promise of breakfast in bed makes his chest hum in an indescribable emotion. He runs a thumb over your cheekbone, cradles your cheek in his hand. There’s a pause. “I’ll be awake earlier tomorrow. I promise.”